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All students should consider a self-assessment process. This workshop will allow students to take the "Do What You Are" program, which will help exam interests, values and abilities. Students will then be counseling as to what they have learned and what choices they have for a major.

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Do what you are

  1. 1. Ashley MillerDirector of Career Services Weston Pope Graduate Assistant
  2. 2.  Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. - Carl Jung
  3. 3.  Do What You Are is a customized web-based career counseling and academic advising assessment written especially for college students based on the best selling book, Do What You Are You receive a customized report that is unique to you and offers valuable insights into information for selecting a major and career field.
  4. 4.  Accessible from the internet Takes approximately 30 minutes Suggest taking it when you are alert, not tired Complete the assessment in one setting
  5. 5. Designed with You in Mind It’s easy to read Uses situational scenarios from college life Is interactive and engaging Gives results customized just for you
  6. 6. Personality Type results thattend to hold true for life:  Your Strengths and Blindspots  Your Career Satisfiers  Your College Satisfiers  Your Preferred Learning Style  Your Interpersonal Communication Style  Careers and Majors matched on your interests and personality
  7. 7. Extensive Career Database In-depth descriptions of careers Videos Tasks Knowledge Needed Skills Abilities Work Activities/Work Context Wages/Outlook Trends Related Occupations Related Majors for more ideas to explore
  8. 8. The Results Your electronic portfolio can be accessed at any time Refer back to your results when selecting classes, your major Discuss your results with your coach, academic counselor and career counselor Look for ways to “test” your choices – volunteer work, pt jobs, internships, leadership roles in and outside of class
  9. 9. Do What You Are Benefits Results can be used throughout your college career In continuing to understand yourself, your values and motivations In your professional life on you graduate In your personal relationships
  10. 10. ACT NOW Free to YOU Easy Access Results that are easy to understand and apply Information that can confirm your path Insights that can make your life better
  11. 11.  Contact Ashley Miller or Weston Pope today to discuss your results and how they can benefit you. Career Services Office  Phone (270) 384-8065  Email