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  1. 1. Part 2
  2. 2. Sound• These are the non-diegetic sounds we are going to use in our five minute documentary. These soundtracks will be used at the beginning of the documentary and, we are also going to use voice of god which is non-diegetic.
  3. 3. Viability• It will be viable as we have already got the equipment to film and real life photos to use in our documentary. We have also got permission from our Principal to film part of our documentary in a retirement home. However, further research will include looking at other documentaries to get a better idea of the layout and techniques used in other documentaries.• Our documentary will be globally viable as everyone has a childhood. Our documentary will also be filmed in a multi cultural location and therefore would appeal to a wider audience.
  4. 4. Production Schedule
  5. 5. Page 1 Page 2 StoryboardPage 3 Page 4
  6. 6. Script
  7. 7. Unique selling point• After looking at other historical documentaries, such as the guardian’s „Children at play‟, and ‘Panorama: addicted to games‟, we noticed that the director chose to use footage and interviews to describe one particular moment in history. Our documentary will not only use interviews and footage for one point in history but many points in history. This will thus relate more to a wider audience. This is our unique selling point.
  8. 8. Main actorsGeorgina-Narrator Hollie-Narrator Arturo-Voice of god
  9. 9. Location, props and costumes• Location; Lea valley high school/ Avon Lodge• Props; Footage/pictures, computers, camera, tripo d and IMovie• Costumes; Smart clothes
  10. 10. The locations Lea valley high school- This will be the location where most of the interviewees will be filmed. Here will be introducing the documentary and interviewing teachers and students. Avon Lodge- This will be the location where we will interview senior citizens. In order to film we will get permission from the staff of this retirement home.
  11. 11. Historical Backgrounds• “All Must Have Prizes” By Melanie Phillips suggests that childhood has changed because institutions lack authority. Before, teachers were able to physically punish their students where as now if you touch a child it will be seen as a crime.Statistics:• 63% of parents believe that games are a positive part of their child’s life.• ¼ of all video game players are under 18.• VTech are now offering game consoles to children as young as 9 months old.
  12. 12. Questionnaire • To find out what our audience found interesting in a documentary, we gave out questionnaires to students between the ages of 15-18.We found that most ofour audiencepreferred to see reallife footage in adocumentary .Furthermore we foundthat our audiencepreferred the idea of achildhooddocumentary ratherthen a documentaryabout piracy, and theyvoted the preferredname to be the battleof the childhoods.
  13. 13. Target audience• Our main target audience are teenagers aged 15- 18 however we also hope to attract older audiences .We will achieve this by allowing both younger and older audiences to relate to the idea of changing in childhood.• Younger audiences’ can relate the documentary to their own childhood and at the same time realize the difference between their and their parents childhood. Older audiences’ have the chance to relive their childhood while understanding what the younger generation experience.
  14. 14. Allocated roles• Arturo will be operating the camera while Georgina and Hollie are narrating.• The roles of director and editor will vary depending on who is available.
  15. 15. Documentaries which inspired us• Documentaries such as:• Excluded• Panorama• CBBC-Evacuation• These documentaries have inspired us because they are about children who go to school in the 21st century. From watching this we wondered what life was like for our parents generation.
  16. 16. Which channel willfeature our documentary?• Channel 4 is well known for their popular documentaries such as the “Children of 9/11”.Everyone has had a childhood, therefore everyone would be able to relate to our documentary.C4 would want to commission our documentary because there would be a lot of viewers of all ages watching it. We have chosen this channel as the Simpson and Hollyoaks are held before we intend to preview our documentary, this will ensure that teenager and adults will already be tuned in to C4 before our documentary begins.
  17. 17. Marketing• To market our documentary we will do a radio advert and a print advert which will ensure that audiences are aware of our documentary. We will feature our radio advert on Capital Fm as it is seen as a highly rated UK number 1 hit music station which a majority of people listen to. Therefore more people will be aware of our documentary.• Our print advert will feature pictures of the old and new childhood although we need to research types of layouts. We will also feature the time of when our documentary will be commissioned at 7:00pm.