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Presentation shannon

  1. 1. OK!
  2. 2. OK! FIRST FOR They have used 2CELEBRITY NEWS. very important andThis masthead tells well known people tous the magazine is be on the front of thisaimed at teens and magazine Williamyoung adults. This and Catherine thismagazine includes would get loads ofeverything you want adults attention andto know about will attract fans to buycelebrities. The this magazine.masthead has beenwritten in sans serifso that its clear and Colourseasier for everyoneAs you can see this There are also 4 otherto read. magazine includes pictures which have been many colours this added to the front cover, means the these pictures are all magazine isnt about famous people and stereotypical to a their weddings, this will specific gender, its definitely attract fans. For available for example some girls may anyone to read. like ‘James Gordon’ this ‘WORLD will then make them want EXCLUSIVE’ has to buy this magazine to Font been written in read about him and his capital letters and wedding. in yellow to stand out from the rest of the writing, the readers would be The text on the front tells interested and you what kind of stuff you would want to read will see inside the more about the The front cover of the magazine doesn’t offer any sort of special magazine such as amazing wedding offers or free gifts this is because its an adults magazine and freebies William in heels, wedding special. are more likely to be in a kids magazine. specials and William and Catherine this will attract different types of people.
  3. 3. ‘OK’! Magazine was originally launched as a monthly however it now comes out every week. ‘Ok’s first issue was published in April 1993. Target Audience is so young women around ages of 16-30. The ‘OK’ magazine costs £2.95 Circulation figures: 388,472 Frequency: Every week Multiplatform:‘OK’ magazine is one of the biggest selling magazines.
  4. 4. Inside ‘OK’Inside the ‘OK’ magazine there is a range of things whichattract the audience’s attention some of them are fashiontips, celebrity gossip, models, celebrity style, the latest trendsand beauty tips these things can persuade a person to buythe magazine.
  5. 5. ReadershipThe magazines relies on the the readers, who choose anduse their magazine. The reader is always in control. this isbecause it depends on if the target audience if they like okmagazine and if appeals to them e.g fashion , also this willshow if the magazine is going to do well or not...000000.
  6. 6. Type of advertisers
  7. 7. Other magazinesAll magazines include different things such
  8. 8. MediaPrepare a PowerPoint presentation of your choice to find things out/do: font page, analysis to TA throughcontent, if its multiplatform, readership and circulation figures, frequency, price, number of pages, typical advertisers.