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Pitch presentation

  1. 1. A2 Media Documentary By Mohamed, Ben & Paige
  2. 2.  The tittle of our documentary is ‘Here & Queer’. It will be discussing how homosexuals are perceived in society and the effect it has on young homosexuals.
  3. 3.  In November 1969 Craig Rodwell proposed the first gay pride parade in new york The first documented homosexual went by the name of Canaan, the son of Noah In January 1973 Maryland became the first us state to ban same-sex marriage Family Law Act 1973 statute – it quotes "only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid in this State” 2001, the Netherlands became the first nation in the world to grant same-sex marriages
  4. 4.  The main idea of the documentary is how society feels towards homosexuals and how it effects young homosexuals. Our idea is to create a documentary on sexuality We will be mainly focusing on homosexuals We will try show stereotypes that society gives homosexuals. The tittle of our documentary was a result of a questionnaire we handed out asking for suitable tittles.
  5. 5.  Our target audience will be aimed at 16-40 We have decide to choose 16-40 because people these ages can relate to the topic This age range is also good as they are emotionally developed and giving them a greater understanding. The range of ages gives us a wider audience as we would like to see the difference of views in generations
  6. 6.  The USP of our documentary is that it will include people off all ages and backgrounds so audience can relate The idea if a documentary focusing on homosexuality and society is very unique as not many have been done before for such a highly debated topic
  7. 7.  Movies that inspired us where ‘FagBug’, ‘Bi the way’ These two documentaries reveal how homosexuals are perceived in society Another story that inspired us was the Jamey Rodmeyer story Collectively by comparing both stories we found there was a gap and that no one has mad a documentary about homosexuality and how it effects young adults.
  8. 8.  The documentary we will be creating will be a real life documentary. Focusing on issues in society and how gays are perceived in the eyes of the general public The documentary will consist of expository, observational, reflexive and interactive modes
  9. 9.  Our project is viable as it is very practical and we will be planning it thoroughly. We will be looking for the perfect locations, we will be writing scripts for the documentary Planning interviews with people so that we can get peoples ideas across. The documentary will be globally viable as the homosexuality is a world wide topic and interests many race’s and cultures.
  10. 10.  The five-minute extract that we will be making could be extended and developed to cover all types of sexuality such as homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender . The documentary that we make could easy fit in to a larger whole by just touching on all types of sexualities and how they are perceived in society.
  11. 11.  When doing interviews we will do some In school to get students view on the topic The documentary will shot in places such as peoples homes as the interviewee feels more comfortable answering personal question Many of our interviews will be on the streets asking their views on homosexuality.
  12. 12. Enfield Town shopping Centre. Wehave decided to use Enfield townshopping Centre so we can interviewthe public and get their thoughts onour documentary.Football changing rooms. Wewill interview oneOf our interviewees in afootball changing room asthis is shows the stereotypethat homosexual females aremore masculine.
  13. 13. Lea Valley High School. We chosetoUse a school to interview studentsand teachersTo get their views on the topic.
  14. 14. Part 1
  15. 15. Part 2
  16. 16.  Mr. JJ 16th November 2012 12:50 Daniel 16th November 2012 13:00 Andrew 21st November 2012 17:00 Vik 23rd November 2012 17:00
  17. 17.  Before deciding to do a documentary on sexuality we thought its was necessary for us to do research on the topic to gain facts and a deeper knowledge of the topic. After searching the internet we found ONS data presented by The Guardian.
  18. 18.  To stay well informed the research that we will be doing will be constant research in to current affairs with the homosexual community in London. We have also been researching similar documentaries to get inspiration and get help to make ours successful More than 34,000 people die by suicide each year, making it “the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds” Adolescent females are at far greater risk (10.3% attempt suicide) as compared to males (6.2% attempt suicide).
  19. 19.  We think that C4 would commission our documentary as it will intentionally spark debate about the gay community Also the documentary will attract a lot of attention from the public Will be very entertaining to the general public as many of them will feel strongly for the gay community or against it.
  20. 20.  We have many samples of music that we are going to play to soundtrack the documentary these are a few of the ones we have decided to use
  21. 21.  The outline of our documentary is to reveal how society portray homosexuals and how young people feel towards this topic.