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  • 1.  An ident is an moving image or logo to represent An ident is use to warn the a brand that is shown audience about the program before a show. which is about to be shown next. An ident is normally The visual clip tells the about 20-30 seconds audience what the theme of a long. program is.
  • 2.  Television companies produce their own idents which is a product to identify their company. Companies like channel 4 uses their ident to appeal to their target audience to consume customers to watch their programs. They do this by:• Promoting/advertising the brand• Making money• Popularity• Linking to the program• Standing out from the competition• Warning about program starting
  • 3. The BBC (British BroadcastingCorporation) uses many identslike Hippopotamuss starting atthe surface (real life footage),then merging into the water asthis happens the Hippopotamuslook to be swimming around butyou can now tell theHippopotamuss are nowanimated(not real life footage),and then they start forming acircle within the water. Thecircular form is the known identfor the BBC and makes it easy toidentify the broadcastingOrganization. After the circleappears like all BBC idents thelogo appears. The duration of theident lasts for 31 seconds.[]
  • 4. Television companies like BBC one, there idents are aimed toinform the audience of the services it provides, as it produces thehype for their company by producing an ident with cutting edgegraphic design or an original idea it would be entertainment , TVidents are designed to appeal to their target audience and everyident is unique. Through the use of: Temp- Setting Audiencefast/slow time interaction density Informative or entertainment
  • 5.  An ident design should usually have a equal balance of creativity and functionality. During Christmas time BBC one creates an ident to match the theme of Christmas. The conventions in this ident shows the colour red to present that’s its christmas and makes the the audience remember what the theme
  • 6. The history of ITV idents begun in  The history of BBC idents begun in the late 1990s, they created their the 1950s, they produced their first first ever ident in effort to unify its logo between programs to identify identity. Up till 1989, all of the ITV itself and their service. As franchise had individual logos and technology become greater the idents, with no cohesive ITV brand. simple black and white transformed These individual logos and identities into full colour short films seen were created by the franchise for today. their own use and identification  BBC one first ever ident within the network."Television ITV’s very first identSymbol", orthe "BatsWings"(1953–1960)
  • 7.  Helicopter Channel 4 seaside Big brother eye
  • 9.  DISCUSSION TIME Write what you think: 1- What is an ident? 2- What is the purpose of an ident? 3-Think back? What ident appeals to you? (channel 5 or channel 4) What is your favourite ident?
  • 10. 
  • 11. The ident suggest thattheir target audienceThe ident has been created by the BBC. The ident is 39 seconds long. the idea and the design is quite simple whichinvolves creative visual effects. As the ident appear the music slowing rises. The idents represents the programwhich is about to be shown after which is ‘news’ this is communication of selected information on current eventswhich is presented by print, broadcast, internet, or word of mouth to a third-party or mass audience. The musicgrabs the attention of the audience as it makes the audience know serious situations are going on. The ident starts.The beginning shot is a low angle shot of ‘Helicopter’ in the sky, which again reinforces ‘news’ and the theme of theprogramme. Also by using this technique , the audience may feel the helicopter is the most important part of theident. The sky is pain and bold and against the helicopter which stands out.Then suddenly, to catch the audience attention, the helicopter appears from no where and starts moving downwardsand turns 90 degrees to the left and goes into the centre, this makes the helicopter look interesting and fits wellwith the next program. There is a medium shot of people in the helicopter, they look focus for their job thereforethis suggests that they are serious about what they are doing. The ident looks realist as the helicopter was usedtherefore makes this seem real.The ident has been created by using real-life people and normal objects to make the ident look real and makesense. The identification of their of BBC One is the spectacular ‘Helicopter’ which is in the middle Centre andsymbolizes the letter one. This suggests BBC One is conveying the theme of the news which is going to be shownafter as helicopters are a representation of crime as helicopter are normally used in conjunction with the news. Itsis mainly aimed at people aged 30+ the ident is more likely to attract adults rather than children. The narrator alsorefers to another programme for viewers to think about and makes the viewers want to find out more about thatprogramme, this will make the audience what to learn more about it as it was mentioned by the narrator. The main purpose of idents is to interest the viewers and keep them watching the channel as it is unique and isntan average ident you see. It also informs the viewers the program about to be shown after. Also it reminds theaudience about this ident if they have heard about the latest crimes and stories therefore this acknowledges theaudience to learn whats going on. There is a possibility that this ident can relate to BBC one’s personality that itsserious and important. It can also mean that anyone or everyone can watch the news. The ident is constantly on themove. The quick shots of the ident, can relate to how BBC wants to shown how important the matter is.
  • 12.  The ident has been created for the channel 4. The ident is 32 seconds long. The theory and design of the ident is very detailed, with great features and effects. As soon as the ident starts, the music starts to gradually creeps in and quickly gets louder. The music which is played in this ident represents the programme shown after ‘Jamie Oliver’ which is a food show where Jamie showcases, the varieties of food, in different cultures around the world and shows the audience how to create the dishes. The music will attract the audience as its simple but catchy and ties them to the ident itself. The beginning shot is a high angle shot of ‘man walking’ in the pavements and the camera is focus behind him and the camera works it way up, which represents not just the programme about to be shown after but another programme which the narrator talks about. By using this technique, the audience may feel the programme shown another time is more important and creates things to make the ident look interesting for the audience. The area is peaceful and calm and against the daytime which stands out. The setting of this ident catchs the audience attention, the use of area ‘blackpool’ comes to unite the letter 4 through the use of things and fits well with the program next. There is a long shot of people walking, and a horse drawn vehicle, people doing their own things this suggests the area is simple and free. This reinforces that the area is a nice place to visit and live in. the ident is realist and shows things which happen day to day as a result it seems like its real. In this particular ident the views don’t know what the ident is about and why it was created in this way as soon as the audience see people and the area the audience will later start to pick up why it was made this way. Also the movement of the camera trying to show the letter 4 which represents the area and how channel 4 is creative in its work. The ident contains a female narrator and she sounds relax and sarcastic , and refers to what was going now and ‘now on channel 4’ this makes it friendly and interesting , which is something interesting for you to watch. I believe the ident is targeted at people who like travelling especially visiting blackpool. Its mainly aimed at people aged 30+ in this particular ident it mainly appeals to adults rather than children. She also refers to another program ‘real king speech’ which was going to be shown another therefore this reminds the audience about another program. This suggests that its for an older audience (30+) as the narrator talks about the real king speech and Jamie Oliver which relates older people. The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and makes the audience continue watching the channel as it is usual ident and something which is seen everyday. It also informs the viewer to what is being shown after. As well as that the audience may be able to relate to the ident if they have been to the seaside before they will know it’s a fantastic place to visit for the weekend. This could show the personality of channel 4 that its fun and interesting. The pace of the ident is moving slowing and gradually gets faster. There are slow shots of which they take, also this could relate to how channel 4 wants to be know, calm and happy.
  • 13.  The ident was created by five. The ident is 21 seconds long. The idea of the design is creative with great features and effects. As soon as the ident starts and the music comes on. The music which is used represents the program which is shown later on that night ‘big brother’ is a reality television show were a group of people in a large house are isolated from the rest of the world. Each series lasts for around three months, with 12–16 contestants entering the house. In order to win the final cash prize. The music is catchy and makes the audience gets excited for the program later on. The beginning shot is a long shot of ‘big brother eye’ in the background, which again reinforces ‘big brother which will be shown later on that night and the theme of the program. Also by using this technique, the audience may feel the big brother eye is the most important part in the ident. The eye is bright and glows and stands out. Then all of a sudden a line forms into a circle to form an eyeball, and then the eye appears and blinks this makes the eye look interesting and mysterious and fits in well with the program that will start later on that night as its about watching the contestants in the house. There is a man who is the presenter of big brother and he seems to be confident and tells us to watch what he’s about to do. This is also shown by his body language as he raises his hands and uses one finger to say watch. This again shows us he wants you to know the power he has. The ident isnt realist as it been made for television purposes and doesn’t seem real. For example the eye that glows ,and lights in similar colours. Its has been created by using the computer and visual lights this is to make the image have a creative effect. The ident has a storyline ‘there is plenty of Geek, sheek’ which represent s what going to happen in big brother. The eye is made to look interesting. The eye in the ident is the main feature and the viewers mainly focus on and what it leads to. At this stage the audience starts to realise what it is about and why it was made in this way, however you see a man, who appears who brings a greater purpose and everything links back to channel 5. There is a long shot of a man next to the logo and turns the eye into the word five by elbowing it to show the viewers what channel they are watching and makes them glued to the television. We see the logo of five and this brands the channel. The ident contains a narrator and she sound enthusiastic and happy and talks about how big brother is on later on that night ‘the big brother house tonight’, this makes interesting and friendly and some good to watch for the audience. I think the ident is aimed at people who enjoy watching entertainment programs. Its mainly targeted for 18+ as they program big brother only has young adults and old adults involve not children. The purpose of this ident is to entertain the viewers and keep them watching the channel as the ident is strange and mysterious and something which isnt seen everyday. Also it informs the audience what is being shown after. The audience may feel they can relate to this ident as they may have been on the show and brings back memories. This could reflect channel five personality that its interesting and also can mean channel 5 aimed at certain people who are adults rather than children. The pace of the ident easy going and funny. The shots are not to fast, this could also relate to how channel 5 want to be known as easy going and happy.