Media presentation advertisement methods


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Media presentation advertisement methods

  1. 1. Our marketing strategy:The Black Hood Yasmine M-Jerome, Sharnece Bent & Nicola L-Burke
  2. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product andancillary texts? The content used in our documentary we would say is generallyinteresting, our print advert and radio advert allowed us to showcasewhat our documentary is about to its true extent. If there was no use of ancillary texts then our production would not be as successful because our ancillary texts were used to attract and promote ourdocumentary. Overall this means that the ancillary texts used are very useful.
  3. 3. How did each ancillary text appeal to the target audience? Target audience: 16-19 year olds We have mainly targeted people of the black decent and ethnic background. Our radio advert appealed to this audience as we have a black male rapping about street life and gangster music. Our print advert appeals to our target audience as there is a picture of an inner city ‘hood’ area and a black youth with his hood up. However our ancillary texts appeal to people outside our target audience and we can see this from our target audience feedback.
  4. 4. Inspiration from previous print adverts..The use of bold font The colour red The image of the hand isemphasises the The image of the gun is stereotypical highlights danger enough to make peopleseriousness of the think about thetopic being to black youths consequences of gang lifediscussed or knife crime
  5. 5. Print Advert • Our print advert captures our target audiences attention in different ways which we purposely used. • By having a black person in a hood at the corner states who our documentary is targeted towards. • By including an image of a block of flats this relates the audience of an urban area. • By the use of ‘The Black Hood’ being in a bold text this highlights and portrays the genre of our documentary.
  6. 6. An urban area where a young teenager A dark place involved in gang life may be found.The Black Hood Referring to the colour of our A hoodie that target audience one may wear we aim to target
  7. 7. Radio Advert• Our radio advert contains as much information as possible for a viewer know when to watch it and what it is about • For example: the date, time and the channel that it will we aired on
  8. 8. Where will the text appear?
  9. 9. Choice FM Radio StationBus stations, on buses, youth clubs, take out shops and schools.
  10. 10. Why are these formats appropriate?Radio adverts are appealing to all ages and the fact that ourradio advert is showcased on a popular radio station whichteenagers listen to either at home or on their phone, means it isappropriate.Print adverts can be shown everywhere meaning they canattract audiences from a wider area.
  11. 11. What did you learn from the audience feedback?Our audience feedback revealed that several changes had to made withinour documentary, these included;The structure of the interviewsSounding issues (music, presenters and voiceovers)Changing the facts
  12. 12. Print Advert Feedback (pictures from the blog)
  13. 13. Radio Advert Feedback (pictures from the blog)