Josephines magazine analysis


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Josephines magazine analysis

  1. 1. Look magazine analysis By Josephine Fadare
  2. 2. Front page analysisColours- pink and white which The writing at the top of thesuggests its feminine because it front cover is a straplineaimed at women. ‘guilt free shopping’ suggestsMasthead that they are persuading‘look’ this suggests the readers to look inside formagazine is representing the shop , the word ‘guilt’ makesword look for the reader to the reader feel as if they arelook at the images and doing wrong for buy morepictures in this magazine. clothes. The masthead has beenThe font O is represented as an done is serif and the front isexpression of the readers eyeswidely open as a result it makes pink and bold which is eye-the reader very curious to look catching to theinside. readers, which makes the magazine more interesting. ‘KIMs secret hook-ups’ the font Magazines uses famous stars size is big and its in bold writing e.g. Kim Kardashian as she is a which attracts the target audience celebrity therefore it attracts as they wants to know whats customers and fans to be like happening and is a representation her and buy this magazine . of ‘gossip’ as it makes reader talk Celebrities as fans want to know about what going on to other the latest ‘gossip’ about their people. favorite model/ celebrity.The line ‘Wedding outfits you WILLwear again ’ helps attract the readerfor advice on type of outfits they Pictures- there are varieties ofcan were for their big day. The word pictures shown e.g. clothing and‘WILL’ is in capital which suggests handbags . The reader can tellthey are saying that the reader will The magazine what genre this is as the magazine is based on womensdefinitely get the dress they wantand persuasive them that you can doesnt’t offer clothing which also suggests towear the dress again. the target audience it’s a fashion promotion gifts magazine.
  3. 3. Information and whats inside about Look magazine• The UKs biggest selling fashion magazine, Looks unique mix of authoritative and accessible shopping advice, beauty tips, celebrity news and real-life features makes it a must-read for every trend-conscious woman.• Looks positive, inclusive ethos extends throughout the brand, from the uplifting tone of its news stories through to the use of realistically sized models in every issue. The readers can see the latest trends, beauty news and celebrity style at where users can browse and buy in excess of 127,000 products from over 2,500 brands spanning the entire high street. Look magazine is a glossy high street fashion and celebrity weekly magazine for young women. The magazine was launched on February 2007. the magazine website was also re-launched in January 2010• The measures of audience are readership and circulation. Also the website helps the readers know the latest fashion on their phone by going on the website.
  4. 4. Target audience• The target audience is for young women around ages of 18-30.• The magazine has been reed by 651,000 adults a year.
  5. 5. The demographics and psychographics• The magazine is demographic, as it appeals to young women who live in a urbanization areas. People who earn a high income can afford the magazine and the magazine tries to persuasive mainly English ethnicity• Psychographic profile –personality, mainstreamer, quirkiness , secedes, reformers, aspires• The psychographic is popularity of a celebrity who is used to advertised the magazine. The has it own mainstream, trend following celebrities.
  6. 6. How look magazine appeal to through content By the following:ReadershipCirculation figuresFrequencyPriceType of advertisersNumber of pagesContent
  7. 7. Content• The content in this magazine is telling readers whats going to be in the magazine.• Look magazine appeal through font and the use of writing to make it interesting.
  8. 8. Multiplatform & Price• At the moment the company ‘look’ isnt multiplatform yet.• The cost of this magazine is £1.80. But varies when a reader subscribes for the magazine either weekly or monthly.
  9. 9. readership• The magazines medium’s essential strength lies in the active way in which readers choose and use their look magazine. Magazines like Look, are an active medium, with the reader in control. This is because it depends on , the target audience if they like the magazine and if it appeals to them e.g. fashion, as a result this will show if the magazine is going to be successful or not. The magazines number of readership is 523,000.• Magazines and the internet work well together. Information in look magazine sometimes leads readers to obtain more details on the internet, and they may then purchase something as a result of exposure to both media. Other the other hand readership is also measured by the surveys of the population. In conclusion Readership is practically always larger than circulation, because of "pass-on readers" - in other words, each copy sold is normally read by some people as well as its buyer.
  10. 10. Circulation figures• look magazine circulation figures is 300,161 or 313,358 but their circulation figures are measured by the number of copies it distributes, on average, for each issue and sales. Also Circulation relates to the number of copies circulated to the public. Circulation has a big link with readership.• The only way that readership can be smaller than circulation is if some buyers dont read the publication themselves, but immediately pass it on to others. Normally, this only happens when the "buyers" arent paying for the publication, as with controlled-circulation publications. Number of copies it distributes, on average, for each issue
  11. 11. frequency• The frequency of this look magazine is weekly, the magazine is kept in stores for a week at the same price but occasionally have special offers and magazine is discounted to £1 or for people who subscribe weekly or monthly to the magazine .•
  12. 12. Type of advertisers• Look magazine appeal through content of typical advertisers by advertisements often appear simple, but are actually very complex. Although the copy is almost always short, the layout is perfectly designed to maximize its effect. The interplay of words and images on the page attracts and maintains a reader’s attention, communicates a message, and convinces a reader to do something he wouldn’t otherwise do. Ads can direct readers to visit websites, buy products, form opinions, or think positively about an advertiser.
  13. 13. The number of pages• Look magazine number of pages is around 132 but varies , the more pages appeal to readers in this magazine as it makes the reader want to read more and explore different gossip involved because of the layout and how the magazine use different techniques to persuasive readers to believe untruthful stories.
  14. 14. Exploring look magazine• Magazine ads e.g. look magazine generally have the following elements: a creative image, a large headline, and a section of text with small font for details. These elements work together to attract and maintain a reader’s attention, and instruct them to act. Although ads show great variety, they actually follow a standardized format• Finally, the trend becomes saturated in the market, usually at very low prices. With trendy items like a must-have designer handbag, the item becomes widely available as a knock-off
  15. 15. Bibliography• AW5.pdf• Wikipedia• content/uploads/ICLook27.09.10CVR_HR.jpg• 1/handouts/genreguidech3.pdf•• And some of my own general knowledge
  16. 16. Question time???• When was look magazine first launched?• Who is look magazine target audience?• Does look magazine have there own website?• Which celebrity is on the front cover of this look magazine?• How does this magazine appeal to women?
  17. 17. Thank you for listening