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  • Here are some modern idents:
  • Idents presentation joanna 2

    1. 1. What is an channel ident? An ident is a identification of a channel.
    2. 2. History of idents? Idents have changed a lot over time since they where first developed . CutieBoi Smilez blog says ‘idents have been transformed from being still, black and white images to more experience colours seen today’ We know idents have changed because technology has improved over time. As a result idents have improved as well. Above is an example of an Above is an example of a more old black and white ident current ident from the BBC from the BBC in the 50’s. look how much they have This is the BBC’s first ident! developed!!!
    3. 3. What is the purpose of idents? Make moneyTo remind people To attractwhat channel their more viewson and to remindthem whatprogramme is about The purpose Re-brandingto start. of idents of the channel Differ from competition To identify Breaks up channel schedule
    4. 4. What is the purpose of the BBC’s ident? :The main purpose of this was to identify the BritishBroadcast Corporation service.CutieBoi Smilez says ‘I believe the purpose for thelogo/ident was to persuade and inform viewers about theBBC Channel and its services’Therefore, viewers would watch the BBC’s channel and itwould grow in popularity and make more money.
    5. 5. What is the purpose of this channel 4 ident?The purpose of this channelident is also to help theviewer’s identify channel 4. Weknow this because we seechannel 4’s logo in the center.This also helps as it remindsthe viewers what channel theiron.
    6. 6. What is the purpose ofITV1’s ident? Now we have been though some can you name some of the possible purpose’s of ITV1’s ident?
    7. 7. What is the design of anident? Usually idents have a time frame of 20- 30 seconds. The tempo usually gets you ready for the programme that is about to begin. Ident are either informative or entertaining or they can be both. The density is usually kept to a minimum. The information comes from the voice overs. They usually have different settings and times. For instance, some can be set in the past, present or future Audience interaction with viewers. Usually idents take the space of the whole screen to get your full attention.
    8. 8. What is the design of this channel 5 ident? This is a current ident from channel 5. The purpose is to inform people to watch the return of Dallas. Looking at the design of the ident how do you think we know this?
    9. 9. BBC’1 ident
    10. 10. What is the design of thisident?This ident is designed for pre-school aged children. Thedesign attracts this targetaudience because of theanimations and the bubblewriting that are very childlike.Overall this ident is friendly,childish and some childrenmay find it funny.
    11. 11. Question time!!! What is the definition of an ident? Can you name at lest 3 purposes? What is the usually time frame of a ident? What did I say was the was the target audience for the Cbeebies ident? And what was my explanation for this? What did I say was the purpose of channel 5’s Dallas ident?
    12. 12. Thank you forlistening
    13. 13. Analysis of channel 5’s ident DallasThis ident was made for channel 5. The purpose of this ident is to inform viewers about thereturn of the new Dallas. In this ident we see a skyline of tall, towering skyscrapers with thesun shinning on the skyscrapers. As a result we can relate this to the setting of Dallas, Texasas we know the place looks like this. The skyscrapers are also used to show the characters.We see towards the end of the ident that the channel 5 logo is in the middle of the ident. Thishelps remind the audience what channel their on. Also, logo is placed the center to separatethe Ewing siblings and their sons to portray the continuous traditional fighting over moneyand oil. The density is kept to a minimum and rhetorical questions are used relating to the oldDallas: ‘Is JR still Mr. Nasty? Is Sue Ellen still rocking those shoulder pads? Is the oil stillraining down?’ This helps attract the viewers and the word ‘still’ helps the audience try andcompare the old Dallas to the new Dallas.The tempo is the upbeat theme tune of Dallas that is used to get the viewers to prepare towatch the new Dallas. The ident has a time frame of 20-30 seconds.The ident takes up thewhole space of the screen to get our full attention. This ident is aimed at people that are 40+ because the ident mainly relates to the old Dallaswhich was 21 years ago. However, in this ident we see Dallas is much more modern becausethe skyscrapers look modern and the character’s have got older. As a result this attracts ayounger generation.
    14. 14. Analysis of BBC’s first identThis ident was made for the BBC in the 50’s. This ident is informative.The purpose of thisident is to identify the British Broadcast Corporation service. In this ident we see airwavesand lighting bolts with a circle in the middle to represent the world. Naomibillington says‘The lightening shapes suggest ideas of airwaves and electricity to show that the BBC arehigh tech. The circle in the center of the design suggests that the BBC are worldwide andcreate programming for an international audience. As a result, this ident gives theimpression that the BBC are a sophisticated corporation and that they have advancetechnology and are worth using this channel. The BBC ident is clear and bold with the identin the center taking up the whole space so it attract attention straight away. The ident hasthe BBC written at the bottom of the ident. This is to remind us what channel we are on.The ident has a time frame of 20-30 seconds.The density is usually kept to a minimum. Theinformation comes from the voice overs. This ident does not have a tempo as it is wasproduced in the 50’s when our technology was not as advance as now.The target audience for this ident are people aged about 50+ because this ident is moremature, sophisticated and younger people may find this ident boring and not veryentertaining.
    15. 15. Analysis of Cbeebies identThis ident was made for the BBC’s Cbeebies. The purpose of this ident is to mainly attract the target audiencewhich is pre-school aged children who would find this ident entertaining. However, this ident would also have toattract parents so parents would see if this channel is appropriate for their children to watch. In this ident we seechildish animations. This would attract the target audience because a pre-school child would find this silly.Therefore, it would be entertaining to watch and possible make them laugh. In this ident we also see bubble writingthat matches the animations. The bubble writing comes across as very childish and the writing almost looks like it isapart of the animation as it’s the same shape and colour as the animations. As a result this looks very childlike andfun to children. At the bottom of this the bubble writing we see the BBC logo. This is more to remind the parentsthat their children are watching a channel form the BBC.The ident has a time frame of 20-30 seconds. The density is usually kept to a minimum. The information comes fromvoice overs. The tempo is playful and upbeat and is used to remind the children of what channel they are watching,Cbeebies is repeated is a funny voice. The voice is in a funny tone to try and get children to copy the voice theirlistening to. As a result the more this ident comes up the more the children would keep on repeating what thechannel is called so it would help them remember the channel.Overall, this ident is childish, funny and friendly and this makes it perfect for pre-school aged children. As a resultparents can see this is an appropriate channel to allow their young children to watch.
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