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Ident hpd tony

  1. 1. Idents Lesson 1By Tony Darville
  2. 2. History of ident LmA “Fox kids ident 1997” “4th July 2012 with this Swimming Pool ident” oow3DCs
  3. 3. Questions• What do all three of these clips have in common?• Which one do you think was the best/most eye catching?• Who are the idents more suited to (age rating)?
  4. 4. Purpose of ident channel• The purpose of an ident for a channel is to make them noticeable (branding) and give the an identity to stand out from the rest of the competition (channels, games ect).• To remind you what channel you are on even though they have told you about 100 times already they obviously think that you keep on forgetting.• So they know what the schedule is for your running time ( the times your channel is on for e.g. 4am- 6pm).• Who are you marketing the channel to?• Packaging the ident will you be able to repackage it? (make a new motion for it).• segmentation within scheduling does it allow announcements (voice over e.g. next is come dine with me right here on channel 4)
  5. 5. Name the channels for the idents shown 1. 2. 3. Channel 4 E4 4 music4. 5. 6. ITV1 Disney channel BBC one
  6. 6. What channels do these programs belong to? 1. SpongeBob 2. EastEnders 3. Im a celebrity get me out of here Nickelodeon BBC One ITV14. X factor 5. The voice 6. The Simpsons ITV1 BBC One Channel 4
  7. 7. Design of the ident • The design is very important. • Interaction with viewers does it give the audience anything to get the audience involved with it with. • Keeps you recognizable from the competition. • The amount of space the ident uses and the time it takes to run through. • It could also attract your audience to your channel if your ident looks good enough. • Does the ident inform you or entertain you? • Screen tempo is the ident moving fast or slow? Is is to the speed of the music? • Density of information how full is the screen with the ident and how much information is there in it?
  8. 8. Activity• In a group of 3 or 4 draw on an A3 piece of paper an ident for a channel.• And we will discuss the design of the ident.
  9. 9. Analysis of fox kid’s ident.The identity was made for fox kids. The purpose of this ident is to be branding themselvesand marketing themselves the Target audience witch is children age 7-13. in this identthere is the Fox kids ident logo being created in a whirlpool and water like creatures witha light as an eye creating the x as the ident comes together. This is to inform the audienceof the channel their on and entertain them with the ident motion.Whilst the ident comes together in the whirlpool it gives time for the segmentation within scheduling of the voice over to introducethe next show. At the end of the ident motion we see the ident stop traveling through the whirlpool and form the fox kids logo andthe water creatures disappear leaving the light from their eyes forming the x. The ident logo is also in the middle so it is the centerof attention. In the ident they use all the space by getting the water creatures to swim around for a tiny bit and also use the time forthe over voice to speak.There is no audience interaction the voice over is only informing them about the next programme that is about to start.The screen tempo is in time with the sounds that are being played as it is a underwater like sound that suits the motionbackground and the ident moves slow with the music which is also slow.They use density of information well as they use the space by getting the water creatures to move around the screen. They wouldbe able to re-package this ident and would have to otherwise if they keep this same one they would only attract certain people totheir show and not a wide variety. The scheduling time for the channel is about 2pm-5pm because that’s the time the targetaudience roughly got home from school.
  10. 10. Analysis of 4 7’s ident.This ident was made for 4 7. the purpose of this ident is to show the channelsidentity by branding themselves with the logo ident. They are trying to beMarketing their ident to people at the age of around 17-35.In the indent you can see the 4 as a mosaic underneath the water and the 7 next toIn as a diving board the between the 4 and the 7 it seems bent out to give a 3dish affect and t show the 4 and the 7 are separate andnot together as 47.You also have deck chairs and other poolside equipment to give the impression that it is a hotel pool this alsogives the audience the idea that the channel is relaxing. They density of information well as they use all the space that theyveprovided. The screen tempo isnt used as well as the movement on the ident as it moves a cross moves a little bit faster the musicand also you cant hear the music very well as it is too quiet and the voice over man speaks over it. The ident goes from a little to theside to being in the middle this helps to attract the audiences eyes on the ident rather than whatever is around it.They use the timing well as the idents motion finishes just as the voice over man finishes talking but the space isnt used as wellbecause there isnt much going on around it because they only want the audiences eyes fixed on a certain part o the ident. Theywould have to re-package this ident motion because they would only attract one part of the worlds viewers and not a wide variety.Their segmentation within scheduling is used well with the voice over man talking in the middle to inform you of what programme ison next and so the audience doesnt get board with just panning across the pool the ident motion also entertains the audience bymaking them feel relaxed as that is the connotation of a calm clear quiet pool.There isnt any interaction with the viewers because they think that they dont need to intrigue them into their show they are trying tosay our show is good enough and we dont need no cliff hanger questions to get you to watch our shows. The scheduling times forthe channel is from about 9pm to 11pm to show repeated programmes that was on channel 4 the day before.
  11. 11. Analysis of CBBC’s ident.This ident was made for the BBC’s CBBC. The purpose of this ident is to be marketing this tothe target audience of an age around about 7-12 the ident has to also look good to parentsfor them to Want to let their children watch the channel. Also to show the identity of theChannel and to be branding it across to the target audience.In the ident we see Santa carrying some presents as he trips and all the presents fall out of his hand and the next clip goes to a closeup of Rudolph with the word “children’s” in lights across his antlers and the words BBC in his mouth this is because “CBBC” standsfoe=r “childrens BBC”. This would attract the target audience because its childish but not too childish. This ident also informs thetarget audience that its almost or is Christmas and entertains them because they have Santa on the screen.They would have to re-package this product because once Christmas is over it would lose the interest of the target audience and itwould also be out of season. There isnt any segmentation within the scheduling because there isnt any need. The schedule time isabout 7am till 7pm because thats about the time that the target audience will be awake and go to sleep at. The space is used verywell as they have everything full up with something and it isnt just set in one area it also moves to a different area the timing is usedwell because it isnt too long so the target audience wont get board.They use the density of information well because the whole screen is full up with snow, tees, presents, Santa, Rudolph ect. Thescreen tempo is used well as the timing the animation moves goes along with the background music goes well and there is also extrasound like lights buzzing ect.
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  15. 15. END OFLESSON