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  1. 1. Film Genre’s. By Yasmine, Sharnece And Nicola.
  2. 2. Teen Movies
  3. 3. Teen MoviesTeen films/teen movies is a type of film genre that istargeted at teenagers and young adultsThey originated in America in the 1950s to present day . thefirst known teen movie was The Wild One (1953)These started changing social attitudes and caused abooming postwar economy, this started getting theattention of teenagers and young adults.The plot of these films are based on the interests ofteenagers. Often events that occur in real life areportrayed in a glossy way which are also portrayed verystereotypicalThese genres normally include Sexual themes, nudity, crudeforms of humor
  4. 4. Typical Teen Movies Cady Heron is a hit with The A champion high school A teenagers dreams come truePlastics, the A-list girl clique at her cheerleading squad discovers its when a former porn star moves in new school, until she makes the previous captain stole all their next door and they fall in love. mistake of falling for Aaron best routines from an inner-city Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of school and must scramble to alpha plastic Regina George. compete at this years championships.
  5. 5. Typical Teen Movies Her brother decides to ditchschool, Viola heads over to his elite Highschool loser (Cannon) pays a As four friends prepare for lifeboarding school, disguises herself as cheerleader (Milian) to pose as his after high school, different him, to fall for one of her soccer girlfriend so he can be considered challenges bring about turning teammates. Little does she know cool. Remake of 1987 Cant Buy points in each of their lives. The shes not the only one with Me Love, starring Patrick dramas unfold and resolve at their troubles, as he/she gets in the Dempsey. local rollerskating rink, Cascade. middle of an intermingled love
  6. 6. Typical CharactersThe classic codes and conventions of teen film come from Americanfilms where one of the most widely used conventions are thestereotypes and social groups. These stereotypes mostly include of:The Jock/CheerleaderThe PrincessThe Geek/NerdThe RebelThe Misfit, or The OutcastThe Average Girl/Boy (the boy/girl next door)The New Girl/BoyThe LonerThe Band GeekThe GangsterThe Unwanted (no relationships)
  7. 7. SettingsCodes and conventions of this teen film genre varydepending on the cultural context of the film. Butmost of the time they are set inhighschools, proms, shopping places, drivesins, homes.Highschool setting is very popular as it links tocharacters because it is a way to show all differenttypes characters
  8. 8. Props
  9. 9. Enigma codeAn enigma code is the question within the film, thatgets the audience curious of what is going to happennext.Example of enigma code within a teen movie areusuallyo Are they going to get with each othero Who’s going to be prom king/queeno Is she pregnant?o Who’s
  10. 10. Crime andGangster Movies
  11. 11. History of Crime andGangster MoviesCrime and gangster films focus on the lives of criminals, thestoryline of these films deal with organised crime usuallyinvolving the mafia.The genre was in its purest form in the 1930s, as the GreatDepression catalysed the gangster scene.The Chinese Mafia, Irish Gangsters, Italian Gangsters, Sicilianand Latino Gangsters are all common groups associated withthis type of genre.
  12. 12. IconographyThe most significant prop in this type of movie is a tommy gunalso a cigar. The costumes the characters (gangster)usually wear are a double breasted pin-striped suit, spatsand a fedora hat.
  13. 13. Narrative Themes, EnigmaCodes and CharactersThe main narrative themes of crime and gangster movies consistof a gang leader, opposing a gang member with theinvolvement of violence and drugs. It is usually set in the citytypically being New York.Crime genre films typically involve criminals or gangsters. Thecharacters can be robbers, murderers, thieves, or underworldfigures. Women are seen as sexual objects, respectable mothersand sisters upholding traditional values.Enigma codes work by creating a question that the audiencewant to find out. Cinema trailers and posters use enigma codes totempt the viewers to watch the film.For example;Will the police become involved in the crime?What did the person do to be in the situation they’re in?How will the person overcome the issue?
  14. 14. Storylines of these Genres‘Once Upon A Time In America’ followsthe story of a former Jewishgangster, who returns to Brooklyn over30 years later, where he once againmust confront the regrets of his old life.Stars; Robert De Nero and JamesWoods.‘Donnie Brasco’ is about an FBIundercover agent who infiltrates themob and finds himself identifying morewith the mafia life, than of his regularone. Stars; Al Pacino and Johnny Depp.‘American Gangster’ is set in 1970sAmerica, in which a detective works tobring down the drug empire of FrankLucas, from Manhattan, who issmuggling drugs into the country fromthe Far East. Stars; Denzel Washingtonand Russell Crowe.
  15. 15. Typical Crime andGangster Movies• Scarface (1983)• The Departed (2006)• Once Upon A Time In America (1984)• The Shawshank Redemption (1994)• Godfather (1972)• Goodfellas(1990)• American Gangster(2007)• Donnie Brasco (1997)
  16. 16. Comedy
  17. 17. About Comedy Movies.Comedy film is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is onhumour, they are designed to bring laughter to the audience,Comedies are light hearted drama’s which are their to entertain theaudience, The comedy genre humorously exaggerate situations,the way of speaking, the action and characters.Comedies usually have a happy ending, and is also one of theoldest genres in film.There are different types of comedies, such aso Action Comedyo Fantasy Comedyo Comedy Horroro Black Comedy – Comedy that uses cruelty as the source of humour.
  18. 18. Typical Comedy Films When Nick falls for Suzanne, aMr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes divorced mother of two, is hosting a Two disgraced FBI agentswhere he unwittingly separates a work New Years Eve party. What she go way undercover in an effortyoung boy from his father and must has to attend, Nick offers to bring her to protect hotel heiresseshelp the two come back together. kids to look after The kids, who have the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot.He then arrives in France, where he never liked any of the men theircant speak French and discovers a mom has dated, and arewhole new experience. determined to make this a nightmare for Nick.
  19. 19. Madea jumps into action when herThe story centers on a 14-year-old girl A cowboy toy is profoundly niece, Shirley, receives distressing newswho keeps a diary about the ups threatened about her health. All Shirley wants is toand downs of being a teenager, and jealous when a fancy gather her three adult children aroundincluding the things she learns about spaceman toy supplants her and share the news as a family. Butkissing. him as top toy in a boys room. her family members are to busy dealing with their own problems to take notice. Its up to Madea to get everyone together, and once together the revelation of a long-buried family secret is risen.
  20. 20. Typical Characters, SettingsAnd Props.o Parents And Childreno Group Of Friends(The popular group,The unwanted,The geeks And The emo’s.)o Boyfriend/Girlfriendso The Good And Bad CharactersMost comedy films are usually set within a household, In localplaces like parks, shopping malls, entertainment area’s(bowling allys, restaurants, etc.) And Schools. This variousdepending on the narrative of the film.
  21. 21. Enigma Codes Used WithinComedies.An enigma code Is what the director uses to draw theaudience in and the question of the film.Enigma codes depend on the narrative of thecomedy film itself,For exampleThe enigma code in white chicks, is are they going toget caught or not?The enigma code in are we there yet is does nicksurvive whilst looking after Suzannes children anddoes his relationship with Suzanne last?
  22. 22. Horror Movies
  23. 23. History Of Horror MoviesHorror Films are unsettling films that are designed tofrighten, panic and cause alarm whilst entertaining us at thesame time. Horror films center on the dark side of life, andstrange and alarming events. They deal with ournightmares, vulnerability, alienation, terror of the unknown andfear of death.The first supernatural events appear in several short filmscreated in the late 1890’s.The early 20th century brought the horror genre, including thefirst monster to appear in a full-length horror film.
  24. 24. IconographyTypical iconography in a horror movie consists of• A haunted house• Symbols of death• A disfigured face or mask• A screaming victim• The murder weapon: knife, stake, chainsaw• Binary oppositions of good and evil• Darkened places where the ‘monster’ lurks: woods, cellars• Blood and body parts
  25. 25. Narrative Themes, Enigma Codes and CharactersCharacters typically included in a horror movie are;ghosts, werewolves, demons, vampires, cannibals, zombies andserial killers. There are usually 2-3 characters at the start of thefilm who are usually the most important throughout the film.The main narrative themes in a horror film aredeath, psychological disturbance and the horror man himself (orher).The enigma codes in a horror movie are;Will the character survive?Does the ‘horror man’ get caught?•
  26. 26. Typical Horror Movies• The Exorcist (1973)• 28 Days Later (2003)• Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)• Saw (2004)• The Omen (1976)• The Others (2001)• Dracula (1992)