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Film genre research Film genre research Presentation Transcript

  • COMEDYTop 10;1) The Hangover (2009)2) The Lady Killers (1955)3) Easy A (2010)4) Other Guys (2010)5) Norbit (2007)6) Don‟t Mess With The Zohan (2008)7) Kick Ass (2010)8) Jackass 3D (2010)9) Yogi Bear (2010)10) Brides Maids (2011)
  • COMEDY – CHARACTERSTypical characters in a Comedy film;- Funny person/ not funny person (makes the funny person look even funnier)- The crazy person- The one who‟s always up for a good time- The boring person
  • COMEDY – TYPICAL SETTINGTypical setting for a comedy is;- Settings can be anywhere for a comedy film, however some settings contradictthe fact that it‟s a comedy, for example; A dark forest may give the audience thewrong impression that the film is a horror film.
  • COMEDY – NARRATIVE THEMEYou can‟t always predict what narrative theme will go through the film, they‟re all different due to the different types of comedies;- Action Comedy- Horror Comedy- Slap-Stick Comedy- Silent Comedy..
  • COMEDY – ICONOGRAPHY/PROPSProps used in comedies can be;- Water pistol- Balloons- And clowns
  • COMEDY – ENIGMA CODESQuestion’s the audience may ask themselves;- “why are they going to do that for?”- “how are they going to do that?”- “what makes them do this sort of stuff?”
  • COMEDY - HISTORYThe comedy films industry has had a history way back to 19th century, from classics such as watering the gardener (1895) to recent films such as the hangover (2009).
  • COMEDY – WHAT YOU SEE IN THE FILMIn a comedy film, you generally see;- People messing around/ having fun- Someone taking the mick out of other people- People acting like fools
  • COMEDY - IDEOLOGYPeople’s attitudes, values and beliefs about a Comedy are;- To be entertained- To be able to relax whilst watching the film- They want to laugh at the film, enjoy it
  • CRIME + GANGSTERTop 10;1) Get Carter (1971)2) The Long Good Friday (1980‟s)3) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1988)4) The Italian Job (1969original / 2003latest)5) The Lady Killers (2004)6) Sexy Beast (2000)7) The Lavender Hill Mob (early 1950‟s)8) Layer Cake (2004)9) Snatch (2000)10) I‟ll Sleep When I‟m Dead (2003)
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER – CHARACTERSTypes of characters that are in Crime and Gangster movies are;- Gangsters- MOBs- Drug dealers- Family members- Police- Agents- Bank robbers
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER – TYPICAL SETTINGTypical settings in a Crime and Gangster movie may include;- Office- Big house/ mansion- Factories- Streets- Crowded cities- Dark night clubs
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER – NARRATIVE THEME’STypical narrative theme‟s may include;- Life of crime- Gang bank robber- Raised in a poor/ rough area- Law breakers- Mysteries “Who stole the valuables?”- How will the police catch them?- Who murdered who?- How will they get the money?
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER – ICONOGRAPHY/PROPSTypical props used in Crime and Gangster films are;- Guns- Cars- Drugs- Weapons- Money
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER – ENIGMA CODESQuestions the audience may ask themselves;- How are they going to kill them?- What is going to happen when they meet?- How long will it be for the police to get there?- What will the police do?- How are they going to torture the others?- Is there more to come?
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER - HISTORYLights of New York (1928) – young boy getting conned – cop-killing gangster.The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) – man gets robbed, recognized crook later, can he get his money back?Conclusion;Compared to now-a-days Crime and Gangster movies, the narrative has slightly changed, but with the same/similar settings.
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER – WHAT YOU SEE IN MOVIESWhat you would normally see in Crime and Gangster movies;- Fast Cars- Piles of cash/money- Death/murder- “Sexy” Women- Chase (police)
  • CRIME AND GANGSTER - IDEOLOGY- “Crime doesn‟t pay”- “Pursuit of the American Dream”- Success and wealth- Doomed to failure- Criminals – Victims of circumstance (both sides of the story are told)
  • DRAMATop 10;1) The Shawshank Redemption (1994)2) The Godfather (1972)3) The Godfather: Part 2 (1974)4) 12 Angry Men (1957)5) Schindlers List (1993)6) One Flew Over The Cuckoo‟s Nest (1975)7) Seven Samurai (1954)8) The Dark Knight (2008)9) The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King (2003)10) Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • DRAMA – CHARACTERSTypes of characters in a drama are;- Police- Teenagers- Forensic scientists- The „innocent one‟- The one who gets the blame- Group of friends
  • DRAMA – TYPICAL SETTINGTypes of settings in a Drama;- Western Opera- Hospital/ doctors surgery- Gambling/ casino- Police station- Park- Somebody‟s house- Estate- Etc..
  • DRAMA – NARRATIVE THEMETypical narrative theme‟s that run through drama‟s are;- Somebody slowly dying- Somebody getting bullied then gaining respect- A fight- A murder that needs to be investigated
  • DRAMA – ICONOGRAPHY/PROPSTypical props that would be used in a drama are;- Police cars- Ambulance- Blue Lights
  • DRAMA – ENIGMA CODESEnigma codes that may be used in a drama are;- What keeps the audience attached- What‟s going to happen to them- What is going to happen next
  • DRAMA - HISTORY- 10,000BC (2008) – dramatic – tribes – nothing to be known as some God.- Asian Drama – Development of Greek God/ Roman Drama - Developed 2nd Century BCE & 1st Century CE - Village theatre (no cinema)
  • DRAMA – WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MOVIESTypical things you may see in a drama movie;- Action- Suspense- Emergency Services
  • DRAMA - IDEOLOGYPeople‟s attitudes, values and belief‟s in drama are;- They expect there to be action- They expect there to be suspense- They expect the film to contain a message
  • TEENTop 10;1) Fame (1980)2) Dirty Dancing (1987)3) Hairspray (1988)4) American Pie (1999)5) Romeo + Juliet (1996)6) The House Bunny (2008)7) 17 Again (2009)8) She‟s The Man (2006)9) Jennifer‟s Body (2009)10) Mean Girls (2004)
  • TEEN – CHARACTERSIn a typical Teen film, you will normally see these types of characters;- The jock/ cheerleader- The Princess- The geek/ nerd- The rebel- The Misfit/ outcast- The new boy/girl- The Loner- The Band geek- The average boy/girl (boy/girl next door)
  • TEEN – TYPICAL SETTINGIn a Teen film, a typical setting would normally be;- School – prom, canteen- Shopping mall- Bars
  • TEEN – NARRATIVEIn a typical Teen film focus on;- Teen issues (giving them something to relate to and to make sense of the world)- Us Teen‟s seek representations of ourselves in Teen Films
  • TEEN – ICONOGRAPHY/PROPSTypical Teen props;- Mobile Phone- Cars- Latest Technology (Laptops, MP3‟s etc)
  • TEEN – ENIGMA CODESQuestions that the audience may ask themselves are;- “Is she going to get with him?”- “Who‟s going to get prom king/ queen”- “What‟s going to happen at that party?”- “Will they ever find out what she does?”
  • TEEN - HISTORY- Started in the 1950‟s, concept of the „teenager‟ was born which was the idea of a stage between childhood and adulthood.- Rock „n‟ Roll was the sound that defined the 50‟s adolescence/ teenagers and was used in early teen movies like „Rock Around The Clock‟ 1956
  • TEEN – WHAT YOU SEE IN THE FILMSYou usually see;- Proms- Alcohol- Illegal substances e.g. drugs- High school parties + all night raves- Relationships- Social groups and cliques- Some losing their virginity (or considering it)
  • TEEN - IDEOLOGYIn teen films the audience expect;- A bit of drama- Romance- Comedy- Today‟s teen movies in the UK, crime. But in America, about college, partying, alcohol, prom king/queen etc. Its more materialistic in the USA.- General fun movie
  • END..Thanks for watching.