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CyberLife Documentary Presentation
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CyberLife Documentary Presentation


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Shara and Shannon's work

Shara and Shannon's work

Published in: Art & Photos, Career
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  • 1. DOCUMENTARY Pre-Production Shara Bull and Shannon Driscoll
  • 2. Cervical Cancer Walt Disney over the years (The movies created) (How important it is to get the jab. Jade Goody’ story) London Riots (how it affected people) Cyber bulling (Real experiences and impact on young peoples lives) Old persons day center (A day in the life, what's it like?) London City work life (Could you keep up?) Plastic Surgery (The affect society has on young women)
  • 3. Focus Group Results 10 Secondary school students and teachers 16-30 year olds. When conducting a focus group we found that a huge majority of the feedback we received thought Cyber bullying was the best choice for our documentary. Do you know what cyber bullying is? ‘Hurting someone's feelings’ ‘its like bullying, not too sure’ Why do you think cyber bulling is a good choice? ‘It affects a lot of young people’ ‘From the the topic choice they can then seek help and gather information’ ‘As a student I can personally relate to it’ What do you think we should include in our documentary? ‘Real life experiences from victims of cyber bullying’ How often do you think cyber bullying happens? ‘It hasn’t happened to me, don’t know’
  • 4. Documentary name ideas CyberLife CyberPain Cbullying BULLY
  • 5. CYBERBULLING WHAT? Through the use of modern day technology, cyber bullying is used to harm other people, in a deliberate and cruel manner. It has become more common in society, particularly among young people. WHY? The purpose of our documentary ‘CyberLife’ is to tell the stories of families and victims affected by cyber bullying. We will incorporate a range of personal experiences and testimonials to expose the rapidly growing dark world of cyber bulling. The ultimate goal of the documentary is to educate and promote cyber bulling awareness with the helping hand of support and advice.
  • 6. Target Audience Demographic profile: The documentary is primarily aimed at the ages of 16-30 year olds, however may appeal to other ages if they can relate or have been affected by cyber bullying. - Females (It is reported that 85% of victims affected by cyber bullying are females.) - Any ethnicity - Income – N/a (regardless of how much a person earns, they still may affected) - Most will be in education (secondary school/sixth form/college/university) - Groups B and E e.g. teachers and students
  • 7. Storyboard/Shot list
  • 8. Storyboard/Shot list
  • 9. Script Interview questions:
  • 10. Cast / Crew As a single camera production we only require one camera. Main Crew consists of: Camera operator Interviewer Director The cast will be a range of experts, families and victims affected by cyber bullying. We will also be including some dramatizations by various actors to reenact some cyber bullying and bullying scenes.
  • 11. Location Lea Valley High School Lea Valley High School Corridor Cyber bullying prevention expert office Lea Valley High School Staircase Outside of Lea Valley High School Work Place Of Interviewee
  • 12. Risk Assessment Lea Valley High School Possible hazards Risk 1. Waste material on the floor making it dangerous for crew and equipment. 2. Machinery/cars operating in the area. 3. Intruders could interfere/steal. 4. Students could interfere/steal. 5. Bad weather conditions Solutions 1. Ensure someone checks the area is clear before filming. 2. Have a look-out person to ensure that crew are aware of operating machinery 3. Have someone on guard. 4. Have someone on guard 5. Check weather/film on days where weather is nice
  • 13. Thank You For Listening