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Arturo, Hollie and Georgina's Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Four’s a crowd Sales pitch Arturo, Georgina and Hollie
  • 2. Brief
    • Our task was to produce a two minute opening to a teen movie using enigma codes and the typical conventions of a particular genre.
  • 3. Genre
    • Teen movie
    • A teen movie focuses on a teenagers daily life throughout school, home, relationships and difficult situations.
    • Typical props include cars, make up and alcohol.
  • 4. Fours a crowd (Storyline)
    • The outline of the story is a girl who tells her boyfriend, at prom, that she is pregnant- unaware that her jealous best friend, who also loves him, is listening in on the conversation.
    • The scene is going to be set in the gym, the dance studio and the drama studio.
    • The characters are Johnny (the boyfriend and father of the baby), Sophie (the teen who is pregnant), Amy (Sophie’s jealous best friend), Shaun (One of Johnny’s best friends) and Robert (Johnny’s other best friend).
    • The costumes in the first scenes are gym and dance clothing. After, for the prom, the costumes will be suits and dresses.
  • 5. Sound
    • These are the non-diagetic sounds we are going to use for our two minute film.
    Prom music Day dream Gym music There will also be a voiceover at the beginning. The diagetic dialogue throughout the clip will be in a London accent
  • 6. Shot list
  • 7. Storyboard Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: Page 5:
  • 8. Script
  • 9. Unique Selling point
    • After researching other films, like American Pie and Juno. We found that most of them involved the friends of the group being kind and loyal towards each other. In teen movies this is shown through pacts and promises. Our film is unique due to having a friend who is the antagonist of the narrative. This shows the reality of high school and provides a situation which teenagers can relate to.
  • 10. Main Actors
    • Arturo playing Johnny:
  • 11. Main Actors Page 2
  • 12. Location props and costumes
    • Gym: Weights, Gym clothes
    • Dance studio: Make up, Dance clothes
    • Drama studio: Handbag and make up, Suit and dresses
  • 13. The locations
  • 14. Questionnaire
    • We found that they liked the theme of love, surviving school and relationships. Also we discovered that teenagers liked characters who were funny and they could relate to. Therefore we have chosen to take this into account when making our film.
    To find out what our target audience found interesting in a teen movie we gave questionnaires to teenagers who were 15-18
  • 15. Target audience
    • Our target audience is teenagers who are 15-18. When doing the questionnaire, the most popular films were Juno and American Pie because the characters were funny and the themes were interesting.
    • We chose to do a teen movie about pregnancy and friendship betrayal as it is something that teenagers can relate to. It also raises awareness of teenage pregnancy and shows older audiences how hard it is for teenagers to ‘fit in’ when faced with this situation.
  • 16. Production schedule(Part 1) Production schedule part 1 Programme: Four’s a crowd Client(audience): Teenagers Writer: Arturo, Hollie and Georgina 28/2/2011 2/2/2011   Date   Date Coursework start: 10/1/2011 Programme completed: 14/3/2011 Script start: 24/1/2011 Completed:(Yes) 26/1/2011 Storyboard start: 2/2/2011 Completed:(Yes) Pitch presentation: 2/2/2011 Completed: 7/2/2011 Audience screening:   Completed: Filming start: 14/2/2011 Completed: 16/2/2011 Editing start: 2/3/2011 Completed: 9/3/2011 Evaluation   Completed:  
  • 17. Production schedule(Part 2) Production schedule part 2 Programme: Four’s a crowd Client(audience): Teenagers Writer: Arturo, Hollie and Georgina Production equipment required Cameras Lights Tripod Crewing requirements Camera operator Production assistant Director Actors 3 male actors 2 female actors 2 extras Props/scenery Smart clothes Gym kit(weights also) Disco   Post production requirements (format, effects, music and voice over) Voice over Sound throughout the performance Editing using apple programs
  • 18. Allocated roles
    • These will vary depending on who is acting.
    • For example, in the gym, Arturo will be acting, Georgina will be the one directing the clip while Hollie will be operating the camera