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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Pitch Presentation By Shara Bull, Edward Ife, Tony Darville, Desree Akorahson
  • 2. Initial ideas Ideas Advantages Challenges Production Management: costs Magazine It is the cheapest product due to not needing any actors, directors or props We didn’t have any unique ideas that will stand out from the competition.  Average cost: It is the biggest production and if received well it can get a lot of media coverage We thought film was not a good choice as the film industry is to competitive. It is also very expensive  Average cost: The story/ topic is real and gives information to viewers We thought documentaries would be slightly boring to our target audience  Average cost: We thought that this was the best choice for our media product because there is no limit to what topics we can use. Not offending the viewers/guests. Inviting guests that most viewers know or like will be the hardest challenge.  Average cost: Film Documentary Talk show  £82,507 per issue  £1 million - £30 million  £20,000  £800,000 – £2 Million
  • 3. Convention of Talk Show  The host tends to be well known and well respected within their field of expertise.  Talk shows usually have live public audiences.  The music tends to be very catchy upbeat and sometimes they play music from the person who they are actually interviewing. In many talk shows the band is visible.  Props: sofa chairs and coffee tables to give a relaxed feeling within the show. They also have a TV screen in between the host and interviewee to show pictures, videos and what’s going on in the green room.  The interviewee usually comes out through sliding door revealing them to the audience and cameras.  Usually a chat show is very informal giving the shows a little comedy. The interview techniques are friendly and chatty.  A talk show is usually 30-60 minutes long. After 2 interviews the show usually goes on break depending on how long each interview is. When the show ends they get a very popular artist to perform.
  • 4. Target Audience Psychographic profile.  Mainstreamers and Quirkies are the best audience for our show.  They like the latest trends and finding out what is happening on the news.  Adding celebrities will make the show commercialized. Demographic profile.  We decided to aim the show at 18-35 year olds as we think they watch late night television the most, so they more likely to come across the show.  Based in London because it is very well known around the world.  We aim at any race and religion.  Both male and female.
  • 5. Primary Research: Questionnaires In order to find out our target audiences opinions we put together a questionnaire. We asked 10 people both male and female, so we know how to appeal to both genders.
  • 6. Mood board
  • 7. Ancillary Text To promote our talk show, we have decided to create two media products. A radio advert and a print advert. Show name This is our print Advert Image Scheduling information Channel logo
  • 8. Conventions of a Radio Advert  Radio Adverts help persuade the listener to either buy something or make them aware of an event or organisation.  It usually takes 30-35 seconds  It provides detail about the product  It includes a lot of alliteration, to make the advert sound catchy  It has to be quick and simple so it is easier for the listener to remember  Catchy and quick music Our radio advert will play and promote the show throughout radio stations. Our Radio Advert Script (Theme music starts then lowers, continuously plays throughout) Edward: Hello I am Edward Ife and I am here to tell you about my exciting new show… After Dark. We will be interviewing two special guests for our premiere launch and they are Damani and Frida. We will be asking very personal questions and some not so personal. So don’t miss After Dark starring me, Edward Ife every Friday at 9.00pm on abc. Oh and don’t forget to look us up online at
  • 9. Secondary Research: Internet  Competition During our research about talk shows, we wanted to find out who our main competitors are. Here are our results: Alan Carr: Chatty man is an award winning British comedy chat show. The show includes interviews with celebrity guests, sketches, current events and music. The demographic profile it is aimed at is 18-30 year olds and the show begins late at night and it appeals to males and females. Furthermore it is available for anyone to watch whether they use cable or satellite, as a result they have a huge audience. Another one of our competitors is the Graham Norton show and the Jonathan Ross show, they are both British comedy chat shows broadcasted on BBC one. The show includes interviews with celebrities and even performances from some of the guests. Their target audience is the same as our chosen target audience, which is 18-35. They aim at all genders and it is on both cable and satellite.  USP Our reason for choosing those three shows was because they aim at the same audience as ours. They have all the qualities we want in our show. Our unique selling point is making the interview comfortable and to do this we will include mini challenges whilst we are interviewing to give a relaxed, fun feel to the programme. We also have a younger presenter giving the show a youthful edge.
  • 10. Risk assessment According to Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers have a duty to ensure that – so far as is reasonably practicable – the health, safety and welfare of all employees is looked after.”
  • 11. Storyboards
  • 12. Storyboards
  • 13. Budget MATERIALS COST TOTAL £450 x3 £1,350 Equipment Sony PMW-EX3 XDCAM complete shooting kit (includes tripod) 3x 150w dedo light kit £190 £190 Lavalier microphone £39 x3 £117 Cast Presenter Starting the show: TOTAL BUDGET £20,735 Rehearsal: £200 Shooting: £1000 £1,200 Celebrity guests £1000 Cameramen Frida Arthur: £500 Damani Ekeama: £500 £2000 x3 Producer/director £5000 £5000 £150 £150 £6000 Props/scenery Sofa Presenters chair £100 £100 Coffee table £60 £60 Small table £54 £54 Glasses The price of each show: TOTAL BUDGET £15,635 £2 per cup x3 £6 Curtains £8 £8 Post-Production Editing suite £700 £700 Editor £275 per Show £275 Graphic Designer £495 per show £275 TOTAL Contingency @ 10% of budget £18,850 £1,885 Total Budget £20,735
  • 14. Cast Role: Presenter Name: Edward Ife Gender: Male Age: 22 Role: Basketball player Name: Damani Ekeama Gender: Male Age: 20 Role: Singer Name: Frida Arthur Gender: Female Age: 21
  • 15. Audience figures BARB (Broadcast Audience Research Board)  Is an organization that complies audience measurements and audience ratings in the united kingdom. Copyright C  Everything that is created within the show is from our own resources and copyright free. We shall be using music from our own source. Legal and Ethical Considerations We have to consider our guests private lives and personal information, as a result we will not include any information about them or their lifestyle without their consent. All individuals who participate in the talk show are ‘original’ and not based any other individual.
  • 16. Presented by: Shara Bull, Edward Ife, Desree Akorahson and Tony Darville