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LUON WassUp - Google Plus
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LUON WassUp - Google Plus


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  • 1. November 8th, 2011What isall thisGoogle+stuffabout? 1
  • 2. Google+ wassupHistory Google Wave Google Buzz Google Plus +40 million users June 2011  October 2011 2
  • 3. Google+ wassupNumbers • The Netherlands + 31 million 46.150 users indexed* • Belgium 24.758* source: 3
  • 4. Easy way to organize your friends and contacts. You canfollow somebody but that person doesn’t have to follow youback (Twitter principle) 4
  • 5. Video chat, with a maximum of 10 persons simultaneously.The url is sharable, so the conversation is NOT private! 5
  • 6. Upload photos and videos from your phone, share them withyour circles and access them from any device. 6
  • 7. Personal Google Search/Reader: search for topics you’reinterested in and subscribe to that topic. This way you stay upto date inside the social network environment. 7
  • 8. Group texting.Think ‘Whatsapp’ or Blackberry Messenger: users can sharemessages within their circles. 8
  • 9. +1 is similar as the Facebook ‘like’ button• A Google +1 also influences the Google ranking of a webpage (not clear) & influences your personal search.• All your personal +1’s are visible on your Google+ profile. 9
  • 10. Almost forgot the games section! 10
  • 11. Google+ wassupWhat’s new?Groups,Games,Group chatting,Uploading photos and videos,Subscribing to content,Group texting,… NOT innovative? 11
  • 12. Google+ wassupGoogle focus For you: • Reducing the clutter • Organizing online content • Making content more personalized • Integration of all Google services For Google: • Making advertising more relevant (targeting)Picture credits: 12
  • 13. Google+ wassupIs itusefulfor us andfor ourclients? 13
  • 14. Google+ wassupOne more Social Network? Oh why?Is Google+ useful for brands?Fresh approach to customer service & engagement / more 1-on-1.Example: Circles, people can choose to what content they sign up.Segmenting & organizing brand fans, customers & influencers for insightsExample: test circle for focus groupsB2B sales force enabler- Google+ might challenge Linkedin: (connection with Google Apps)- Use as a collaboration platform for teams: Google Docs, video chatCreate and promote branded ‘sparks’ (topics) and become specialistRemember Google Search… your (official) Google+ Page will be indexed fastand might be on top of search results! 14
  • 15. Google+ wassupWill it really challenge Facebook?Branding Analytics Hangouts• More room for • More insights via • Youtube live (watch layout Google Analytics & chat)Maps Apps Search• Integration with • Business email in • Googles universal Google+ the cloud, workforce search + social = is one click away stronger 15
  • 16. Google+ wassupFirst cases 16
  • 17. Google+ wassupNovember 7th 2011 @ 22:41 17
  • 18. Google+ wassupGoogle+ Page Source: 18
  • 19. Google+ wassupFor businesses and brands Google+ pages help you connect with the customers who love you. They can recommend you with a +1, or add you to a circle to listen long-term. They can spend time with your team, face-to-face. All you need to do is start sharing, and youll soon find the fans and loyal customers that want to say hello. Extra tips! • You can link your G+ Page to your AdWords account with Social Extensions. • Direct Connect: search on Google for ‘+Toyota’ to find the Google+ Page of Toyota 19
  • 20. Google+ wassupExamples of Google+ Pages• All American Rejects • The Muppets*• Anderson Cooper 360 • Pepsi• Angry Birds • Phoenix Suns• Barcelona Football Club • Save the Children• Burberry • Special Report with Bret Baier• Dallas Cowboys • Toyota• Good Morning America • Train• H&M • WWE• Macys • X Games• Modelland • Zen Bikes 20
  • 21. Google+ wassupGetstartedand figurethings outalong theway 21
  • 22. The first steps1. Jump in and start practicing with a personal account.2. Get your profile right.3. You need to develop relationships before sales. Start to connect and build relationships.4. Use Google Plus to get links out there (e.g. links to content from your company)5. Get +1′s for your content.6. Provide value to your connections.7. Be creative.8. Use it for search engine rankings.9. Do it as a land grab. Past experiences on previous platforms have shown that people who get in early can get a nice advantage in terms of getting connections and mind share.10. Get ready for Business Pages. Set up a Business Page and learn. 22
  • 23. Final tip MORE 23
  • 24. Google+ wassupSources•••• kawasaki-chris-brogan/•••• Pages••• 24
  • 25. Thank you for listening.Now let’s talk.Helena Van EykerenMarketing 25