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LVenture Group al “Small Cap Conference 2013” presso la Borsa di Milano - 21/11
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LVenture Group al “Small Cap Conference 2013” presso la Borsa di Milano - 21/11


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  • 1. Small Cap Conference Milan, November 21st 2013 Borsa Italiana - Palazzo Mezzanotte
  • 2. The Venture Capital Partecipation Holding listed on Borsa Italiana Operates on an international level in the Venture Capital field Makes investments in «fast growing companies» operating in the digital world
  • 3. Who we are Accelerator The first integrated ecosystem of Accelerator and VC Increase Success rate
  • 4. Accelerator LVenture Group directly controls LUISS ENLABS which is: •  Startup accelerator founded in 2010, called LUISS ENLABS after the joint venture of 2012 with LUISS University •  First Italian example in which entrepreneurial system, university and Venture Capital are linked together •  Represents LVenture Group micro seed investments funnel
  • 5. Seed Venture Capital •  LVenture is one of the most important Italian VC in seed stage •  Focus on most promising early stage companies from the market •  Makes follow up investments in startups from the Acceleration Program •  Wide and strong knowledge of italian tech startup scene •  Close relationship with Italian innovation centers, universities, professionals and operators of the digital world •  Consistent track record of co-investments with main Italian investors and funds
  • 6. Ecosystem International VCs Public Administration Investors Universities Corporation Partners Advisors Startups
  • 7. Big opportunity: digital startup Accelerator = Incubator 2.0 •  Bulding product and getting to market require less capital •  Online platforms allow to acquire more customers Faster results with less financial need •  Building product -> cheaper, faster, better •  Acquiring customers -> easier, quicker, more measurable Italian Internet Economy Value In billions +10% 2,0% GDP 1,9% GDP € 32 € 29 •  Market: E-Commerce Italy 2012: € 9,5 Mld (+19%) •  Online advertising market Italy: 2012: €1,4 Mld +14% •  Italian internet users 2012: 38,4 Mln 2009 2010 Source: Boston Consulting Group
  • 8. Funding the gap OPPORTUNITY • Low evaluation • Limited capital availability
  • 9. Investments Micro-seed: 60k Seed: <200k •  Modern and furnished work space •  “Hands on” approach •  Business modelling •  Business developing •  Entrepreneurship courses •  Fundraising network & support •  Advisory services •  Business networking •  Investor relationship •  Follow on investments •  Exit strategies
  • 10. Targets Sectors Key criteria •  Disruptive technology •  ICT •  M/e-commerce •  Online media •  Gaming •  Complete and heterogeneous team •  International and growing market •  Strong competitive advantages •  Web&mobile apps •  Scalable business
  • 11. What we do Universities Events Partners Online Selection Deal Flow LUISS ENLABS Accelerator 12 Startup Micro Seed €60K 3 Startup 7 Startup LVenture Seed €200k 6 Startup EXIT Other VCs Every 12 months •  Total investment in startups: € 1,8 Mln •  18 partecipations •  Expected IRR: 30% From the 48° month
  • 12. Competitive advantages Limits of Angels & VCs Seed Money Business Angels: Investments terms simplicity •  Limited capital •  Limited support •  Few deal sources •  Small Portfolio Professional approach Later round financing VC: •  Not willing to make small investments •  Less entrepreneurial approach Angels Entrepreneurial approach Operational support VC Network size Process efficiency
  • 13. Competitive advantages LVenture: the best of both •  Ability to negotiate attractive valuations Seed Money Investments terms simplicity Entrepreneurial approach Operational support •  Enables follow-on rounds •  Full support •  Multiple deal sources •  Professional processes •  Entrepreneurial approach •  Diversified portfolio •  Ability to invest small amounts Professional approach Later round financing Network size Process efficiency
  • 14. Investors advantages Reliable sources with high due diligence Exit multiple up to 5.3x Adding value by intensive Acceleration Program Exit multiple up to 2.8x Smaller and multiple investments portfolio Higher Risk diversification Source: Angel Capital Education Foundation (ACEF)
  • 15. Who we are •  •  •  •  Experienced team with combined skills High reputation and strong networks Positive track record from sucessful experiences +50 professional advisors
  • 16. Where we are 2000 sqm in Termini Station: a strategic place
  • 17. What we have done •  80% of our startup funded •  4 mln € invested with other investors •  More than 150 jobs created
  • 18. Portfolio
  • 19. Key success factors Deal Flow Selection Sourcing innovative tech startups from numerous and reliable funnels Consolidated evaluation models combining professional and entrepreneurial criteria Add Value Active approach: intensive acceleration program, mentorship, advisory, business networking & developing Success Focus on most promising deals with active role in achieving highest capital gain
  • 20. Complete our fundraising More startups NEXT STEPS Attract SMEs & Corporations Attract International VCs (Boston Mass Challenge +120) Attract Stakeholders Looking for 10.000 sqm Tech City in Termini Government procurement School for developers
  • 21. Luigi Capello CEO @gigicapello +39 335 80 99 163