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  • Geoffrey1. Discuss thinking behind creating / presenting a resume (Geoffrey) Analysing your unique combination of skills and experienceCollating evidence and marketing this in a resume format – marketing proposal Content is more important than style2. Tips for improving your resume:Career objectiveAchievements focusedSkills statements get results3. Examples in workbook – refer to these
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  • Geoffrey
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  • GeoffreyWhat was the problem, what was your action to remedy it, and what was the result?
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  • Head start resumes

    1. 1. Title of presentation Start Graduate Head 2013 Name of presenter RESUMES Title of presenter School / Development CareerFaculty / Division Centre La Trobe University xx Month 201x 20 February 2013latrobe.edu.au CRICOS Provider 00115M
    2. 2. Resumes – The EssentialsBefore creating a resume consider:• Your unique combination of skills & experience• How these relate to what the employer is looking for• Clearly and concisely marketing this information Resume development is a process of collating evidence of relevant skills and experience and marketing this persuasively to a potential employer Deliver your message in 30 seconds of reading timeClick to edit Master text styles 2
    3. 3. Your ResumeWill it get read?Only if it’s professionally presentedskill you need to demonstrate: attention to detailWill it get you an interview?Only if it demonstrates the specific skills, knowledge and personalcharacteristics that the position requires and the organisation islooking forskill you need to demonstrate: ability to assemble and presentrelevant informationClick to edit Master text styles 3
    4. 4. Resumes – Your key selling pointsWhat should your resume contain?• Your awareness of, and participation in, the relevant industry/profession• Your objective• Your achievements• Your skills• Targeted for each individual position and employerClick to edit Master text styles 4
    5. 5. Resumes – The EssentialsAwareness of industry/discipline• Career objective • specific & targeted • demonstrates your motivation and awareness of the different sectors of industry • not vague or general• Evidence of industry-relevant activities: student placements, voluntary activities, employment, active membership of professional association, extra-curricula activitiesClick to edit Master text styles 5
    6. 6. Identifying relevant achievements• What projects are you proud of that support your job objective?• What are some quantifiable results that point out your ability?• When did you positively affect the organization, the bottom line, your boss, your co-workers, your clients?• What awards, commendations, publications, etc., have you achieved that relate to your job objective?• When have you demonstrated P.A.R. (Problem, Action, Result)?• Can have a separate Achievements section, or incorporate in other sections e.g. education, employment Click to edit Master text styles 6
    7. 7. Examples of Achievements• Promotions• Positions of responsibility• Increasing sales figures• Running a project to change something in your company• Being part of a team that …• Winning an award or prize• Good results in exams or assessments• Gaining additional qualifications• Customer service / quality awards• Outside-work achievements – raising money for charity, being elected to a committee• Achieving in individual or group sportsClick to edit Master text styles 7
    8. 8. Resumes – The EssentialsTargeted skills statements get results!• Identify key skills the position/organisation requires• Can you demonstrate that you have the skills required for this job?• What activities, paid and unpaid, have you done that used skills you’ll be using at your new job?• Maximise chances of obtaining an interview by providing evidence of skills relevant to the position• Don’t make claims without evidence, eg, stating you have ‘excellent teamwork skills’ without providing contextClick to edit Master text styles 8
    9. 9. Skills Statement ExamplesSKILLSTeamwork• Played netball and basketball on a weekly basis for the last three years, attended all training sessions and assisted with away game planning• Regularly filled in for other team members at Eastern Health covering extra shifts when needed• Worked in a multi-disciplinary team of 6 students to complete a project on ..... For which we received 80% (A grade)Organisational Skills• Coordinated a team of 8 volunteers for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal 2011, ensuring fundraising target of $2000 was met• Organised a venue and liaised with caterers for the La Trobe Ski Club Ball attended by 450 people, 2012• Successfully managed a part-time job of up to 12 hours per week, regular involvement in club sport, voluntary tutoring work and full time studyClick to edit Master text styles 9
    10. 10. Thank youContact Us:Bundoora: Level 1, Peribolos East 9479 2459www.latrobe.edu.au/students/careerscareers@latrobe.edu.au @LTUcareers www.facebook.com/LaTrobeCareerslatrobe.edu.au CRICOS Provider 00115M