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do an internship and learn chinese in China with LTL.
Combine an internship in China with studying Mandarin in a small group class and living with a Chinese hostfamily in Shanghai or Beijing. The program lasts for a whole semester and allows participants to not only learn Mandarin and gain invaluable work experience in China, but also to explore a different country and culture. A unique experience, all the time with LTL support. We will find the internship for you, help you with your visa, organize your accommodation and Chinese course and you will be part of the LTL social community in China, where you will quickly make new friends from all over the world.

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  • praktikum in china

    1. 1. Live the Language Mandarin School Live the Life. Live the Language.
    2. 2. Live the Language! Live the Language is Beijing’s biggest private Mandarin School. Based in Beijing’s Central Business District, we focus on helping students to not just learn vocabulary but to apply their knowledge, practice and experience the real China, both during every day life and business.
    3. 3.
    4. 4. What is China?
    5. 5. China • • • • is big is fast is happening is safe And also….
    6. 6. is where VW makes 50% of its profits
    7. 7. What’s Beijing?
    8. 8. Beijing • is China’s Music Capital • has more than one million University Students • a beer costs 2.5RMB (30 cent) • registers 1000 new cars a day • tears down and rebuilds an apartment block every week
    9. 9. What is Beijing Not?
    10. 10. Beijing is not Oberbayern!
    11. 11. To learn Chinese • you have to enjoy it. • you have to speak it. • don’t forget faster than you learn. Learn intensively. • you have to become part of Chinese life. Much harder than you think.
    12. 12. Erfahrungsbericht • Mattis Weiler • Fham Student • Absolviert momentan sein Praxissemester in Peking
    13. 13. How to come to Beijing? Option 1: take the train (change in Moscow)
    14. 14. Internship Semester • 1 Month intensive language course in Beijing • 1 Month Homestay with a Chinese Family (Half Board) • 5 Months (20 weeks) Internship in China • 6h (group) or 2h 1-on-1 Chinese course during your internship • Survival Kit • 24/7 Support from the LtL team • Cost: 27.300RMB
    15. 15. Survival Kit – Airport Pick-Up – Pre-charged Chinese SIM card – A free Bicycle – Pre-charged Metro Card – 24/7 emergency phone number – Beijing Map Pack Sunshine 100 Live the Language Campus Balcony
    16. 16. Language Holiday • 1 – 51 Weeks in Beijing, Tianjin or Chengde • Small Classes (maximum 6 students) Options: • Homestay, Shared Apartment or Hostel • Survival Kit Comfort (massage and fitness studio) • Connection Kit (Language Exchange Partner and Student Ambassador)
    17. 17. 谢谢 好好学习天天向上