LTC, Annual Forum, Greener California: Impacts of Senate Bill 375 and Winning Strategies for Southern California, 05/22/2009, Rick Bishop
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LTC, Annual Forum, Greener California: Impacts of Senate Bill 375 and Winning Strategies for Southern California, 05/22/2009, Rick Bishop

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Rick Bishop; Executive Director, Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)

Rick Bishop; Executive Director, Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)

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  • 1. SB 375 What does it mean for Western Riverside County? Leonard Transportation Center Forum May 22, 2009 Doubletree Hotel, Ontario, CA Rick Bishop Executive Director
  • 2. Several ways to get to VMT reductions…1. Land use changes2. Transportation investments3. Transportation policies TDM -strategies to impact driving habits
  • 3. How are we reacting to SB 375 thus far? 1. Freaking out 2. Asleep
  • 4. 3. Asleep but appearing to pay
  • 5. How should we be reacting? 1. Perplexed/confused 2. Confident
  • 6. Why perplexed / confused?1. Currently no sanctions against “non-conforming” SCS2. The “Alternative Planning Scenario” (?)3. Uncertain whether all jurisdictions need to comply with SCS4. Uncertain about scope of what’s needed to reach targets5. RHNA linkage6. No funding for SCS preparation
  • 7. Why confident?1. We know where we will end up… • WRCOG subregion will grow by 1.1 million by 2035 • 40,000 new residents each year… It is foolish to act / plan as if it won’t happen… … the key is whether we can frontload the evolution.
  • 8. Why confident?2. The majority of future households will be comprised of: - Single-parent households The traditional two- - Baby boomers parent household - Empty-nesters with children is now less - Couples without children than a quarter of the population and getting proportionally smaller. (Higher Density Development Myth and Fact – Urban Land Institute)
  • 9. Why confident?3. Signs point to greater acceptance among WRCOG residents of a changed land use mix in future 42% expressed interest in living in a transit village in the next 2 years 14% “very interested” Source: WRCOG survey, 2007
  • 10. TOD Demonstration Project Study generated significant interest RIVERSIDE MARCH JPA CORONA PERRIS HEMET
  • 11. What’s TUMF got to do with it?- Western Riverside Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF) Program- Largest multi-jurisdictional transportation fee program in United States- Will provide nearly $5 billion for improvements to WRCOG-area arterials, interchanges, intersections
  • 12. 600,000 MORE JOBS IN WESTERN RIVERSIDE BY 2035- Could result in a significant commute shift in the region as thousands of freeway trips to coastal counties will be reduced in length or eliminated;- BUT, those trips will be redistributed among the subregion’s local roads and arterials;- If not planned for, could be a disaster for the subregion’s internal arterial system.
  • 13. Western Riverside Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan• will conserve 153,000 acres of habitat• de facto densification of the subregion?
  • 14. Some observations in general…1. With 6 million more people coming (and 2 million more homes) we shouldn’t need SB 375 to help us “re-think” our planning approaches.2. Greenhouse gas discussions here to stay “Environment vs. Economy” argument is weakening3. What has “worked” in the past probably won’t in the future - changing demographics - transportation policies / priorities - water availability - energy constraints and costs
  • 15. Be confident… but realisticExisting transportation network / policies Mistrustof government Anti-growth NIMBYfear Community mind set ParochialismRESISTANCE TO HIGHER DENSITY No vision Lackof positive media Unpredictability ofpublic financing No sense of urgency…
  • 16. “Can Western Riverside get ahead of the urbanevolutional process and build TOD’s and higher densitiesNOW rather than waiting?”It needs to.
  • 17. Four point plan for success1. Political leadership is vital2. Proactive planning among private and public sectors3. Multi-agency cooperation4. Need to stay the course