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This is the presentation I provided at the Intelec show in Hamburg. It describes the use of fuel cells in powering the world's Telecommunication infrastructure.

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  • MESSAGE POINTSWorld leader in fuel cell technology and products Extensive ~30-year pedigree developing solutions to the highest standards (eg. automotive work with Daimler & Ford)2007-09 corporate transformation to a commercial focus
  • MESSAGE POINTSRich IP portfolioSignificant ‘know-how’ in systems integration …. unique and valuable strength, whether undertaking system integration internally or via 3rd-party S.I.
  • Telecom Backup Power is a key growth driver for Ballard … and, demand for our ElectraGen Telecom Backup Power products is really underpinned by 2 distinct, and pervasive, needs:1) Regular (even daily) power outages in geographies where the electricity grid is unreliable … this puts a strain on backup power systems needed to keep the wireless telecom network operationalBatteries and diesel gensets are not fully reliable and cannot provide the extended duration run time required to deal with these situations on a continuous basisFuel cells, however, are a viable solutionThis is being demonstrated by our sales growth in locations such as S.Africa and Indonesia, where the grids are unreliable2) Concern over potential grid outages resulting from crisis situationsSuch as extreme weather, floods, earthquakes, security breaches100% reliable performance of our systems in the Bahamas during Hurricane Sandy are driving sales in the CaribbeanNSN is deploying systems with Docomo and SoftBank in Japan – where the memory of the 2011 tsumani is still vivid
  • MESSAGE POINTSHydroPlus offers advantages over hydrogen for longer duration backup needs, including low fuel costs, smaller footprint and longer run time.Ballard develops supply chain in regions deploying fuel cell systems.
  • Intelec 2013 ballard bup Lstapleton

    1. 1. ® NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD Fuel Cells for Telecom Site Power Optimization Larry Stapleton: Vice President, Sales
    2. 2. Ballard - Who We Are NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Ballard is the global leader in clean energy PEM fuel cell products … design, manufacturing & deployment o 2,500  Telecom Backup Power systems … 9MW’s of power o 4,000  Material Handling stacks … 10M hours of runtime o 180  Bus power modules … more than 4M miles of revenue service • 355 employees o HQ in Vancouver, Canada o Product Engineering in Vancouver, Bend, Oregon & Denmark o Manufacturing in Vancouver & Mexico Ballard HQ facility – Vancouver, B.C., Canada 2
    3. 3. BUP Product Development NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • ‘Centers of Excellence’ in Product Development o ElectraGen™-H2: Hobro, Denmark • Dantherm Power - A Ballard Backup Power Company o ElectraGen™-ME: Bend, Oregon o Liquid Fuel Processor: Maryland, USA College Park, MD U.S. Bend, OR U.S. Hobro Denmark 3
    4. 4. Telecom Backup Power Market Overview • NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD Target environment • Cell sites susceptible to severe weather, natural disasters or poor electric grid reliability • Customer value • Reliable, clean, short & extended run backup power solution with low lifecycle cost & low operating costs • Industry trends favor fuel cell systems • • • • • • • Frequency of grid outages Increased network reliability requirements Regulations to reduce diesel genset usage Rising diesel costs Focus on reducing site power requirements Government initiatives / corporate sustainability programs Emergency backup power requirements calling for longer durations 4
    5. 5. Telecom Backup Power Market Drivers NASDAQ:BLDP Unreliable Electricity Grids TSX:BLD Crisis Situations • Regular – even daily – outages • Includes geographies such as Asia, Africa, Latin America • Grid outages can interrupt wireless telecom service … batteries & diesel generators not always able to provide necessary run time • Fuel cell systems are reliable; deliver extended duration run time  • Concern over potential grid outages lasting for extended periods • Includes geographies which experience extreme weather, floods, earthquakes, poten tial security breaches • Benefits of ElectraGenTM are being demonstrated in the Caribbean and in Japan with NSN 5
    6. 6. Backup Power Value Proposition NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD High Reliability •Commercially proven •Industry leading technology Autonomous Solution • Extended duration runtime • Remote monitoring • Flexible fueling Reduced Operating Costs • Minimal maintenance • Longer lifecycle – less frequent replacement • Not subject to pilferage issues • Up to 20% more efficient than alternatives Environmentally Friendly • 20-50% reduction in CO2 • > 95% reduction in CO, NOx and SOx • Zero particulate matter Flexible Siting • Light weight, small footprint • Quiet - no vibrations • Low emissions 6
    7. 7. Site Optimization NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Benefits of fuel cell solutions • Reduction in site battery bank required • Reduced cooling load from that normally associated with batteries • Reduced OPEX through; • Reduced maintenance requirements • High reliability • Improved efficiency compared to combustion generators • Suitable for rooftop installation (light weight and compact size) • Long autonomy • Low emissions • No vibration • Quiet operation (41db) 7
    8. 8. BTS Cooling NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Cooling systems for traditional battery banks consume up to 60% of total site power • Benefits of fuel cell systems: • Can eliminate large battery banks • Use of efficient DC powered air conditioners and/or free cooling can reduce cooling requirement by up to 80% • Ability to raise temperature set point in cabinet – more difficult with use of battery bank (can impact lifetime) • Ability to implement outdoor rated, efficient equipment to reduce cooling load and decrease transmission loss 8
    9. 9. Telecom Site Power Efficiency NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Traditional diesel generator used at telecom sites typically over dimensioned • Larger diesel gensets offer somewhat increased reliability, are readily available and more difficult to steal, and accommodate higher inrush currents • Tradeoff is efficiency  less than 10% when operated at power levels below rated output • Benefit of fuel cell systems is that they are load following • ElectraGen™- ME system operates at over 30% efficiency 9
    10. 10. Integration of Fuel Cell System with BTS Equipment • NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD Fuel cell system output DC  directly compatible with BTS equipment and DC air conditioners • Avoid losses from DC to AC inverters • Able to decrease the number of rectifiers and the size of the battery bank by using fuel cell DC generator 10
    11. 11. Backup Power System Highlights ElectraGen™ – H2 NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD ElectraGen™– ME Product Configurations Product Configurations • 2kW or 5 kW • 48 Vdc • Fuel: Hydrogen • Indoor and outdoor configurations • 2.5 kW or 5 kW • 24 Vdc or - 48 Vdc • Standard (-5C to 46C) or Cold (-40C to 46C) • Fuel: HydroPlus (Methanol-Water liquid fuel) • Integrated fuel cell (PEM) + reformer system Benefits •Low Cost of Ownership: •Low first cost •High efficiency •Low maintenance •Ease of use: •Installation & operation •Service & maintenance •Modular & Scalable •Clean Technology – Zero Emissions Benefits • Low operating costs • Maintenance only once per year • Efficient operation • Easy to site: • Quiet, , no vibration • Light weight • Low emissions • Easy refueling 11
    12. 12. Methanol and Hydrogen Refueling NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD Hydrogen Cylinders Liquid Methanol Fuel 12 12
    13. 13. Reformers Overcome the H2 Barrier NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD For 48 hours of 5kW autonomy OR 60L Liquid Methanol Fuel 24 Hydrogen Cylinders 13
    14. 14. HydroPlusTM NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Composition • 62% methanol & 38% de-ionized water • Methanol is a common liquid • Global production in 2010 – 57 billion liters • Methanol applications • Windshield washer fluid (up to 50% methanol) • Fuel additive – Over 3.5 billion liters in China 2007 • Solvent • Manufacture of plastics and building products • Benefits of methanol based fuel • Easily transported liquid fuel • Water miscible, biodegradable and sulfur-free • Extremely low freezing point < -60°C • May be stored for years without degradation • Renewable sources of methanol • Produced by crude glycerol in mass production • Waste CO2, wood waste, and others are in development • Global production of bio-methanol now greater than 280 million liters annually Custom Mobile Refueling System 14
    15. 15. Telecom Backup Power Approx 2,500 Systems Shipped Globally NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD Europe 350 installed North America 150+ installed Asia & Australia 1,000+ installed Latin America & Caribbean 270+ installed South Africa 350 installed Smarter Solutions for a Clean Energy Future 15
    16. 16. Timor Leste – Why HydroPlus™ is Deployed NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD 16
    17. 17. Timor Leste – Why HydroPlus™ is Deployed NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD 17
    18. 18. Timor Leste – Why HydroPlus™ is Deployed NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD 18
    19. 19. New ElectraGen™-ME Features NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • New product version launched June 2013 at CommunicAsia • Even greater system reliability • 25% improvement in MTBF • 3x increase in fuel processor cycle life • 5% improvement in fuel cell stack reliability • Improved component durability • Increased use of corrosion-resistant coatings • Improvements in fluid flow paths & fuel level sensor • Enhanced maintenance & servicing functions • Added functionality in system firmware • Improved component serviceability and labeling 19
    20. 20. ElectraGen™-ME Specifications NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD •Integrated fuel cell (PEM) + reformer system •Customer user interface keypad with LCD display for set-up and diagnostics (no PC required) ElectraGen™ME 2.5kW 5kW Voltage -48 to -56 -48 to -56, and 24 to 28 Temperature, C Key Features -5 to 46 -5 to 46; optional -40 to 56 cold Location Outdoor Certifications CE, ANSI/CSA FC-1, Telcordia GR-63-CORE Seismic Zone 4, UL/CSA/EN 61010-1 Fuel HydroPlus™ MeOh & water; 225L/193kg onboard fuel tank Fuel Consumption, L/kWh 1.3 1.1 Run Time at rated load, H 65 40 Communications SNMP, Dry Contacts, LCD with Key Pad, optional GPRS & SMS modems Size, W x D x H 135 x 115 x 176 Weight (dry), kg 281 295, (309 cold) Ripple Voltage Quality: Ripple voltage <100mVpp @ 30MHz bandwidth VRLA battery size: Four 12V 150AH batteries (minimum recommended battery size for 5kW system) 20
    21. 21. NSN ElectraGen™ ME Video NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD •NSN produced video on You Tube •~ 5 minutes duration 21
    22. 22. ElectraGen™ ME system – Liquid Fuel NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Total cost comparison – methanol fuel cell solution vs. battery & diesel generator solution • Economic benefits • • Substantial positive payback driven by reduced maintenance schedule & avoiding battery replacement costs Savings grow linearly with the number of sites in a network Smarter Solutions for a Clean Energy Future Payback period ~3 years IRR = 40% 22 22
    23. 23. Payback Period • • Generally ROI for the ElectraGen™- ME systems is within 2 years Benefit increases with additional hours of operation  generally 300+ hours operation per year offers these results Benefit of improved site availability due to higher system reliability of fuel cell generator can improve ROI to between under 1 year  TSX:BLD Payback period, months 35 30 Payback period, months • NASDAQ:BLDP 25 20 15 10 0 200 400 600 800 Annual Operation, hours 23
    24. 24. Backup Power Webinar Series NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD • Webinar audio and slide presentation material available from our homepage at • Webinar addresses the role of fuel cells in delivering Telecom Backup Power solutions … and the proven reliability of ElectraGenTM systems located in the Bahamas, when Hurricane Sandy hit! Watch for a new webinar in Q1 2014, with a focus on the European telecom backup power market 24
    25. 25. NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD ® NASDAQ:BLDP  TSX:BLD Fuel Cells for Telecom Site Power Optimization Larry Stapleton: Vice President, Sales 25