Music Magazine ideas


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Music Magazine ideas

  1. 1. Research on Target Audience
  2. 2. For my music magazine I intend for my target audience to be the16-25 age boundary.I want to primarily target females, however I do want it to beappealing to males as well.Before I start planning and designing my magazine, I want tomake sure I have accurately researched the likes and dislikes ofmy target audience.
  3. 3. 16 – 25 favourite music genreGenerally pop and rock are the favourite musicgenres for this age group. Looking at the pie chartsthat I created from my music magazinequestionnaire, I found that 7 out of 15 people chosepop and 6 out of 15 picked rock. Everyone whopicked rock was between 16 and 18 years of age.This shows that rock is the favourite music genre inthis age range.For my music magazine I want to base it on rockgenre, as although both pop and rock prove to bepopular amongst the 16-25 age range, rock music isfavoured more by males than pop music.So to keep the male audience interested as well as female, rock music is the best one.
  4. 4. Music Magazine Gender preferencesNME magazine is targeted at men from the age 17-30. 73% ofNME’s readers are male, so the magazine must have somequalities that are appealing to female. I want my magazine todo this, however the opposite way around. I want it to targetwomen however still appeal to men.As the most popular and best known music magazines aretargeted at men, I think it makes my music magazine a littledifferent for it to be targeted at women. By targeting mymagazine at women, I need to make sure it has content thatappeals majorly to women and choose mainly female modelsfor my photos.
  5. 5. HoweverIt is important to recognise the interests of thereaders. For example, as shown, magazinestargeted at young men, sometimes feature young,attractive female models. This is because magazineproducers have got to know their target audience,and know that a stereotypical young male isinterested in looking at the opposite sex, and thiswould appeal to them on a front cover.I think that this can be used also in the place ofwomen, however a little less, as when reading amagazine women look for something to relate to,people who relate to them, this would be otherwomen, where as men aren’t as interested in this.For my front cover I intend to use a female model,someone for the readers to relate to, and beinterested in. Although I will include male models inmy contents page so the magazine is not genderbias.
  6. 6. Billboard magazine is targeted at young women. The majority of their magazinecovers feature young, popular, glamorous women, who female readers can look upto. Also what I have noticed is that the models in these photos are all styled, withglossy hair and make up done, and seem to be styled in the latest fashions andhairstyles, the models all have direct contact with the camera, meaning contact withthe reader. As a female, I know that when looking at a magazine model, I am instantlydrawn to the way the model is dressed and how they look, so I find this veryimportant when I plan out the photo for my front cover. I also think the way a model isstyled, says a lot about the audience targeted and the genre of the magazine.
  7. 7. The main focus and aim when producing a magazine, is to getlots of people interested wanting to buy it. Through myresearch of magazines and music magazines, I’ve found thatquite a small percentage of magazine buyers, buy musicmagazines. So, taking this into account, I intend to use somefeatures of magazines that are more popular. Gossip proved tobe the most bought magazine by young females, so by lookingat the way a gossip magazine is lay out, I may be able to applysome of this to my music magazine, however still keeping thebasis of a music magazine. .
  8. 8. After looking at the front covers of gossip magazines, I have seen that themajority of headlines are striking and feature (as said) gossip. I think thatwhen writing the headlines of my magazine and the other cover stories itis important to think about gripping stories and headlines that will makepeople interested and grab the readers attention. If I do this, then It willappeal to more people and not just provide lots of music information andupdates, but provide the latest stories about the most popular music acts. Wording is also very important when designing a music magazine cover. Persuasive words such as these, entice the reader.
  9. 9. Likes and DislikesTypical 16-25 female character profile•Further education, University, weekend jobs•Perhaps starting to move into a career•Working out what they want for their future•Likes: fashion, up to date music, make up, hairstyles, famouspeople, romantic films, funny films•Social events•Parties•Dislikes: politics, authority•Could have money troubles•Magazine ideas suited to these traits –•Nothing too bright and colourful, colours that fit in with the latestfashion trends•Nothing too busy, they may not have the time to stand and look atcovers with lots on•Photos – posed close ups, female models, fashionable clothing.
  10. 10. PricingThe pricing of magazines is very important, although you want yourmagazine to make a profit, you do not want your magazine to be too pricey. As my target audience is aimed at 16-25 year olds, they may be infurther education or buying their own flat or property, and may not be able to afford to pay high prices. Music magazines such as NME, Q! and Kerrang cost £2.20, £3.99 and £2.20. The reason for the difference in price is because NME and Kerrang are weekly magazines and Q! Is monthly.This is important when deciding the price of magazines, as weeklymagazines cannot cost too much otherwise people could not afford them every week. As a magazine company you would want people to buy your magazine regularly, I think by having a monthly magazine, it is less commitment for your readers and ultimately less expensive. I want my magazine to be monthly but not as expensive as Q! Magazine, as my target audience is fairly young and I do not think have the money to spend £3.99 every month on a magazine. I think for my pricing I am going to choose something around £2.50 - £3.00.
  11. 11. My magazine ideas• Target audience: Female aged 16-25•I will keep male readers interested by: including male bands andacts in the contents page, including content interesting to men, andrelating the stories to male readers.•The genre of my magazine is: Rock•The frequency of my magazine will be: monthly•My magazine will cost: between £2.50 and £3.00•Important features of my magazine will be information on gigs andupcoming music, I will have a regular section, and a review of thelatest music.•It is important that my magazine is up to date and features thelatest artists and chart topping hits.
  12. 12. I think that this task has helped me recognise theimportant features of magazines and what attracts the readers. I t has helped me establish the target audience and how I’m going to relate and appeal to this target audience. I now have much more of an idea of where I am going next with my magazine ideas and what the end product will look like.