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Media Evaluation Question 1

Media Evaluation Question 1






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    Media Evaluation Question 1 Media Evaluation Question 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Question 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media?
    • The genre of my trailer is Romantic drama. Most films in this genre focus around anobstacle that is preventing the love of two people. Like the films I have looked at I havechosen a big obstacle that prevents my characters from being together.In the research and planning stages of my trailer I looked at existing media trailers toidentify codes and conventions of the romantic drama genre.In the film ‘Dear John’ the two main characters are separated when the male charactergoes off to fight in the war. Like ‘Dear John’ I have chosen war as the obstacle in mytrailer. My male character Jay goes off to fight in the war, leaving behind his childhoodsweetheart Rosie.I have followed the codes and conventions of a romance drama asmy characters are separated because of this obstacle. In mostRomantic drama films the ending involves the lovers separatingbecause of the enormity of the obstacle - this is a convention I havefollowed as my male character Jay dies at war separating the twolovers because of the severity and devastation caused by war - theobstacle.
    • My trailer is set in the 1940’s. To get an accurate idea of the costume and styling of thistime I used old photographs and other film trailers.In ‘The Notebook’ the time period is set in the 1940’s, I analysed this trailer in my preproduction stages as this gave me an idea of not only the costume and style but thenarrative and behaviour of characters at that time.The female style was particularly important to get right as I think it is easy to notice the1940’s time period through the clothing they wore. • The use of red lips on the character here is a convention of the 1940’s style that I have stuck too. Young women in the 1940’s often wore red lipstick and this made them look older than they were - which was the overall style at the time. • The hair is twisted as the front and tied back which keeps the hair off there face and again like the red lips makes them look older than their years.
    • In ‘The Notebook’ Like the character the female Allie’s dresses, my character Allie character Rosie’s wears fitted tea dresses are pulled dresses. She wears in at the middle a combination of and have buttons bright and subtle down the front. colours. In my film trailer I have applied theseI have also used conventions of thethe codes and 1940’s costume. Likeconventions of the ‘The Notebook’1940’s style from character Allie, my‘The Notebook’. actress wears tea dresses in similar styles.
    • The conventions of a teaser trailer are to ‘tease’ the audience before the film isreleased by giving them short clips of the film to entice them and make them want towatch the film. A teaser trailer does not give away too much about the film and doesnot contain any ‘spoilers’.My teaser trailer involves very short clips which do not give away too much away aboutthe film. However, I have challenged this convention of a teaser trailer as my trailerdoes include a clip of a telegram - as my male character goes off to war it could beargued that I am giving away the ending of the film - that he dies at war.Unlike some of the trailers I looked at - ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Dear John’ which allcontain only teaser clips in their trailer - my teaser trailer could perhaps give away theending.
    • In my trailer I have given the audience with a potential ending and outcome for thefilm through the clip of a telegram and ending clip of Rosie putting a cross by a field ofpoppies.This follows the conventions of the teaser trailer ‘Letters To Juliet’ which reveals a lotto the audience. In the 59 second trailer it is revealed to the audience that the mainpart of the story is to find an old ladies lost love and that her grandson Charlie andfemale character Sophie do find him, and it shows the audience that Charlie andSophie fall in love. The trailer gives away the majority of the film plot in a shortperiod of time however this still fits in with some of the conventions of a teasertrailer as the audience are still enticed and may still want to watch the film even ifthey do know the outcome. Therefore in my trailer not only have I challenged theconventions of a teaser trailer as I give a hint about an important part of the plot, Ihave developed this because I have still done it in a way where the audience are‘teased’ as they do not know for sure that my male character has died and is not justmissing nor that the telegram is necessarily for him.
    • On my film poster I have followed a lot of the conventions of other posters I havelooked at. The credits are at the bottom, the title is clear and the main image is strikingand prominent.
    • My credits are at the bottom of the poster - like on one of the posters I analysed in my pre production stages. Like ‘The Notebook’ film poster I have also included the date in which the film will be released, and the production and distribution companies logos.I have also made my title the focus of the pageby making it a bold colour against thebackground and bigger than any other text.
    • In another of the film posters I analysed themale character at the top appears to beslightly faded out, giving the impression thatthe couple have split or he has moved away.This I have developed in my film poster as Ihave faded an image of both the male andfemale character to represent that thehappiness of the couple has been lost.
    • I have placed the tagline at the top which is where I have kept the title atthe magazine ‘STUDIO’ places it so that it stands out. the top of page so that it stands out and isI have easy to see - this fits inplaced the with the typicaldate, price conventions ofand issue magazine covers.number atthe top out I have challengedof the way the conventions ofin small the magazine coversprint - this is I looked at as I putdone on other images on mymost magazine covermagazines aswell as my mainso that it image. I did this todoes not entice the audienceobstruct a and give them morestory. hints about the film. I have placed the barcode at the bottom of the page which is where the magazine I have analysed have placed theirs.