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What you can get with Google Adwords?

What you can get with Google Adwords?

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  • 1. Demystifying…..
  • 2. Introduction
    My name is Conor O’Kane
    In 2006 I started a business selling own label maternity clothes online at
    Sell retail online through our website and wholesale to Independent retailers
    Used Google AdWords and here to share some of that experience
  • 3. AdWords from Google
    Piece of technology innovation
    Don’t take my word for it:
    *Google 2010 Income Statement shows out of total revenue of $29.3 billion, $28.2 billion (97%) came from advertising revenues
    **2009 Google approx. 30% of all online advertising
    Income from AdWords subsidises all other products, Google Maps, Chrome products etc
  • 4. Build it and they will come……
    Traditional marketing, PR and advertising channels. Takes time. Specific skill sets. Expensive
    Organic Search through SEO. This takes time (indexing, link building, keyword research, keyword content etc). Specific skill sets.
    AdWords: In almost an instant you can advertise online through Google search and content network using Google AdWords – genius!
  • 5. Google AdWords: Keyword Search
    You pay to have your Ads appear when people search using specific keywords
    Each time someone clicks on your Ad, you pay a fee to Google (pay-per-click)
  • 6. Google AdWords: Content Network
    Your Ads appear on partners websites. There are different ways to pay for this but
    you can pay per 1,000 times the Ad is shown (impressions) rather that per-click
  • 7. AdWords: Getting Started
    Simple and complex – caters for all audiences
    Create an account
    Add your credit card details
    Set up a campaign (including keywords)
    You are up and running……
  • 8. Creating A Campaign (Basic Overview)
  • 9. Cont’d….Creating A Campaign
  • 10. Cont’d….Adding Keywords
  • 11. Cont’d…..Placements
  • 12. 4 Options for choosing keywords
    Broad Match: Default option
    Phrase Match: Keyword in “quotation marks”
  • 13. …options for choosing keywords
    Exact Match: Keyword in [square brackets]
    Negative keywords: A –keyword
  • 14. Google Analytics
    Sophisticated tracking tool (‘Free’ from Google) – linked to AdWords
    Metrics separate it from traditional advertising methods (magazines etc)
    Rich data set: (visitors, geo location, time, exit points, conversions, ROI data (i.e. for a given time period you received 52 paid clicks costing £24.96 generating Revenue of £198.50)….etc
    Use information from Analytics to adjust your AdWords and SEO settings/keywords
  • 15. Why use AdWords?
    Immediate: up and running straight away
    Real time: brings searchers and sellers together
    Control: keywords, budget, time of day etc
    Metrics, metrics, metrics…using Google Analytics
    - tracking code on homepage (track visitors)*
    - on payment confirmation page (track ROI)*
    • Small bit of technical knowledge required
    Campaigns for specific products/geography/season/event etc
    Help functions very good – as are discussion boards
  • 16. Things to watch out for…..
    AdWords will eat money.
    ‘Paralysis by analysis’
    Think about your Cost of Customer Acquisition
    Requires constant revision to max. ROI – time?
    Don’t abandon traditional advertising/marketing
    React to trends not individual conversions
  • 17. That’s all folks…..