Transition Streamlining Presentation 2013 Mar 6


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Transition Streamlining Presentation on Mar 6, 2013

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Transition Streamlining Presentation 2013 Mar 6

  1. 1. PROCUREMENT SERVICES Presented by Marie C Frank, MPA, CPPB Chief Procurement Officer Executive Director of Procurement Services
  2. 2. Current Laws, Policies, Procedures, andRules governing Procurement @ LSU • Louisiana Procurement Code (R.S. 39:1551-1765) • Public Bid Laws (R.S. 38:2211-2261) • Professional Services Laws (R.S. 39:1481-1526) • Other Revised Statutes • Louisiana Administrative Code Title 34 • Small Purchase Procedures Executive Order • Office of State Purchasing Rules and Regulations • Office of Information Technology Laws • Attorney General & other legal opinions • Ethics Code and ethical opinions • University and departmental policies • LA Grad Act Base Level Autonomies
  3. 3. LSU Shared Services in Procurement PRO Professional Property System Institution Formal Solicitations Services Management LSU Y Y Y YLSU Alexandria N N Y Y LSU Eunice N N Y YLSU Ag Center Y* N Y YLSU Law Center Y N Y Y** PBRC Y N Y N LSU System Y Y Y Y
  4. 4. The Purchasing Process
  5. 5. Operating Services – Competitive ThresholdsTotal Cost Bidding Departmental Minimum Minimum Required Solicitation Number of Response Authority Bidders Time< $5,000 No N/A N/A N/A  >5,000 to Yes Yes 3 24 Hours<$15,000> $15,000 to Yes No 5 72 Hours<$25,000> $25,000 Yes No 5 Typically 21  Days
  6. 6. Personal, Professional, Consulting & Social ServicesDollar Amount < $2,000 $2,001 - $49,999 * >$50,000(Including travel) Requisition  Requisition (if not allowed on  Requisition PUR-CR LaCarte per FASOP:   PUR-CR (available in PRO only) PUR-01) (available in PRO only) PUR-SS REQUIRED FORMS PUR-CR PUR-SS PUR-CB (available in PRO only) W-9 W-9 W-9 AS516 AS516 AS516 (if travel required) (if travel required) (if travel required) OCR Approval required Consulting services cannot  TYPICAL PROCESSING exceed $49,999 without being  TIME awarded through the competitive (Note: Actual processing time is Request for Proposal (RFP)  3-5 working days 3 weeks process.  The RFP process takes  contingent upon Contractor’sprompt return of signed contract 14 weeks. to the Purchasing Office) Professional & Personal – 7  weeks  * If contract is executed by institution other than LSU, the threshold  for approval by OCR is $20,000.
  7. 7. LSU Purchasing Operating ProceduresFASOP: PUR-01Provides list of commodities which may be procuredwithout the need for competitive bidding; may bepurchased via LaCarte or direct chargeFASOP: PUR-02Identifies competitive requirements and delegatesauthority for departments which choose to accept theresponsibility for soliciting price quotations on behalf ofthe UniversityProcurement Services Website
  8. 8. Grad Act 2.0 – Base Level • Authority to execute contracts up to $49,999 within a 12 month period – must be delegated by OCR • Authority to dispose of obsolete equipment up to $5,000 • Authority to be excluded from Office of Information Technology oversight for academic, research or instructional purposes 8
  9. 9. High Level - Pilot Procurement Code • Adopt a code that is simple – freedom from unnecessary bureaucratic processes • Ability to use more competitive strategies – limits, electronic processes, selection • Apply commodity strategies • Utilize new technology - eProcurement • Assure Accountability & Transparency • Manage risk • Analyze spend • Plan (total cost and target costing) 9
  10. 10. Questions
  11. 11. Contact Us:Procurement Services 213 Thomas Boyd HallBaton Rouge, La. 70803 225-578-2176 Thank You!