April 15, 2013 Meeting of Revenue Generation Task Force


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  • The Education Advisory Board catalogues ideas for enhancing alternative revenues supplemental to the core income sources of tuition, research, and development. Knowing not every idea is suitable or every institution, this initiative endeavors to help university leaders understand a full range of activity across higher education and sure they are not overlooking suitable to local culture and physical assets.
  • Notes from phone call with Keppler (3-21-13)LSU Residential Life SnapshotSix thousand students presently live on campus. Eighty-five percent of freshmen live on campus. Research indicates the 15 percent of freshmen that live off-campus chose to do so for various reasons (independence, campus is within close proximity of family home, etc.).  Requiring Freshmen to Live on Campus…Currently, requiring freshmen to live on campus is not feasible, as LSU residence halls have reached capacity with more than 700 students on a waiting list. Requiring freshmen to live on campus would not generate more revenue; it would be a revenue neutral decision at this time. If you require all freshmen to live on campus, it would force LSU to require upperclassmen to move off campus after completing their first year. This is a concern for both in- and out-of-state undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students without vehicles.Revenue will only grow by increasing the number of beds.
  • Notes from phone call with Dr. Keppler (3-21-13) Department of Residential Life: Vision 2020 Strategic Plan, http://studentlife.lsu.edu/sites/studentlife.lsu.edu/files/attachments/Vision%202020%20-Update%201-2012.pdfHousing Master Plan: As LSU Residential Life completes a residence hall’s renovation, it takes another hall “off line” to begin its renovation. In fall 2012, LSU Residential Life completed the renovation of Laville Honors College In fall 2013, Annie Boyd Hall will re-open, adding 160 beds. New Residence Hall projectIn August 2015, LSU Residential Life will introduce a new residence hall to grow inventory by 300 to 350 beds. LSU Residential Life also has plans for the installment of another new residence hall in 2016, with approximately 300-350 beds. At this point (in 2016), Dr. Keppler believes more than 85 percent of freshmen will live on campus, and there will be more upperclassmen and graduate students living on campus due to the increase in inventory (beds). Dr. Keppler is very interested conducting a tour of one of the newly renovated facilities, particularly East Laville.
  • April 15, 2013 Meeting of Revenue Generation Task Force

    1. 1. REVENUE GENERATIONTASK FORCE MEETINGApril 15, 2013 | 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.LSU AgCenter| Efferson Hall 212
    2. 2. Lee Griffin, Finance and Revenue Sub-Committee Co-ChairWELCOME
    4. 4. Ideas for Enhancing Alternative Revenues forHigher Education
    5. 5. New Educational RevenuesCapturing High-Growth Student Populations and Instructional Services5 International student recruitment Applied and professional master’s Distance learning and course licensing Summer and intersession blended learning Customized corporate training Testing and certification Distance learning articulation agreements Senior enrichment programs Faculty consultingSource: Education Advisory Board
    6. 6. Academic Entrepreneurship InfrastructureCritical Capabilities for Identifying, Launching and Scaling Viable Programs6 Business planning support Fast-cycle program launch Cost-effective marketing Curriculum development Enrollment management Outsourcing and joint venture modelsSource: Education Advisory Board
    7. 7. Branding, Licensing and AffinityExpanding Product Categories and Sellable Space7 Increasing branded merchandise demand Alumni, parent and community affinity programs “STEALTH” advertising and sponsorship Diversifying athletics revenuesSource: Education Advisory Board
    8. 8. Auxiliary ServicesIncreasing Demand While Reducing Fixed Costs8 Premium-priced healthy and convenient foods Future bookstore Shared-cost luxury amenities Favorable vendor rebatesSource: Education Advisory Board
    9. 9. Student FeesCharging for Convenience and Choice9 Convenience fees Sharing costs of inefficient scheduling Differential instructional costSource: Education Advisory Board
    10. 10. Campus OperationsTurning Cost Centers into Revenue Producers10 Campus health center Selling administrative services Surplus goods disposal Sustainable energy purchase power agreementsSource: Education Advisory Board
    11. 11. Facilities and Real EstateGenerating Cash Flow from Underutilized Space11 Event rentals Development of joint ventures Long-term leasing Asset acquisition and disposalSource: Education Advisory Board
    12. 12. Representatives from Various LSU FoundationsPANEL DISCUSSION: FOUNDATIONSTHROUGHOUT THE LSU SYSTEM
    13. 13. LSU SYSTEM ASSETSDanny Mahaffey, Director of Facility Planning
    14. 14. Dr. Christel Slaughter, SSA ConsultantsREVIEW OF TUITION ANDHOUSING INFORMATION
    15. 15. In-State Tuition and Fees (2012-13)$6,989$4,618$4,943$7,554$9,446$7,932$6,143$9,842 $9,676$6,264 $6,282 $6,426$8,506$10,488$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000$12,000SEC Average* = $7,962 15Information from Institution of Education Sciences: http://ies.ed.gov* Does not include Vanderbilt.
    16. 16. Out-of-State Tuition and Fees (2012-13)$22,265$9,400$11,679$18,434$25,190$14,244$28,420 $28,052$19,864$15,828 $16,266$18,954$25,035$27,644$0$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,00016Information from Institution of Education Sciences: http://ies.ed.gov* Does not include Vanderbilt.SEC Average* = $21,683
    17. 17. In-State, Out-of-State Comparison (2012-13)$6,989$4,618 $4,943$7,554$9,446$7,932$6,143$9,842 $9,676$6,264 $6,282 $6,426$8,506$10,488$22,265$9,400$11,679$18,434$25,190$14,244$28,420 $28,052$19,864$15,828 $16,266$18,954$25,035$27,644$0$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,00017Information from Institution of Education Sciences: http://ies.ed.gov
    18. 18. In-State Total Estimated Expenses (2012-13)Includes Tuition, Fees, Books, Housing, and Other Necessities18$0$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,000On Campus Off Campus Off Campus with FamilyInformation from Institution of Education Sciences: http://ies.ed.gov* Does not include Vanderbilt.
    19. 19. Out-of-State Total Estimated Expenses (2012-13)Includes Tuition, Fees, Books, Housing, and Other Necessities19$0$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,000$35,000$40,000$45,000On Campus Off Campus Off Campus with FamilyInformation from Institution of Education Sciences: http://ies.ed.gov
    20. 20. Impact of Incremental Raise in Tuition*201% $1Gross $1.9 million $60,000Net $1.6 million $50,000* Assumes continued current enrollment patterns (Summer2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013)Information provided by Bob Kuhn, Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor of Budget and Planning
    21. 21. Impact of Students Paying for FullCourse Load (21 Hours versus 12 Hours)21TOPS Students (Graduate and Undergraduate) Not Excluded from IncreaseGross $29 millionNet* $21 millionTOPS Students (Graduate and Undergraduate) Excluded from IncreaseNet $10 million* Includes factor attempting to account for a change in student behaviorresulting from removing the tuition cap.Information provided by Bob Kuhn, Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor of Budget and Planning
    22. 22. SEC Freshman Year On-CampusResidency Requirements22LSU BR NoArkansas YesAuburn NoBama YesFlorida NoGeorgia YesKentucky NoMiss State YesOle Miss YesTennessee NoTexas A&M NoU of SC Yes
    23. 23. Department of Residential Life 6,000 students live oncampus 85 percent offreshmen live oncampus Residence halls havereached full capacity 700 students on waitinglist Revenue neutral Would requireupperclassmen andgraduate students tomove off campusLSU-BR Campus Housing SnapshotCurrent Issues with RequiringFreshmen to Live on Campus
    24. 24. Department of Residential LifeVision 2020 Strategic Plan24 Housing master plan Identified residence halls to renovate – as onerenovation completes, another hall is taken “offline”to begin its renovation. Fall 2012: Laville Honors College Fall 2013: Annie Boyd Hall (adding 160 beds) New Residence Hall Project 660 new beds August 2015: 330 beds 2016: 330 beds