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Sprint Broadband for Legal Services (2010)
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Sprint Broadband for Legal Services (2010)


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NTAP, LSC and the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation are pleased to announce that Sprint is now offering all legal services programs a new program that will allow programs to purchase broadband services …

NTAP, LSC and the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation are pleased to announce that Sprint is now offering all legal services programs a new program that will allow programs to purchase broadband services (including 4G speed unlimited access) at reduced, General Services Administration (GSA) level pricing.

This means a wireless access, cost-saving opportunity for all legal services programs across the country.

Published in: Technology
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  • NOTE that people using VOIP without a headset can listen to the webinar but cannot communicate to the organizer.
  • Lastly, before we begin, I’d like to go over how the webinar tools work, particularly for those of you who are new to online NTAP trainings. Our webinar today runs off of the GoToWebinar platform. As attendees, you have a control panel on the right hand side of your screen, like the one shown on the screen. You can minimize or maximize your control panel by pressing the double black arrows that are circled in blue. Most people’s control panel are set to minimize by default, and you’ll be left seeing a small little tool bar. Again, just click on the double black arrows to get your control panel back to size. Secondly, if you’re joining us today by telephone you’ll need to enter your audio pin, which can be located as indicated by the blue circle. If you have an audio problem you can easily switch from phone to VOIP or vice versa, just click on the button and the system will change. No need to log out. Lastly, all callers have been automatically placed on mute, but we really want to hear your questions and feedback throughout the training. There are two ways to communicate with us during the training; you can type a question at any time into the question log that is circled in blue, and we’ll type the answer back to you; or, if you’d like to ask the presenter a question directly or have something you’d like to add or comment on, please press the ‘raise your hand button’, which is now circled, and we will un-mute you so that you can speak to the conference. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page with that, let’s practice really quickly, I’d like everyone to raise their hand as if they have a question. Please go ahead and do that now. Okay, now go ahead, everyone press that button again so that your hand will go down. Great!
  • Lastly, some people, particularity hose who are on the ‘mic and speakers’ sometimes have problems getting their audio to work when they’re trying to speak to the conference. We recommend you make sure your microphone volume is turned up before you speak. Also, if you’re not really sure how to adjust the microphone volume or if you just have speakers with no microphone and you want to ask a question, you can take 30 seconds to switch to phone audio at any point by toggling to the ‘Use Telephone button’ It will then display the telephone call in number, the access code, and your audio pin. You will lose audio if you switch to this option, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute to do so. Finally, every once in awhile people have muted themselves, so even if I unmute you make sure that your microphone icon on your grab tab side bar does not have a red line through it, such as the example on the right, which means you are still muted. It should look like the example on the left without a red line through it.
  • Okay, by now I’m sure some of you have questions, so I’d like to pause for a moment to let you ponder all that we’ve just taken, and see if there’s something that was unclear that I can clear up for anyone. To ask a question, please click the little hand icon that you see circled on your screen.
  • First I would like to note that this training is being recorded, so that we can make it available to you and your co-workers on our website. You will receive an email once this material has been posted, with a link directing you to it. I welcome you to share the recording and other resources with your co-workers who might not have been able to attend today’s live training.
  • Creation / Last revision: July 1, 2010 Audience: New and Existing Enterprise customers Purpose of this presentation: Purpose is two-fold: Provide an outline for our sales teams to talk with customers about their needs and how Sprint can uniquely meet those needs – with a clear, consistent message about our Sprint differentiators. And then also to provide a one-stop shop for sales to deliver the latest Sprint messaging and key points. It’s separated into 3 sections: a main introduction and two appendices (product/solution summaries and in-depth closer look) # of Slides: 55 Script: A full script is included, which provides key talking points. Click on Notes Page to view. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. For question, comments or input: [placeholder]
  • KEY MESSAGE : Sprint is an innovative and service-focused provider that offers a full range of wireless and wireline communications services that deliver the freedom of mobility to customers. TALKING POINTS: Sprint ranks #64 on FORTUNE Magazine’s 2009 list which ranks America’s largest corporations (based on annual revenues). Sprint is one of the world’s largest retailers. Building financial strength Focused on improving subscriber and financial results Solid balance sheet with $4.4B in total liquidity exiting Q1 2010, Operational improvements that drive customer satisfaction Sustained 9 quarters of improvement in wireless customer care operations Network performance best ever (iDEN, CDMA, Wireline); 3 rd parties have validated Parity on network covered population Innovation in our handsets, devices and products In 2009 Sprint has launched or announced 16 exciting new devices, among them: Palm ® Pre ™ and Palm ® Pixie ™ , Blackberry ® Tour ™, HTC Hero™ and Mi-Fi In Q1 2010, we launched the 3G/4G Overdrive Mobile Hotspot, LG Lotus Elite, moto Brute i680. And signed a multi year deal to provide 3G connectivity for the Skiff e-reader. Later in 2010, we will launch America’s First 4G Phone – HTC EVO. We will also launch the Blackberry Bold and the Motorola i1 Android phone. Continued CDMA and PTT product leadership and CDMA data services leadership 4G leadership : 28 markets launched covering 40M people in as of Q1 2010, Sprint 4G should cover up to 120M people by year-end 2010 Sprint 3G network Mobile Broadband coverage is more than twice that of AT&T Premier wireline network with IP product leadership; focus on converged solutions Network Facts: Our wireless networks are operating at their best-ever levels since the merger. The Nationwide Sprint Network reaches more than 307 million people in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Sprint Mobile Broadband 3G Network is 2X the size of AT&T’s 3G mobile broadband network based on square miles. Sprint serves the world’s largest push-to-talk community with millions of Nextel Direct Connect subscribers on the fastest national push-to-talk network (connection speeds of less than 1 second) 100% Cisco Powered Global IP Backbone - provides IP and MPLS services outside of the United States and is capable of reaching 137 countries. Our global IP network is so highly reliable and secure that we move money for key financial institutions and many agencies of the U.S. Government rely on the Sprint IP network. Network investments: Over the past few years, we’ve invested billions in both the Nextel National Network and the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network. This investment includes thousands of additional cell sites to help with our goal of ensuring excellent coverage. Other points (not on slide) Sprint is one of the Kansas City’s largest private employers and the largest locally based public company Dan Hesse, Sprint President and CEO, was named the most influential person in mobile technology by Laptop Magazine in 2008 (#2 was Steve Jobs of Apple). Dan Hesse was also recently listed as one of the Top 5 “movers and shakers” in the industry by Fierce Wireless. TRANSITION: Our overall market strength further illustrates our leadership.
  • Target Customers Businesses with large or increasing numbers of mobile or remote knowledge workers across all industries Transportation . Fleet management, tracking, and asset management. Retail . Wireless kiosks, digital signage, and mobile points of sale, remote monitoring and digital security. Construction . Construction site trailer connectivity, remote site monitoring, workforce monitoring, and process management . Government . Field command center establishment, real-time information for public safety and first responders, law enforcement video streaming. Insurance . On-site claims adjuster connectivity, agent office connectivity. Financial Services . Wireless ATM connectivity, and branch office back-up solutions. Education . Distance learning systems, real-time video delivery, and skills-based demonstrations. … wanting to Increase employee productivity Improve customer satisfaction Realize cost savings
  • KEY MESSAGE: Sprint Mobile Broadband is a Strong, Dependable broadband network TALKING POINTS: The best network for data and texting is ours – more Sprint customers use wireless data than Verizon or ATT customers Sprint offers one of the largest portfolio of Mobile Broadband devices - first to market with Rev A devices, Sprint offers cards, USB modems, embedded notebooks, wireless routers, and handsets Sprint delivers Mobile Broadband security - utilizing the inherently secure CDMA technology and offering additional services such as Location Based Services for security tracking, DataLink, and Managed Security Services Beating AT&T, Verizon well worth the investment Since 2006, Sprint has invested nearly $19 billion in capital largely to enhance its networks. Across the country, thousands of cities received the benefit of these major investments. Competitive – Specific to AT&T: Sprint has you covered – The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (inclusive of data roaming) has 2 times the coverage of AT&T’s current 3G network (based on square miles). The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network covers more cities and airports vs. AT&T’s 3G network. (Coverage comparison is based on publicly available information as of 10/01/09.) The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network is faster in more places than AT&T’s 3G network. (Speed claim based on total network size, sq. miles, multiplied by network upload/download speed capability. User’s speed experience may vary.)
  • KEY MESSAGE: Sprint continues to provide exciting, innovative devices. TALKING POINTS: Here are some compelling new products that you might have seen in the press recently. HTC Hero – Built on the Android Operating System Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem U301 : This dual-mode modem connects to both 3G and 4G networks. Sprint is the first and only national wireless carrier to offer 4G service. Motorola BRUTE Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless : Industry first, exclusively from Sprint, 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot. Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously to the Sprint 3G or 4G network. Dual-mode capability allows users to enjoy 4G performance in any Sprint 4G market or use the Sprint Mobile Broadband 3G Network. 4G download speeds are up to 10 times faster than 3G. Compact, portable and easy to carry TRANSITION: More feature devices…
  • KEY MESSAGE: Sprint continues to provide exciting, innovative devices. TALKING POINTS: Here are some compelling new products that you might have seen in the press recently. Samsung Intrepid Palm Pre: Expected in 1H2009, the Palm Pre coordinates multiple calendars and contacts, giving customers what they need in one place. With Palm webOS and an innovative interface, the Palm Pre won Best in Show at CES from magazine editors and “People’s Voice” award as voted by 10,000 members. Samsung Moment Palm Pixi TRANSITION: Our networks perform better than ever…
  • Produce featured: iDEN RIM Blackberry Curve 8350i
  • No one has a more reliable network than Sprint, and based on a recent 13 city 3G performance test, our network performance was recognized by PC World as being more reliable than Verizon and AT&T .  Sprint operates the dependable Sprint 3G network. The wireless networks continue to perform at best ever levels and our voice dropped call performance is at virtual parity with our larger competitors. Sprint spent over $554 million in capital during the fourth quarter compared to approximately $431 million in the third quarter of 2009. As demonstrated in recent quarters, we are diligently managing our capital spend…spending where we need to…mostly for network development projects, maintenance and data capacity. With the continued success we have seen with the Boost Monthly Unlimited offer, we monitor the iDEN network very closely to ensure we are sustaining the appropriate level of capital spend. Recognition like we received from PC World validates the strength of our CDMA network and our ongoing commitment to spend capital as needed to maintain the 3G network. The economic pressures on the top line of the business segment have also reduced the required capital expenditures sequentially related to wireline. We expect the full-year capital expenditures in 2010 to be $2 billion, excluding 4G spending. Other notes: #1 for wholesale data quality by Atlantic-ACM Our networks are performing at best ever levels, and based on a recent 13 city 3G performance test, our network performance was recognized by PC World as being more reliable than Verizon and AT&T . 
  • KEY MESSAGE: Sprint has been widely recognized for our value and leadership in business communications. TALKING POINTS: Sprint Ranks #1 in Overall Satisfaction for Wireless Voice and Data Services among large business customers (Yankee Group U.S. Satisfaction Survey, 2010) TRANSITION: Our leadership depends on our business
  • KEY MESSAGE: Sprint has been widely recognized for our value and leadership in business communications. TALKING POINTS:
  • Transcript

    • 1. Sprint Broadband Deal for Legal Services
      • Kathleen Brockel, NTAP
      • Cynthia Vaughn, OLAF
      • Zachary Shields, Sprint
      • Glenn Rawdon, LSC – Here in spirit!
    • 2. So what’s an aircard and why use one?   From Mike Monahan GA Bar
      • You have internet access while out of the office (the aircard is transferable—pass it along to other staff)—you can continue to work on the go;
      • You can use the aircard to create a local wireless network offsite for your volunteers if you purchase an inexpensive wireless router to plug the aircard into—bring along a portable wireless printer, and you have a an office!
    • 3. Welcome!
      • Maximize/minimize your screen with the chevron symbol
      • Telephone participants need to enter their audio pin
      • Ask a question in the questions log
      • Raise your hand
    • 4. Ensuring we can hear you
      • Mic & Speakers users should make sure the microphone volume is turned up.
      • You can always switch to telephone at anytime in the training.
      • Ensure that you have not muted yourself
      Un-muted Muted
    • 5. Questions?
      • Raise your hand, or enter in Q or Chat box.
    • 6. Today’s training…
      • … is being recorded
      • … will be archived on our website
      • Registered attendees will receive an email
      • with a link to this information once it has
      • been posted
    • 7. Sprint Business A Leader in Business Communications
    • 8.
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11.
    • 12.
    • 13.
    • 14.
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18. Additional 3G & 4G Sprint Devices Franklin U301- 3G/4G 598U- Sierra Novatel C777 Novatel U760- Ovation MiFi 2200 Sierra Overdrive- 3G/4G
    • 19. Sprint Agreement
      • Sprint GSA Schedule 70 Agreement
      Mobile Broadband Pricing Details & Process
      • In most cases for a new activation (order) a free MBB device will be supplied.
      • $42.99 for unlimited 3G/4G data (price doesn’t reflect the GSA FSS Schedule 70 admin fee, est. 0.75, we’ll provide detailed quote). This is the way to go as many markets are launching 4G and it flies!
      • A $100.00 Service credit will be given for each new 3G/4G Mobile Broadband activation.
      • Accounts will be set up in the Grantees corporate name (abbreviated) and they’ll be responsible for paying the bills, not LSC
    • 20. Sprint – Process for ordering MBB
      • Prospect (grantee) reaches out to Zac or Jon.
      • Official Sprint GSA quote is provided for services needed.
      • Grantee agrees to charges and provides a Credit Card Authorization form or a Collections letter of authorization form for all services and equipment to Jon
      • Jon and David create account and submit the order.
      • Order ships directly to the customer (grantee)
    • 21. Sprint Contacts
      • Zachary Shields
      • Public Sector Account Manager
      • 216-273-3462 / [email_address]
      • Jon Farmerie
      • Public Sector Account Executive
      • 440-308-9787 / [email_address]
    • 22. Resources
      • Sprint GSA Schedule 70 Agreement and Pricing Sheet:
      • Sprint:
      • S print 4G:
      • S print Coverage Tool:
      • E mergency response Team: / 888-639-0020
    • 23. Sprint Industry Leading Services
      • Consolidate Voice Solutions
      • Wireless Local Access
      • Direct Connect radio Solutions
      • Mobile Asset management
      • Field Workforce Solutions
      • Enhanced Coverage Solutions
      • Emergency Response Solutions
      • Workflow Management
      • Location Based Solutions
      • IP Convergence
      • Managed Services and Security
      • International Wireless
      • For more information please contact Zachary Shields or your local Sprint representative.
    • 24. APPENDIX
    • 25.
    • 26.
    • 27.
    • 28.
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31.
    • 32.
    • 33.
    • 34.  
    • 35.