OTC: Asset maintenance and integrity solutions


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Asset maintenance and integrity solutions: an overview from Lloyd's Register.

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OTC: Asset maintenance and integrity solutions

  1. 1. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryAsset maintenance and integrity solutions:an overview
  2. 2. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryIntegrity of equipment• The integrity of equipment in an asset-intensive facility depends heavily on the quality and performance of maintenance management in the organization Integrity of Maintenance management equipment Quality Performance
  3. 3. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryMaintenance is an expensive function in an asset-intensive business• A poorly designed equipment maintenance management program opens the door to many problematic issues: Equipment Inefficiencies failures Shorten Premature Reduced functional replaceme return on Potentially life of Higher nt investment serious operating costs equipment accidents Noncompliance with legislated asset integrity requirements Poor maintenance is simply a hole in the floor of your business that constantly leaks money
  4. 4. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryPlugging the money leak • Lloyd’s Register breaks down its approach into three distinct areas: Review current Equip asset organization management with roadmap Provide systems to to provide step verification Effective asset identify gaps by step services to maintenance and outline the guidance for assure management program likelihood and management compliance and consequences strategy and certification of equipment training failure program
  5. 5. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryOverview of Lloyd’s Register’s asset integrity solutions Evaluate maintenanc e Achieve managemen sustainable t program asset performance and get more value from Upgrade equipment systems investments Improve safety and ensure • Solutions also include compliance reliability-based mechanical integrity (RBMI) programs and life extension services
  6. 6. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyd’s Register’s asset integrity solutions in more detail• Offers a broad range of services designed to promote superior asset integrity and maintenance• Typical services may include: Preventive maintenance and spare parts program development and implementation Maintenance management system manuals and operating procedures Asset risk and criticality classification Performance and availability management of critical equipment Review and monitoring of maintenance operations and system effectiveness Third-party equipment integrity management, maintenance recording and review Competence, awareness and understanding of asset maintenance
  7. 7. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryEnsuring you have the right maintenancemanagement system• Requires careful consideration of its two main elements: Holistic approach Available Capabilities of function of the the people technology they implementing it use• Lloyd’s Register has world class capabilities in optimizing the interactions between technology and the people who use it
  8. 8. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyd’s Register’s experience and expertise • Lloyd’s Register can help organizations improve their asset and maintenance management programs to receive full value from them • The benefits include: Sustained asset performance and integrity Demonstrable Ensured asset integrity availability of to assure Benefits safety-critical regulators and systems and stakeholders equipment Cost efficiency and higher return on investment
  9. 9. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryEngaging with Lloyd’s Register• [CONTACT DETAILS]TEw www. http://www.lrenergy.org/
  10. 10. For more information, please contact:Name SurnameJob title, Business unitLloyd’s Register group entity71 Fenchurch StreetLondon, EC3M 4BST +44 (0)20 7423 xxxxE name.surname@lr.orgw www.lr.org/energyServices are provided by members of the Lloyds Register Group.For further information visit www.lr.org/entities
  11. 11. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryCARVE NOTES / SUGGESTIONS• Add more images to the presentation• Please update contact information on first slide + last slides relevant to U.S. details