Hse oil and gas management services


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Hse oil and gas management services

  1. 1. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryHSE oil and gas management servicesInge AlmeVice PresidentScandpower, Lloyd’s Register Group22 April 2011
  2. 2. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryImpact of the regulatory requirements in the GoM• The Macondo well failure delivered a hard blow to the offshore industry• The regulatory response has necessarily been dramatic in order to restore lost reputation and community trust Widespread Complying with changes in the the regulatory requires way companies response work in the Gulf of Mexico
  3. 3. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryThe challenges of the new safety regime• Regulators were swift to act; new safety regulations have already been introduced, and more will come• One of the more challenging new requirements mandates the implementation of a Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) Operators By November SEMS 2011
  4. 4. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryWhat is the basis for the new SEMS?• The regulations have been set forth by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, a division of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOEMRE)• The regulations are based on SEMP (API RP 75) which was introduced 15 years ago to promote better HSE oil and gas practices. This was only a recommended practice• The difference is that now they are mandatory• Companies have one year within which to implement these new procedures• Companies will be audited within two years of the SEMS being implemented
  5. 5. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryTwelve elements of SEMS (based on SEMP)• The SEMS contain twelve elements• Mechanical integrity, hazards analysis, operating procedures and management of change are considered the most important Mechanical Operating Hazards analysis integrity procedures Hazards Operating analysis procedures Safety and Management of Training environmental change information Mechanical ManagementSafe work practices Pre-startup review Investigation of integrity of change incidents Main SEMS elements Audit of safety and environmentalEmergency response Records and program and control documentation management elements
  6. 6. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryImplantation of the system• It is not enough just to create the SEMS; companies must ensure it is actually used by the organization• Key element is the organization’s safety culture, which must receive continuous attention• It is imperative that companies get this right Lloyd’s Register’s human engineering professionals can offer guidance and coaching in this process, ensuring a successful SEMS implementation
  7. 7. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyd’s Register’s experience and expertise• From its global involvement in independent third-party audit and verification work, Lloyd’s Register has developed a keen benchmark understanding of what is required for a safety management system in this industry to receive regulatory approval and public acceptance Oil and gas HSE Management industry Successful SEMS implementation Contracto Operator Establish Develop Audit r
  8. 8. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryEffective HSE management• The benefits of implementing a successful SEMS go far beyond just fulfilling the regulatory requirements: • Improve own HSE processes • Avoid accidents • Avoid environmental spills • Increase efficiency • Promote cost-effective operations • Ensure safety of personnel and plant
  9. 9. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industrySecuring regulatory compliance• The Lloyd’s Register group of companies, including subsidiaries such as Scandpower and LRQA, can assist in many ways to secure compliance with the new regulations, including: Preparation and development of SEMS Auditing SEMS by independent third-party Hazard analysis (for instance, risk analyses, safety studies etc.) Studies and documentation of mechanical integrity Establishing management of change procedures • With the deadline of 15 November 2011 looming, companies need to act upon the new regulations right now; enlisting the help of Lloyd’s Register would ensure your company is compliant within the right timeframe
  10. 10. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryEngaging with Lloyd’s RegisterTo contact Inge directly, please visit his LinkedIn page:www.linkedin.com/in/ingealmeFor more information about how Lloyd’s Register can help you, contact us:Lloyd’s Register1505 Highway 6 South, Suite 100,Houston, Texas 77077, USAT +1 (1) 281 675 3100E energyamericas@lr.orgW http://www.lrenergy.org