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Using Technology for Small Businesses

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  • IntroWho We areSmall Business can’t afford big business technologyLike TechnologyBack office Support Services (HR, bookkeeping, etc)Who We are notIT company Sales person for any of the tools/technology I’m going to discussTech Expert – other tools you are using? Provide at the end
  • Purpose of this Session – Share/demonstrate technology that you can use to communicate, collaborate or educate teaming partners – remotely located, employees – remotely located, clients
  • According to their website, over 5 million businesses using Biggest problem for small business is email, calendar sharingEmail:Links messages (no searching for prior email in chain)No lost email if computer crashes! Can access from ANY computerAwesome search feature within email (or calendar). Use Labels – not folders, so can use “multiple” labelsSyncs with Phone (email and calendar and contacts)NO MORE OU TLOOKSharing Calendars Share/save all documents on Drive (similar to dropbox)Contacts – sync to phone. Groups, just like outlookSites – create an intranet siteChat Feature$50/user per YearCONS: some have difficulty w/the linked messages. Can turn off.
  • Tools for collaborating on documents. Saving Files. Never lose. Always access – on your hard drive, or on the web. Or on your phone.Uses: Sharing Files with clients. more secure than emailLarge files – no problemExamples of use:All My files now on Dropbox for easy access/backupSharing Quickbooks files with clientsElearningproject – large videos to be inserted – share via dropboxTeaming Partners – Set up shared dropbox with multiple folders for teaming partners to share files (like the RFP, briefing slides). To submit resumes, logos, etc. Free – up to 2GB (get 500 MB each time invite others to share folders)CONS: Can’t edit docs at same time – creates conflicted copy. Others can delete files, but you can get them back, restore to prior versions.
  • Another collaboration toolHas “status feeds” like facebook, linkedInCreate/join a Network.Can have groups within networksExample – LXG has Yammer networkCan have groups within the Network, like “sales” or “finance”Can share AND COLLABORATE on NOTES (not documents)– Both can edit, see edits in different colored highlight
  • Depends on what you want it for. How many people will be calling in. whether you want features, like Polling.How I’ve used it:Skype for client meetings when remotely locatedMicrosoft Office 365 – Allows companies to set up email, share calendars (using Outlook), also to host web-based meetings. (how does it work withMacs? Web-based meetings used to be done by MicrosoftLive– I used it for team meetings when remote. Cool feature changes video to who is talking. (mac people tend to flip out when you say “Microsoft”)FuzeMeeting seems overall very nice for smaller group meetings, and is only $15 month on low end. Can connect to a meeting from computer, smart phone, table, or any thing that has internet access. Nothing to download, no software or hardware. You can connect your yammer account to FuzeMeeting so that meetings get linked to your yammer network.  share pertinent content and recordings from your meetings with selected recipients in your Yammer Network.Costs range, depending on what you want, how many people can call in, etc. Low end costs for 100 people is 49-99/month – doesn’t provide 800 #, so you may be charged for the long distance call (most people are unlimited now, no issue)
  • Many features are only available in the paid version.
  • Professional development day

    1. 1. LXG Management The support you need, when you need it
    2. 2. Workshop Purpose During this engaging and interactive workshop, we will demonstrate ways to leverage the latest technology to collaborate, communicate and educate your employees, clients and teaming partners. We’ll show how we have circumvented or replaced old, cumbersome and expensivetechnology that often doesn’t work, or isn’t secure, using new technology that works great and is often free.
    3. 3. Tools for Collaborating
    4. 4. Google Business Apps
    5. 5. Dropbox/SugarSync/Google Drive
    6. 6. Yammer
    7. 7. Tools for Communicating
    8. 8. Conferencing• Web Based • GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar/GoToTraining • Skype • • WebEx • Microsoft Office 365 • Formerly Microsoft Live• Telephone – •
    9. 9. SlideShare• Some things that you can do on SlideShare• Upload presentations publicly or privately• Download presentations on any topic and reuse or remix• Embed on blogs, websites, company intranets• Share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn• Zipcast: free, no download, 1 click web meetings• Leadshare: generate business leads with your presentations, documents, pdfs, videos• Slidecast: sync mp3 audio with slides to create a webinar• Embed YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations• Use SlideShare PRO for premium features like branded channels, analytics, ad free pages etc
    10. 10. Poll Everywhere
    11. 11. How to Find Us • • 757-227-9360 (office) • 757-275-9561 (fax) • 757-343-4279 (mobile)