Task 1 Media Evaluation


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Task 1 Media Evaluation

  1. 1. In what way does our media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? By Sophie O’Dell
  2. 2. Still Images synced to the beat...In our music video we developed the convention of using the beat of the song toenhance our music video. We achieved this by syncing up the beat of the songwith the images and cutting them so they flashed to a different still image oneach beat. This effect was inspired by Beyonce’s video ‘Countdown’ which usesthis same technique however we challenged it by creating different images ratherthan just repeating the same one. This adds more interest for the viewer andallows us to show clearly each singer in the band.
  3. 3. Looking... Mirror imageWe developed the Goodwin convention of looking by using a mirror effect in the editing process ontwo clips within our music video. The first one was of Chloe and I mirrored so there was two imagesof our faces side by side, and the second was a mirror image of all three of us in the studio. We werealso inspired by Beyonce’s video ‘Countdown’ to use this convention . Although we developed it bywearing black clothing on a white background, to enhance the dominant female pose instead ofcopying Beyonce’s idea of bright colours and stark backgrounds. Other videos which also inspired uswas Rihanna ‘ Where have you been’ where they use the mirroring convention at the beginning ofthe video when she is in the water.
  4. 4. Sloow motion walk – Emphasising emotionWe used the pop video convention of slow motion shots of Chloe walking towards thecamera. We developed this convention by editing the lighting on this shot so theaudience cannot see her face, emphasising the feelings of depression which are feltthrough the video by the artists and also the feeling which is highlighted through thelyrics “Cant we just make love and not war”. We were inspired to use this conventionfrom looking at various pop videos which used slow motion actions to emphasisemoments and emotions of the song.
  5. 5. Pop Genre Girl BandIn our music video we used the typical girl band convention and Goodwin’s Voyeuristicconvention of presenting close up shots of the girl band, to enhance emotions, attraction tothe band and highlight each band member. We challenged this convention by filming the shotin front of a bight graffiti background which emphasised the urban theme. This shot also gavethe video continuity as we used this shot for every chorus section. Our idea for this shot wasinspired by Little Mix’s song ‘Wings’.
  6. 6. GRAFFITIWe have used the convention of a motif on our pop group album release advert to connect all threeelements of our music package together. This motif is an image of graffiti which is a commontheme throughout our music video, seen on the backgrounds behind us and the use of brightcolours. This motif also creates and highlights the urban theme of our pop group. We were inspiredby Rita Ora for our theme and so went onto relate all our elements of mise en scene to urban styles.
  7. 7. Split Screen with WipeIn our music video we used a split screen convention to show the contrasts betweenour two settings. This idea was inspired from the video Intersections – Diptych.However, we developed this convention by adding a wipe transition effect, allowingit to smoothly wipe from one setting to another. Showing our urban setting and ourplain white room setting.
  8. 8. Repeating it slooow Movement sped up and repeated.When the lyrics “White Flag” repeated at the latter end of the song, we wanted to use anshot which also repeated to add an element of continuity to this part of the song. We choseto use a typical pop music video convention of using an abstract shot which had been edited, cropped and slowed down to create the bold image we wanted. We were influenced to usethis sort of shot by videos of Rihanna such as Only girl in the world. However, we challengedthe idea by cropping out just one simple movement of me falling backwards and repeatedit, we also co-ordinated my clothing (white shirt) with lyrics in the song (White flag).
  9. 9. Posterise! Posterise EffectOn our digipak we have used an editing convention to create a common backgroundtheme which we have also used on our advert. This editing technique is calledposterise which gives the digipak and advert a distinctive style, and also adds a uniqueeffect to the images of ourselves, creating artistic imagery for the consumer to beattracted to. It also highlights the our genre of band because its artistic like our urbantheme of graffiti but also quite fancy like a typical pop theme.
  10. 10. Close up – directed to cameraIn our music video we have used the convention of a close up shot which is directlyaddressed to the camera. This is a typical pop girl band convention , used to attractthe audience through elements such as voyeurism. Also the close up gains interestand catches the eye of viewers. We were inspired in general by pop music videos forthis shot, especially Beyonce’s video ‘Countdown’. However, we developed this shotby using hand gestures to create a different image from the others in the video butused the idea of wearing contrasting colours to the background in order to make usstand out.
  11. 11. Ghost!Throughout our music video we have a continuous editing convention that we haveused to maintain the audiences attention throughout, and make every shot moreadvanced from its raw foundations. We have used a ghosting affect over some of ourshots like the bean bag shot, the chorus shot (in front of graffiti) and the black andwhite dancing shot. This convention has allowed us to blend two or more shotstogether so they can both be seen at the same time. We found this conventionparticularly effective when singing the chorus as two people can be seen singing thesame lyrics up against two different backgrounds. This was a unique idea of ours andwas not influenced by existing artists for this effect