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  2. 2. Basic IdeaOur idea is conventional to the indie pop genre. We aregoing to be using a narrative to run alongside the musicinstead of a performance based video. This is common in the genre of music and fits better with the type of music that the video is being played with. The overall idea is to have a music video that is almost a relationship being acted out and an argument as the lyrics give the idea that the female of the relationship isn’t too serious about the guy she is seeing. We feel it would be a good idea to act out almost a memory scene, then at the end of the video showing the couple walking past each other showing the relationship is over.
  3. 3. InfluencesAfter receiving our music we then looked at those within the current market that have a similar style toFrank and Derol.To do this we first looked at the record label they are signed to, Interscope Records, as we felt this mayhave signed similar artists that are more established and therefore having music videos and giving us aninsight into what kind of trends and codes we would have to follow within our music video. The artist wefound were;• Carly Rae Jepsen• Ellie Goulding• Bombay Bicycle Club• Lana Del Rey• Free Lance Whales• Diana VickersWithin this list we have both Pop artist and Indie artist as we felt our genre is Indie-Pop. As this is still aless known genre in comparison to others and has yet to breakthrough into the mainstream of theindustry we thought it would be easier and more unique to take a few conventions from each andincorporate them into our video creating new style that echoes the genre.From looking at these artists and both their videos and their websites we were able to see commonfactors that kept reoccurring within areas such as style, locations and props which meant we were able tosee what kind of elements we would have to include.
  4. 4. Performers• The performers we intend to use are 2 members of our class James and Scarlet who will be performing throughout the music video as a couple.
  5. 5. CostumeAs we have decided that the genre of our song is “indie pop”, this must bereflected in the clothes the characters wear. We have looked at other “indie pop” female and male artists and their styles. We have then noted common factors within their styles in order to use in our costumes.
  6. 6. Ellie GouldingBig framedglassesDenim Chequered shirtshirt Indie, dark, understated colours, indie
  7. 7. Florence and the Machine sunglasses hatsQuirky, colourful
  8. 8. Marina and the Diamonds Colourful, overstated, quirkyGrunge,darkcolours
  9. 9. Of Monsters and MenBow ties Chequered shirtsLow key, dark, quirky, hipster
  10. 10. The Drums Denim shirts Indie, hipsterChequered shirts
  11. 11. Fun Denim jacketsBigframedglasses/sunglasses Smart/casual Chequered shirt
  12. 12. • Indie pop artists tend to have a hipster or grunge style.• The females often wear bright coloured, vintage, quirky clothing. Common items include buttoned up, colourful blouses or summer dresses teamed with overstated accessories such as hats or sunglasses.• Common clothes worn amongst the men include denim or chequered shirts, oversized glassesand bowties. These items of clothing are worn to create a smart but casual look. The colours worn also tend to be quite dark and understated.
  13. 13. Props We have overlooked which props we are going to include in our video, this is the aspect in which we need to focus on.
  14. 14. LocationDuring our research of the genre, Indie Pop, we found that it originated in Sheffield and is has itsmain fan base around the UK.Due to this we decided that we should try and somehow show this in our video. As we have only juststarted generating ideas our first thought is to film in and around Cambridge as this is both easyaccess and has a very strong British feel to it.
  15. 15. EquipmentDuring the course of filming there will be pieces of equipment that we will have to have on us if we areto succeed in getting the best possible outcome for our music video, they are;• The video camera, fully charged (so we are able to get as much coverage as we can during the day that we allocate for filming)• A dolly (so the coverage we do collect looks professional and doesn’t not have any camera wobble)• A phone that has the song on it (for the performance shots)
  16. 16. EffectsOne of our first ideas for an effect was to put a dimming/ sepia tone onto the image of the video. We felt this would fit well with the genre of music and also the mood and lyrics of the song.We are planning to get enough coverage in production so that in post-production we can make enough cuts and transitions to keep the visuals interesting.