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  • 1. What’s new on Moodle Welcome to the new version of Long Road Moodle..
  • 2. Under construction! Some areas of the site are still under construction, so please be patient if you have any difficulties accessing subject pages, resources or activities. You can email us on during the college day and we will try to help fix any problems If you have any difficulties during out-of-college hours, we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Some of the new features are outlined in this presentation.
  • 3. Hiding & Docking Blocks can be hidden, docked and undocked. You can close up the blocks by clicking on the (-) symbol in the top right corner – that hides a block to just the title. To move a block to the dock (i.e. the tabs along the left hand side of the page ), click the arrow in the top right corner of the block header. Click the arrow again to return the block to its original place in the column.
  • 4. My home Instead of a My Courses block on the front page, you now have your own My home page. This page is customisable by you. You'll find the link to this page in the Navigation menu. The courses you're enrolled on will appear as a list on this page. If you haven't yet enrolled on your Year 2 subject pages, click on Subjects in the top menu bar above and look for the subject under the appropriate qualification and year category.
  • 5. Access Files from Home You now have access to your U drive from anywhere through Moodle in Windows Share access. My Private Files is another place you can save files. We recommend that you store important documents such as your CV, personal statement and coursework here. Remember always to keep backups of important documents stored in a separate place as well as on your U drive and My Private Files.
  • 6. The Hub COMING SOON! You'll see a new section of Moodle in the top menu bar called The Hub. This section includes Academic Support courses, Enrichment and Employability Plus. It will also have another important role in September. We'll tell you more about that later.
  • 7. Moodle on your Mobile You can now access Moodle on Android and IOS devices using an App. Once installed on your device, you will be presented with a setup screen. Enter the following settings:  Site URL:  Username: your Moodle username  Password: your Moodle password (note: when your password changes you will need to re-enter it into the app)  Choose the Add button and you can now access Moodle on your device.
  • 8. Don’t forget your password  If you want to access Moodle during Summer, don't forget to renew your password before the end of term!