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  • 1. Learning Portfolio
    • Luis Ernesto Rivera Gonzalez Dr. Mario Medina
  • 2. Week 2 II. Listening Exercises [ Top ] I. Listen to the phone message by pressing the "Play" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz. 1. What will take place at Bill's house tomorrow? A. a party B. a game C. a dance 2. Why does Hank have to work late? A. He has to attend a meeting. B. He has to write a report. C. He has to close the office. 3. Why is Hank going to visit Lisa after work? A. because she is sick in bed B. because he has to return something C. because he is going to take her to Bill's house 4. Where is Hank going to get the snacks to take to Bill's house? A. from his house B. from the store C. from his work 5. What time will Hank most likely arrive at Bill's house? A. 7:00 PM B. 8:00 PM C. 9:00 PM Score = 80% Correct answers: 1. a game 2. He has to write a report. 3. because she is sick in bed 4. from his house 5. 9:00 PM II. Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script . Answer Machine
  • 3. Week 2
    • Mr. Fixitup
  • 4. Week 2
    • Mr. Fixitup
  • 5. Week 2
    • I go to the conversational group and we talk of the things that we going to do on the Christmas.
  • 6. Essay
    • On this essay I going to talk of the things that I don on the English class. I going to discuss the exercise that I do and talk of other stuff o the English.
    • On this week we take five hours of English class, on that hours we do some exercise to improve the English an to work with my goal on this semester on the English class.
    • One of the exercise that I do on this week is the answer machine, that exercise is very good to improve your listening because the exercise give to you some questions and after give to you a audio and you have to answer the questions with the audio. This exercise like to me because the exercise give to me more comfortable when going to talk with other person in English because the exercise help me to understand better what the other person said to me and I learn a lot with that exercise. Other exercise is the Mr. Fixitup, this exercise it is more to the writing area but that exercise is good to the speaking, because that exercise correct how I going to write the word and the same time correct me how I going to said the word.
  • 7. Essay
    • And that exercise is good but not so much that the answer machine. Other thing that I do is go to the conversational group for the last time, and on the conversational group we talk of so much things but especially of what we going to do on the Christmas, and of the parties that the students go. I like the conversational group because on that class the student had to talk on English and if the student don’t talk the student going to take a F. This class is very important to improve your listening and speaking because you have to talk and understand what the other students are saying. And I think that the people that want to Improve her English have to integrate on a conversational group because is very nice and I like the class.
    • I want to Improve my English, I going to give my best to do my goal and better my English.