MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)


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People always ask me, what skill they need to develop to succeed in network marketing. My answer is always get good at MLM recruiting. Here are the three remainig tips that will complete the foundation you need to get good at mlm recruiting.

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MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)

  1. 1. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3) L.R. Hand Copyright 2013
  2. 2. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3) MLM Recruiting Tips That Kick ASS For Your Business Part 3As we discussed in my last article, mlm recruiting is absolutely the number 1 skill level in all of Home Business Marketing.I’ve already outlined the first 2 fundamentals: Confidence and Speaking with the Right People.I want to quickly jump into the remaining elements of mlm recruiting that will help you not only in your self improvement and helping you save time, but they’ll likewise support your mlm recruiting endeavors.
  3. 3. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)MLM Recruiting Tip 3: Gaining People’s Time and Attention Bear in mind that people want something else to do like they want a hole in the head!With that said, here’s where you want to fall back on your current connection with your prospective business partners.If not, you certainly will need to increase relationship skills that provide you what professional mlm recruiting marketers call “pull-power” that can get your prospect’s time and attention.
  4. 4. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)Keep in mind, selling is nothing more than understanding what you can ask for and get.Which is why you’ll want to strengthen and rely upon your ‘pull-power’ so that you can gain your prospect’s valuable time and attention.
  5. 5. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)If You Have To Get Good At One Thing, Get Good At MLM Recruiting
  6. 6. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3) MLM Recruiting Tip 4: Giving a Good PresentationHaving the capability to give a great business presentation is an additional component that your mlm recruiting power is founded on.No matter if you are delivering your business presentation in person, over the phone or on an online webinar, you need to always be punctual.Be proud that you’ve got an audience and get started by earning their respect by appearing on time and never take it for granted.
  7. 7. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)Make an attempt to spend about a quarter of the time on your product and three-quarters of the presentation about how to make more money.The reason that about 95% of your prospects have agreed to tune in to your presentation is to uncover the best way to create a better lifestyle and financial security.A lack of money and a need to generate more of it is the cause of their anguish.In fact, it’s the trigger button for many of us. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to mention the compensation when mlm recruiting.
  8. 8. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)A great way to express to your potential team members that there is a very nice income to be made in our industry is to tell testimonials of those involved with your company.Most people, very often, will relate well with common folks that emerged from modest, blue-collar backgrounds that really dug in and were determined to make their financial goals become a reality.
  9. 9. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3) MLM Recruiting Tip 5: Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow UpNot everyone you present to are going to be a part of your network marketing business.You must recognize that this industry just isn’t for just anybody AND you just don’t need every unqualified schmuck in your business.MLM recruiting is actually a process and as soon as you’ve confirmed who has got the four qualities and who exactly you would like on your team, then make certain you follow up with them in the correct way.
  10. 10. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3) What follow-up is NOT is annoying people.Follow-up is about creating connections.You need to give your prospective distributor related information that further answers their questions and educates them.
  11. 11. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)Timing is everything.If it turns out now is really not the best time, I let them know that in case something happens (loss in job, cut in pay, etc.) that I would really like to be the person they think about when they are ready to put the pieces back together and begin making money once again.I’m always positive and professional and in the back of their mind simply because I am doing it right.
  12. 12. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 3)MLM recruiting could be the most critical skill level that all networkers should try to master.It’s a process, but when you master these 5 components, you will possess the confidence and know-how not only to present your sales message, but to generate more sales for your internet business. ***************************************************************** IMPORTANT: Learn from the ‘Inner Circle’ Badasses what it takes to make $1,000 Daily Online HERE *****************************************************************