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University ppt for 5 year plan (2)
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  • 1. My freshman year plans at UC Davis University of California Davis AVID Student # 220 3/28/2012
  • 2. Why I chose UC Davis Reason #1: The criteria this school met is its not far from school and it’s a big school. Reason #2: I believe I would be a good student in Davis because I do my work and I would really pay attention in class even though it would be a big ratio just to one teacher. Reason #3:I came to a decision of choosing Davis by finding out how big Davis was and how it is now
  • 3. Basic Facts about UC Davis http://ucdavis.edu/ Davis, California 128 miles 1905 <# of undergraduate students> Blue and Gold Guunrock the mustang public
  • 4. Additional Basic Facts About UC Davis  At least 50% Asian  High school diploma and subject requirement, scholarship , and examination requirement  $49, 097  $12,697  Sports clubs , Chicano club  Soccer, Basketball,
  • 5. My freshman year academic plans for UC Davis My major will be  Good places to study Aerospace Engineer in are:  Peter J. Shields Some examples of  library classes in the major  Coffee house of Aerospace Engineer are:  A club/activity that I  Pre engineering can join to meet other  Air craft pilot Aerospace  Pc engineer engineering majors is: Engineering club
  • 6. My freshman year extra-curricular plans for UC Davis  I plan on joining the soccer team  Some clubs that interest me include:  UC Davis Cross Cultural Center  Davis Motorsports Club  An interesting place nearby UC Davis that I would like to visit is the city of Davis
  • 7. Sources http://www.google.com/ http://www.ucdavis.com/