Romania - The legend of troll man

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  • 1. The Legend of Troll-Man
  • 2. • Apparently a normal human being, just like the rest of us. No one ever asked him where he's coming from, what he is or what he's doing.
  • 3. • We found out his truly identity: in ordinary life, a day by day one, he's a bussiness man
  • 4. • But his true face comes out when human kind needs a superhero. His abilities rely on anything else but weekness and submission. His super-powers also shown a great moral character, one inferred by his everyday life as well as his role of protective mentor of Târgovişte.
  • 5. • Troll-Man, a name that inspires fear, submission and respect, in a town that really needed a positive character. His bravery combined with a staggering look, an athletic body with well worked out muscles and his super-claws, all were combined with big heart, and a remarcable ability to care for the others.
  • 6. • But along with all the goods, some bad things had to show up. • From a dark world, hidden from human understanding, a different man appeared
  • 7. Mirror Man • Brother of Troll-Man but not even close too be similar. Mirror was determined to kill his brother, no matter what the costs were.
  • 8. • Mirror showed up and started to attack Troll- Man. Troll-Man recovers after the storm of punches and pierces Mirror's chest with his super-claws. Then Mirror raged a powerfull laser toward Troll-Man.Worn out, but pushed by an ambition, our hero managed to throw a final punch at Mirror and knock him down.
  • 9. • And so, Troll-Man saves the city of Târgovişte from it's biggest threat!