Bulgaria brochure 3


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Bulgaria brochure 3

  1. 1. TTTThe most famous legend of the Madara Horseman is associated with the creator of this masterpiece. As noted, the name of this brilliant, Bulgarian artist, gifted with talent from God, remains unknown. Legend has it that Bulgarian Khan after one of his greatest victories ordered it to be hold forever. Young lad a stonecutter agreed to complete the task. He strarted work, from dusk till dawn the blows of steel on stone were heard. The han of Bulgari- ans himself tailed the work of the young artist. With him and he led his daugh- ter who has known for her beauty. Often their eyes met and spark of love glowed between them. This was an impossible love. Terrible laws were in those days, the dawn of our country, and severely on those who crossed them. The most com- mon penalty was death. No ordinary man could ask for the hand of the khan's daughter, it was like a mortal to marry a Goddess. For long time the two young were hiding their love. The appointed day came and master had to submit his work to the great Khan. The Khan was delighted by what he saw and wanted richly to reward the young man. He offered gold and jewels, but the lad refused. Finally, the surprised of these denials The Khan said: “Tell me what you want, and I give you my Khan`s word that you`ll have it!” The most daring words were his answer: ”You great Khan, with you right hand you offer me gold and jewels, but with your left you`re holding the most beautiful girl in the world- your daughter. I want what`s in your left arm!” Death silence occurred after these words. Neither Khan nor his boils could imagine such a presumption of mortal man. The Khan angrily whipped his horse and rushed to Pliska with his daughter. She naively believed that her fa- ther would keep his word and until late at night she was waiting for her beloved, but he never came. She secretly left theKhan's palace and went to find him. She found his headless body at the foot of the Madara rocks. Desperate with the grief heavy on her heart, the girl climbed on the rocks, to share the fate of her beloved. She stepped forward and flew down. Even nature was amazed by the power of love! Legend has it that from the pain the rock cracked and it`s still crying for their love!