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The batboy
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The batboy


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student work by Josh

student work by Josh

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  • 1. The Batboy
    By: Josh Kuse
  • 2. Chapters 1-5
    This story is about this thirteen year old boy named Brian.
    In these chapters, it explains how Brian’s dad was a big league baseball player himself. His dad was very good at baseball, he loved the sport to death. All he would talk about was baseball. He never talked about anything else but baseball to Brian. All Brian remembers as kid was his dad taking him to baseball games to watch. But every time his dad looked like he wanted to still be on the field. Then he moved away to be a pitching coach in Japan.
  • 3. Chapters 1-5 (Continued)
    Brian also liked baseball very much. He plays baseball for a travel team. He was okay hitter, he wasn’t to bad, not to great either. He was a very athletic outfielder that can cover some ground.
    Brian applied for a job for the Detroit Tigers. He applied to be a batboy for one of most powerful teams in baseball. He got accepted for the job. Now he his going to be around major league players and still play baseball. This is going to be his greatest summer in his entire life.
  • 4. Chapters 6-10
    When Brian first gets to the field he is amazed. He found out his duties as a batboy. These duties include cleaning helmets, polishing shoes, filling sunflower buckets, and all that good stuff.
    Anther thing is that he is missing out on his travel team baseball. He was a great aspect of the team.
    In these chapters Brian's favorite baseball player came to play for Detroit. His name was Hank Bishop. He had been caught by steroids, and was a few homeruns shy of the 500 mark. He gotten much older since the suspension, will he get 500?
  • 5. Chapters 11-15
    In these chapters Brian was by now a experienced batboy. He had everything down pat. One of the players named Willie wanted something to eat. All they had there was zero calorie food. So he went to McDonalds for food for Willie. He sneaks it in. He will give him food every game now and talk baseball with him while he eats in the equipment room.
    Anther thing that happened was Hank hit a walk off homerun. Brian was really excited and approached him after the game. Brian didn’t think what he would say, but it didn’t turn out well, he told Brian to back off.
  • 6. Chapters 16-20
    In these chapters things went a turn for the worst. Brian had went into a large slump in baseball. He didn’t get a hit in the last five games. He had no clue what was going on. He had to get better somehow.
    He tried and tried to get out of his slump. He even did three hours of batting practice. But nothing seem to work out for him. The Tigers where on a road series so he got to practice a lot. He finally got a hit. It was only a single and striked out for the rest of the game. This slump just kept on getting worse and worse he thought.
  • 7. Chapters 21-25
    In these chapters anther bad thing happened. Hank Bishop was in a slump. He didn’t get a hit for games. He had no clue what was happening. He was now out of the batting order.
    One game Brian made a huge mistake. Hank Bishop broke his bat in the game. So Brian got one of Hanks bat out of his locker. It turns our Hank hated that bat and broke it over his leg after he striked out. He yelled at Brian for the mistake and was furious. He stated the bat was to light. That wasn’t a good day for Brian.
  • 8. Chapters 26-30
    In these chapters Hank Bishop came over to Brian house for dinner. They had a marvelous time. After the dinner Hank was on his way out and Brian stopped him and told him that he knew why he was in the slump. So they went to Brian’s room to discuss. Brian turned out to be right. He got his friend Kenney to pitch against Hank. Hank bombed them over the wall. He gave a huge thanks to Brian and Kenney. Then he quickly returned them home.
  • 9. Chapters 26-30 (continued)
    In these chapters Brian’s dad comes in from China. He is here to scout Hank. Brian and his dad are going to the game together. Brian thought something would have changed but it didn’t. All his dad would talk about was baseball. When the game started off Hank striked out. He grounded out and flew out. This game was a tight one. It was a tie in the bottom of the ninth with Hank at the plate. It was a 2-2 count by now. Then Hank hit a towering fly ball, it happened to clear the fence. He hit 500, he finally proved his point to people.
  • 10. Conclusion
    This book is the best book I ever read. It just seemed good to read. I think the author point in this book is to never give up. Although Hank was old and out of shape, he never gave up on his dream. He got his point to people is that no matter what happens, or what people say stay focused on your goal.
    I would say this book is a very good one. It includes many emotions and mixed emotions. It even includes many real people to pull you into the story. It is really easy to connect to. I would say this is the best book I ever read.