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Coraline power point Coraline power point Presentation Transcript

  • Coraline
    Author: Neil Gaiman
    Illustrations: Dave McKean
    By: Elizabeth Carver
  • Characters
    Real mother
    Real Father
    Fake Mother and father
    Miss Spink and Mrs. Forcible
  • Coraline
    Is the main character.
    She disobeys her mom and goes through the secret passage her mom pacifically told her not to go through.
    She ends up crying and wants to go back to her real life but her fake mom tries everything to stop her.
  • Real Mother
    Coraline’s mother loves her very much.
    She told coraline not to open the secret door and she does anyways.
    Coraline wasn’t a big fan of her cooking.
    She was the one who was mainly with coraline.
  • Real Father
    Coraline’s real Father wasn’t around much.
    She still loves him very much though.
    He was always working.
    When he was around he tried to focus all his attention on Coraline.
    Coraline would see him pretty much every other week.
  • Fake Mother and Father
    They were cruel people.
    Her knew parents that came when she went through the door.
    Button eyes.
    Always stopped her from doing things.
    She always had to do what they whanted.
  • Mrs. Spink and Mrs. Forcible
    Coraline’s neighbor’s she would always talk to.
    When ever she was said she would go over there for some company.
    They had creepy dogs.
    They were close friends to Coralin’s real family.
  • Problem
    Coraline goes in the door she is not suppose to and her life changes.
    She goes in to the kitchen and she sees her parents or at least she thought it was her parents.
    The door changed her life because she went through a secret door and wasn’t suppose to.
    All of the people she knew turned into dolls and she started to to.
  • Summery
    Coraline is about a girl named coraline that goes into a secret passage way her mom pacifically told her not to go through, but of course she didn’t listen and went through anyways. And when she goes through the door her life dramatically changes everyone she knew changed and she spent everyday trying to figure out how she can get her normal life back.
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