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  • 02/09/11 We have given you a resource package with a copy of this presentation and space to take down any notes or questions that you may have. We ask that if you have any questions as we go through, that you jot them down and ask them at the end of the presentation.


  • 1. Community Care Facilities Licensing Introduction to web posting for licensed child care facilities March 1, 2011
  • 2. Community Care Facilities Licensing Program
    • In the province of British Columbia there is legislation to protect children and adults receiving care in licensed community care facilities.
    • This legislation is the Community Care and Assisted Living Act , Child Care Licensing Regulation and Residential Care Regulation.
    • Facilities are also assessed using the Director of Licensing Standards of Practice.
    • Minimum requirements for health and safety
  • 3. Community Care Facilities Licensing
    • The Community Care Facilities Licensing program is responsible for regulating and monitoring community care facilities (both public and private).
    • Facilities are inspected to ensure compliance with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and associated regulations to determine if minimum health and safety requirements are being met.
    • Follow up inspections are done in response to items that need to be corrected, complaints, allegations of abuse, and reportable incidents.
  • 4. Scope of licensed care in BC
    • 6,000 child care facilities
    • 1,050 adult and child residential care facilities
  • 5. Role of Health Authorities
    • Medical Health Officers, appointed under the Health Act for each Health Authority, have explicit duties under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act such as:
      • issuing licenses
      • inspecting licensed facilities
      • investigating complaints that an unlicensed facility is being operated.
    • Medical Health Officers delegate these duties to Licensing staff.
  • 6. Public Accountability
    • Health Authorities in BC have begun posting the results of inspections for care facilities licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act .
    • Public reporting is one step towards increased accountability and transparency for community care facilities in BC.
    • The posted inspection reports provide the licensee and the public with information regarding any regulatory requirements that are not met and show when the issue(s) were resolved.
  • 7. Province –wide Implementation Dates
    • November 2008 – all senior’s residential facilities
    • June 2010 – all other categories of residential care facilities (i.e. child & youth, mental health, drug & alcohol, eating disorders, group homes for the developmentally delayed)
    • March 1, 2011 - all licensed child care facilities
  • 8. Web Posting Information
    • Visitors to the sites are encouraged to browse the history of the care facilities they are interested in and do other research such as contacting the facility or the local health authority licensing program before arriving at any conclusions.
    • Visitors to the sites are cautioned against interpreting the status of a particular facility based solely on the inspection report history.
    • The websites have been designed to convey similar information to the general public as they would receive through a request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of B.C.
  • 9. Vancouver Island Health Authority
    • The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) provides health care services to the people on Vancouver Island, on the islands of Georgia Strait and in the mainland communities between Powell River and Rivers Inlet.
    • Within VIHA , there are over 1,300 licensed community care facilities (1000+ child care, 200+ residential care).
    • www.viha.ca
  • 10. View demonstration
    • View a demo of how to navigate the VIHA web posting site for child care facilities inspections.
  • 11. How to contact us
    • South Island
    • 201-771 Vernon Ave
    • Victoria, BC V8X 5A7
    • Telephone: (250) 475-2235
    • Fax: (250) 475-5130
    • Central/North Island
    • #29 – 1925 Bowen Road
    • Nanaimo, BC V9S 1H1
    • Telephone: (250) 739-5800
    • Fax: (250) 751-1118
    • Suite 200-1100 Island Hwy
    • Campbell River, BC
    • V9W 8C6
    • Telephone: (250) 850-2110
    • Fax: (250)286-3486