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Iljaitsch vectorform ble_i_beacon_140401



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  • 1. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Presented By: The Internet of Things Alissia Iljaitsch Executive Director EMEA | Vectorform BLE / Beacons / iBeacon
  • 2. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon ABOUT VECTORFORM 2 Vectorform is a global design and technology firm specializing in emerging digital experiences for the world’s leading brands. As an elite team of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and intellectuals, Vectorform’s mission is to create the next iconic experience. @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 3. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon ABOUT VECTORFORM 3 Vectorform’s work spans mobile, video game, desktop, online, in-vehicle, and next-generation platforms. Our award- winning expertise in creating cross- platform interactive experiences and our reputation as a tenacious, outcome-oriented partner is unmatched. + Founded in 1999 in Detroit, MI + Owned and operated by managing partners Jason Vazzano, Kurt Steckling, and Karl Steckling + Global offices in Seattle, Detroit, New York, Munich, and Hyderabad + 120+ employees @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 4. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon AGENDA 4 BLE / BEACONS / iBEACONS What is BLE? BLE vs. NFC BLE What are Beacons? What is iBeacon? From GUI to NUE LIVE DEMO Vectorform Safari App VECTORFORM USE CASES Retail Publishing & Content Distribution @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 5. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT IS BLE? 5 Origins of BLE Batteries are not that great. Wireless Transmissionseat batteries. Nokia Wibree – 2006 2007 Agreed to let Bluetooth have the technology 2010 Integrated into the Bluetooth 4.0 Specification 2011 Apple iPhone4s is the first to use it. Bluetooth Low Energy (BluetoothLE or BLE) Wireless Technology Optimized for Low-Energy Applications Nokia, Now Defunct Wibree Logo @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 6. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT IS BLE? 6 TRADITIONAL BLUETOOTH or BLUETOOTH BR (BASIC RATE) Relatively High Power Consumption Speeds up to 2.1 Mbps for Enhanced Data Rate Complicated Pairing BLE or BLUETOOTH LE (LOW ENERGY) Low Power Consumption Low Speed (1-10 Hz) Lower Complexity Low Cost (As low as $3 to build) Not the Same Old Bluetooth you Know and Hate @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 7. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT IS BLE? 7 Software BLE is a subset of the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. Bluetooth is a standardized wireless protocol. Hardware It can be a stand-alone chip or be integrated into part of a larger wireless chip that performs several functions. Why do I Care? + It’s free – No licensing + Not Proprietary + It’s in most phonesbuilt after 2012 – 370 million mobile phones will be sold with BLE this year + Low power - Won’t turn your phone into a $700 paperweight Bluetooth Low Energy is Hardware and Software @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 8. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon IT’S THE WINNER 8 ANT+ (2004) Proprietary. ZigBee (2002) Too much power – interference problems. WiFi (1991-ish) Too much power. Nike+ (2006) Proprietary – too much power. Near Field Communication (NFC) Short range – too much power. Apple never adopted. Other Low Energy Technologies and Why They Lost @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 9. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon BLE vs. NFC Fight! BLE RANGE Up to 50 m Up to 20 cm TECHNOLOGY Bluetooth LE (Low energy requirements) Based on RFID standards (No energy required after using a “Tag”) SUPPORTEDSYSTEMS iOS7, Android 4.3, and Windows Phone 8 (Update 3) Device with NFC-Chip required ESTIMATEDCOSTS Due to the high range a small number of Beacons are required NFC-Tagshave to be put on any product type individually which means a high number are required. NFC @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 10. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT CAN APPS DO WITH BLE? 10 SEND & RECEIVE DATA FROM… … health sensors. … a heart rate monitor. … a fitness tracker. … a refrigerator. … a temperature sensor. … a thermostat. … eLocks. … other mobile phones. … beacons? Share Small Amounts of Information with Other BLE Enabled Devices @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 11. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Beacons & BLE 11 Technology Insights @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 12. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT ARE BEACONS? 12 Beacons are BLE devices that can be placed throughoutany ‘target’ area that emit a signal that can be detected by other BLE enabled devices. Depending on the beacon device and how frequently it sends out a signal, the battery life can last for a year or longer. Certain mobile devices themselves can also act as a beacon that can both emit and receive signals. Beacons are Hardware Devices that can Emit and Receive BLE Signals Apple iPhone, Roximity, Qualcomm, Radius Networks, Estimote @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 13. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Nymi 13 Measure your cardiovascular system. Identifies person based on cardiac rhythm Measures heartbeat Motion and proximity detection @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 14. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Myo 14 Control and manipulateyour environment. @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 15. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT IS iBEACON? 15 iBeacon is NOT an actual physical device—iBeacon is the software. There is no such device called an iBeacon at this time. iBeacon is the software, the physical device is just any BLE device that is configuredin a particular way so it’s recognized by the iOS as an iBeacon. When an app is iBeacon enabled it just means that it has announcedto the core iOS that it needs to be consulted if the device detects a BLE device emitting a specific BLE advertising signal. iBeacon is Part of the Apple iOS Operating System @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 16. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHAT IS iBEACON? 16 iBeacon is part of the core iOS Location Services. The developer sets three specific properties: The UUID, Major, & Minor Properties The UUID property contains the identifier that you use to identify your company’s beacons. You typically generate only one UUID for your company’sbeacons but can generate more as needed. The Majorproperty is typically goingto be the specific store or general location. The Minor property would then identify a specific location within a store or area. iBeacon: From a Developer’s Perspective @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 17. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon WHY IS iBEACON IMPORTANT? Before iBeacon An app would need to be running in the foreground or backgroundto communicate with a BLE device. After iBeacon An app can be launchedinto the backgroundby iOS if a specific BLE device is recognized. What Does it Give Developers? @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 18. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon LEVELS OF ENGAGEMENT 18 ACTIVE COMMUNICATION Allows basic levels of interaction that wake up the Phone from Standby mode and allow Lock Screen Notifications. PASSIVE COMMUNICATION Allows an enhanced user experience. Beacons can open certain applications or trigger specific events. One Signal Triggering a Variety of Actions @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 19. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon POSSIBLE FIELDS OF USE 19 Provided you've got the app on your phone and have given Apple permission to track you, it'll attempt to offer an augmentedretail experience tailored to your needs. If you're standing next to an iPhone table you might receive a message asking if you'd like to upgrade your iPhone. If you like, the app will then checkyour upgrade eligibility and let you know how much you can trade in your old model for. This document is the property of Retail – Apple Store Experience
  • 20. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon BEACONS & BLE NEW SPACE FOR MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING Location based marketing allows a company to target a user with a more general message that can prompt a visit or action. It expands the scope of targeted marketing to offer a more intimate and direct interaction. GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CORRELATES TO LOYALTY AND WILLINGNESS TO BUY According to a worldwide Jack Morton Study, 87% of all customers are more likely to recommend a brand and nearly 60% would be willing to pay a higher price if they had a great experience. 20 Targeted Messaging Based on Location Source: @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 22. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon NUI Devices LIMITED HCI STREAMS Touch Audio Wearables MANY HCI STREAMS Location Visual Audio Biometric Neurological / Brain Wave Cardiovascular Endocronic Kinetic @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 23. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon POSSIBLE FIELDS OF USE Industries that can Leverage iBeacon Technology. @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 24. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Vectorform Use Cases 24 iBeacon & WearableTechnology @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 25. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon RETAIL: CURATED CONTENT 25@Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 26. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon PUBLISHING + RETAIL: ADVANCED ADVERTISING PARTNERS 26@Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 27. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Takeaways 27 iBeacon & BLE @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 28. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon TECHNICAL PITFALLS OF iBEACON Bluetooth must be turned on. Your app must be installed on the users device. You can’t use an iBeacon to trigger the installation of your app. Location services must be enabled for the specific application. Beacons aren’t magic unicorns that give you internet access. To download real-time content you must have the app connected via cellular or WiFi connection. There are a few caveats… @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 29. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon PSYCHOLOGICAL PITFALLS OF iBEACON There is a potential to annoy a customer. There is a potential to alienate a customer who finds location awareness intrusive. There are possible issues of legality if you plan on tracking specific user behavior / location. (varies by country) Are Beacons going to creep people out? @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 30. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon BEACON PLATFORMS PROS Manage Beacons from the cloud Powerful SDKs (In-Store Navigation) Customer Analytics Dashboards CONS Proprietary Beacons Data ownership Customer Data Aggregation Make sure you know what you’re buying. @Vectorform @ailjaitsch #Beacons #BLE
  • 31. BLE / Beacons / iBeacon Let’s start the discussion. Alissia Iljaitsch ( Vectorform GmbH Arnulfstrasse 37 80636 München Twitter @Vectorform @ailjaitsch Thankyou.