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  1. 1. Software Testing Service
  2. 2. Practice Processes People • Capabilities across service lines, service area, Industry and technology domains • Comprehensive repository of methodologies, tools, and templates • Excellent offshore testing capabilities at CMMi Level 3 •Strategic alliances with primary testing tool vendors • Specialized Testing Skill set • Scalable to suit your needs •Proven delivery excellence through Organized Delivery model • Ready to use accelerators including methods, tools, and templates • Generic test automation frameworks • Intense focus on process and methodologies • Leverage lean management model for quick decisions • 80% test professional certified from international accredited organization • 3+ years of average experience in testing • Deep industry and client working knowledge • Highly skilled resource pool Training Alliances: LMS Testing Capabilities
  3. 3. Testing Tools & Accelerators LMS Tools & Accelerators Business Analysis Testing Infrastructure Test Process Management Requirement Understanding and GAP Analysis Requirement Traceability Tool Sample Requirement Quality Assurance Artifacts Requirement Templates Requirements Guidelines and Best Practices Comprehensive Testing Methodology Performance Testing Methodology Testing Effort Estimation Tool Test Case Development Guidelines Testing Guidelines Standard Performance Test Scenario Definitions and Results Report Defect Management Process Test Analysis Dashboards Baseline Configuration for Test Management Tools Test Documentation Standards Testing Deliverable Templates Performance Improvement Best Practices and Toolkits Test Automation Methodology Automated Scripting Standards Testing Tools Skills Matrix Automation Scope Guidelines Environment Change Management Approach POC environments Software Configuration Management Plan Template Configuration Management Guidelines Software Configuration Management Templates Program Management Framework Weekly Status Reporting Templates/Dashboards Project Qualifications Project Quality Assurance Plan Quality Management Templates and Checklists Software Metrics Guidelines Contingency Plan and Process Web-Based Training Tools/Templates
  4. 4. Testing Nerve Center Structure Test Nerve center Foundation Testing Solutions Communications Knowledge Management Sales & Eminence Training & Vendor Mgmt Delivery , Methods & Assets Support Management • Testing Pipeline Tracking • Proposal Packs (link to Test Nerve Center) • Qualifications Management • POVs / Publications • Conferences / Forums • Analyst Relations • Weekly Meeting • Weekly Practice Call • Ad Hoc Communications • Activity Calendar • Test Script Libraries • Automation Framework • Detailed Methodology • Test Tools / Accelerators • Integrated Delivery Model with a centralized automation team • Global Testing practice alignment LMS’s Global Testing Practice consists of 7 different threads that provides the underlying foundation and support to deliver our overall Testing solutions, methods and accelerators to the marketplace • Virtual Trainings/ Webinars • Industry Certifications • Vendor / Product Trainings • 3rD Party Vendor Management • Planned Training • Test Solution Definition • Test Strategy & Planning • Test Execution • Test Management • Test Specialties • Testing e-Room for Individual Projects • Testing Nerve Center • Operational Priorities & Plan • Status Reporting & Metrics • Resource Management • Funding/Budget Management
  5. 5. LMS Testing Process Process Phase Activities Deliverables •High level requirement study •Evaluation & identification of test and defect Tracking tools and process Statement of Work (SOW) and EstimationInitiation Test Requirement Test Environment Setup Test Design Test Execution Test Report & Acceptance •Detailed Requirement study •Identify test coverage using Test Trace-ability Matrix •Application Flow •Requirement Specification •Test Plan preparation •Risk assessment •Test Environment request •Test Plan •Defect Work Flow •Service Request Test Planning •Execution of Test cases •Capture Review and Analyze Test Results •Raise the defects in Defect Tracking Tool Test Case execution and Bug reports. All Software/Tools installation and configuration •Test Scenarios Identification & Test Case preparation •Test Data Preparation •Test Case Reviews and Approval •RTM •Test Cases •Prepare test summary reports •Test Metrics •Build Release •Receiving acceptance from Client •Defect Trend •Reopen Analysis •Test summary reports
  6. 6. LMS QA Team • ISTQB Certified • Rational Functional Tester Certified • Almost all team members having Master’s degree in Computer Science • Well proficient in Plans, Advice and Assistance in Quality & Test process Improvement QA Managers [12+ Yrs Exp] QA Leads (Automation) [5-7 Yrs] QA Leads (Enterprise) [5-7 Yrs] Sr. Test Engineers [3-5 Yrs] Jr. Test Engineers [Below 3 Yrs] QA Leads (Wireless) [5-7 Yrs] QA Leads (PPQA) [5-7 Yrs]
  7. 7. Our Strength Industries Healthcare E-commerce Utilities Mobile ERP Publishing Localization Benefits Certified and trained professionals Services delivered within a quick turnaround time Engineering approach to software testing Tools Schedule and resource planning tools: MS project Defect tracking and closure tools: JIRA, Test automation tools: ,JMeter, Selenium , Services Automation testing User acceptance testing (UAT) services Regression testing services Functional testing Performance testing / Web Application Security testing Capabilities Test consulting services Assistance in migration from manual to automation testing
  8. 8. LMS Testing Services Outsourcing us helps maximize your profit with our enhanced Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. • Get your product to the market. • Avoid a recall. • Improve your reputation. • Streamline your process. We help you to … • Save Money, Reduce Risk, and Boost Return on Investment Improve your Critical Test Processes Test Assessment • Improve your Software Development Capability Quality Assessment LMS Testing Expertise in various tools for Defect Tracking, Automation & Test management Open Source Tools + Commercial Tools Automation Services Manual Services
  9. 9. Selenium web application testing, LMS offers a wide range of Selenium automated testing services, such as Selenium automated functional testing, Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium browser compatibility testing, automation framework creation, integration with test management tools, etc. Highlights of our flexible Selenium Web Testing services include: Quick automation scripts facilitating bug reproduction and exploratory testing using Selenium IDE. Robust regression automation targeting multiple platforms using Selenium WebDriver Selenium test automation using Java or the programming language of your choice (PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python) for plugging into your engineering architecture with ease. Wrapping Selenium testing scripts in the Testing Framework (JUnit or TestNG) of your choice. Integration with popular Java build tools Ant and Maven. Integration with continuous integration tool like Jenkins. Customized reporting services using HTML. Log generation to monitor stepwise testing. Automation with data/keyword-driven & hybrid approaches. LMS Automation Testing- Selenium
  10. 10. LMS Performance Testing Jmeter Load testing, LMS offers a wide range of Selenium automated There is only one way to overcome these performance issues before the application goes into production is by simulating a large number of simultaneous users (load testing, stress testing). We at LMS Solutions created a performance testing lab where we create performance test to put load and stress on application simulating particular amount of users. Here is the list of features which describes the roles of our performance test lab Creates test plan to perform performance testing on web application Generate threads (users) to depict actual users on web application Generate dummy data to perform action on web application Creates random performance testing for web application and web services Perform performance test for mobile device customers and consumers Generate performance test report to Business Owners Reduces ongoing cost of performance testing by 40% Improves modelling, sizing and capacity planning of the system Improves quality of service and increases the confidence in go-live Accelerates testing turnaround time
  11. 11. Certifications / Domains and Expertise •ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Certifications •Healthcare •E-commerce •Mobile •ERP •Publishing •Localization Domain
  12. 12. Bug Life Cycle
  13. 13. LMS Testing Methods No matter the model you want to follow, we are always with the solution
  14. 14. LMS Mobile Testing LMS understands the unique testing needs of the emerging mobile solutions for our client segment and leverages its deep QA expertise to provide highly mature mobile solutions testing offerings that cover all key aspects of Mobile testing needs. Technology Handsets Mac 8 Blackberry 18 Android 9 Brew 166 Palm 6 Windows 15 Java 284 Total 506 Technology used LMS Wireless testing team has proven expertise in delivering complex domain projects like healthcare, media and publishing, social networking etc. We at LMS have created accelerators, frameworks and a huge set of master test cases for every technology, domain which reduces considerable testing time and thus reducing costs.
  15. 15. Testing Coverage Platform Coverage Handset Coverage Mobile Testing Coverage
  16. 16. Thank You !!