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Overview presentation on the Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) Project.

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  • NOTE: we could state our vision OR our mission here:Mission: The Leadership, Management, and Governance Project (LMG) improves leadership, management and governance practices to strengthen health systems and improve health for all, including vulnerable populations worldwide.
  • Priority 1 - Strengthen the capacity of current and future health leaders and institutions: We will strengthen the L+M+G capacity of Ministries, academic and training institutions, civil society organizations and networks that train and support current and future health leaders in low and middle income countries.How?Integrate pre-service and in-service curricula: Develop and integrate practical curricula and learning systems that will advance the competencies of health sector leaders and managers who govern.Establish coaching and mentoring networks: Establish and nurture mentoring and coaching networks for more sustainable South-to-South support of L+M+G.Foster knowledge exchange: Foster knowledge and faculty exchange opportunities and technologies to strengthen competencies in L+M+G.Build governance models: Build governance models and infrastructure to enable and facilitate smart leadership and organizational performance within Ministries of Health and civil society organizations.e. Advancing opportunities for women: Advance opportunities for women in health system leadership and governance.
  • We will generate, synthesize, disseminate, and use evidence that leadership, management and governance results in improved health system performance and service delivery, and plan for and conduct prospective assessments of select L+M+G strategies to track results.Conduct research: Conduct implementation research in field-supported projects to know what works and what doesn’t related to L+M+G interventions.Ensure use of evidence: Synthesize and ensure the use of evidence in L+M+G interventions.
  • We will strengthen global support, commitment, and utilization of state-of-the-art leadership, management, and governance tools, models, and approaches for priority health programs.Engage with partners: Implement a partner engagement and collaboration strategy focusing on women leaders, health associations, host country governments, USAID Missions, and public and private sector actors.Garner cost-share: Successfully mobilize over $150 million of country buy-ins and over $30 million of non-USG resources by advocating the value of L+M+G interventions.c. Communicate the value of L+M+G: Create a greater understanding of the value of L+M+G, and support host country clients, technical teams, and LMG staff in promoting improved L+M+G through the best communication strategies, channels, and products.
  • Our conceptual framework
  • Country programs: Afghanistan, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Libya, and Vietnam.The other countries listed are countries in which we are doing various activities. See the LMG web portal section on “Where We Work” for more detailed information on all of our programs and activities: http://www.lmgforhealth.org/where-we-workEthiopia  Kenya (in collaboration with the Kenya LMS Project—See USAID/Kenya web page: http://kenya.usaid.gov/programs/health/1094  Benin  Sierra Leone (CVT LMG Leadership)  Tanzania (Study on Sustainability)  Bolivia (Study on LMG Sustainability)  Ghana (Study on LMG Sustainability)  Moldova (Study on LMG Sustainability)  Libya (Veterans Rehab Health Services)
  • NOTE: use/emphasize what you need (and maybe use only one row from this slide), then potentially add in a slide on a related and more specific aspect of your LMG work depending upon the focus of your presentation.
  • A LegacyOur vision is that…Through embracing the principles of country ownership, gender equity, and evidence-driven approaches, the Leadership, Management, and Governance Project (LMG) seeks to create a world in which the role of health leaders, managers, and governors is understood and highly valued, and where inspired leadership, sound management, and transparent governance lead to better health outcomes for all, including vulnerable populations worldwide.When the LMG Project Consortium concludes its work in the fall of 2016, we envision that: We will have gathered and widely disseminated innovations, insights, and evidence about how practices of inspired leadership, sound management, and transparent governance (L+M+G) strengthen health systems for enhanced use of health services, including family planning, MCH, HIV/AIDS and clubfoot, that yield sustained gains in health outcomes, especially among vulnerable populations and those with disabilities in over 20 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). To build this legacy, we mustSupport thousands of health leaders, managers, and governors, especially women and vulnerable populations, to become engaged in effective leadership, management, and governance roles throughout all levels of the health systems and social sectors of LMICs;Help professionalize health services management by supporting a score of host country universities using modern curricula for L+M+G within schools of medicine, nursing and public health; as well as regional health professional associations that advocate and encourage lifelong learning for those that manage, lead, and govern in LMICs; Collaborate with partners to develop evidence through disciplined processes that measure and assess the value of L+M+G to stronger health systems, increased use of health services, and greater health impact;Create public-private sector partnerships that successfully advocate for and disseminate evidence of proven L+M+G interventions;Motivate and empower thousands of health service managers to achieve not only jobs of impact, but “careers of impact;” Build a digital resource library of materials, e-learning courses, practical tools, and leader profiles that fuel the application of L+M+G practices among future generations of those who, lead, manage, and govern health systems in LMICs; Raise awareness of the importance of gender equity, and enable health leaders to develop and direct policies to support women’s participation as leaders, managers, governors, providers, and consumers of health care–and ensure that these policies result in positive activities and impacts at all levels of the health system; andFacilitate country ownership of health systems by supporting a global cohort of managers who lead and leaders who govern to successfully identify and resolve service delivery challenges at every level of their health systems.
  • LMG Project Overview Presentation

    1. 1. The Leadership, Management & Governance(LMG) ProjectMay 2013
    2. 2. The Leadership, Management, and Governance Project(LMG) improves leadership, management andgovernance practices to strengthen health systems andimprove health for all, including vulnerable populationsworldwide.Our Mission
    3. 3. Priority 1 - Strengthen the capacityof individuals and institutions wholead, manage, and govern:a. Integrate pre-service and in-servicecurriculab. Establish coaching and mentoringnetworksc. Foster knowledge exchanged. Build governance modelse. Advancing opportunities for women inhealth system leadership andgovernance.Overall Priorities
    4. 4. Priority 2 - Generate Evidenceof the value of L+M+G:a. Conduct researchb. Ensure use of evidenceOverall Priorities
    5. 5. Priority 3 - Strengthenglobal support for L+M+G:a. Engage with partnersb. Garner cost-sharec. Communicate thevalue of L+M+GOverall Priorities
    6. 6.  LMG promotes gender equity and inclusiveprocesses in all aspects of our work LMG believes good governance is linked toimproved health service delivery LMG achieves country ownership by workingwith global health leaders to help them addresstheir challenges, and achieve resultsCross-cutting Themes
    7. 7. Sustainable healthoutcomes andimpact alignedwith nationalhealth goals andMDGs 3, 4, 5, and6People and teamsempowered tolead, manage andgovernEnhanced workenvironment &empowered maleand femalehealth workers Responsivehealth systemsprudently raisingand allocatingresourcesStrongmanagementsystemsImproved health systemperformance ResultsLeading, Managing and Governing for ResultsLeading Scan Focus Align/Mobilize InspireManaging Plan Organize Implement Monitor/EvaluateGoverning Cultivate Accountability Engage Stakeholders Set Shared Direction Steward Resources IncreasedServiceAccess ExpandedServiceAvailability BetterQuality Lower Cost
    8. 8. • Afghanistan• Benin• Bolivia• Bosnia• Côte d’Ivoire• Ethiopia• Cambodia• Cameroon• Georgia• Ghana• Haiti• Honduras• Kenya• Lebanon• Liberia• Libya• Moldova• Nicaragua• Nigeria• Pakistan• Peru• Rwanda• Sierra Leone• South Africa• South Sudan• Sri Lanka• Tanzania• Uganda• Zambia• Zimbabwe• VietnamCountryProgramsandActivities:Where We Work
    9. 9. LeadershipCapacityGovernanceCapacityGenderMainstreamingEvidence ofImpactUniversityProgramseMobileDecision SupportProfessionalAssociationsMOH LeadershipAcademiesProvincial HealthGovernance GuideGenderDirectoratesCase StudiesCurriculumDevelopmentGovernance NetPhysicianExecutivesLeaderNetLearningLDP+ and SLP Virtual LDP+GovernanceEnhancement PlansLeaderNetLearningLeaderNet Links MinisterNet LDP+ M&EGenderMainstreamingGuidesWomenParliamentariansWomenMentoringNetProgramEvaluationsProcessEvaluationsOperationsResearchFacultyDevelopmentProgramAccreditationIPPF LearningCentersPublic HealthManagersNurse Midwives CommunityHealth WorkersGovernanceReference LibraryLMG: Strategic Initiatives to Build Sustainable LeadershipCapacity
    10. 10. When the LMG project consortium concludes itswork in 2016, we envision that we will have:• Ensured that the role of men and womenleaders, managers, and governors is understood andhighly valued;• Strengthened health systems around the world throughinspired leadership, sound management, andtransparent governance (L+M+G); and• Improved the health of vulnerable populationsworldwide.Our Legacy
    11. 11. The Leadership, Management & Governance(LMG) ProjectThank you!Questions/CommentsName of PresenterEmailPhone/Contact