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T04 monitor4-en

  1. 1. Monitor Tango/04 Monitor - The latest news in System Management and Security for CEOs, CIOs, and CISOs. - Nº4 Zurich Financial Services monitoring the performance and quality of services Pierre Fabre Ibérica intelligent Business Management Monitoring Symposium leaders from Nike and other companies presented their advanced monitoring cases Caja Navarra chooses Tango/04 and other news... Total Visibility: Guaranteed new Tango/04 Professional Services benefits The latest trend in monitoring strategies
  2. 2. Content 4 Zurich Financial Services Monitoring the performance and quality of services 7 Pierre Fabre Ibérica Intelligent Business Management 11 Monitoring Symposium 2010 Leaders from Nike and other companies presented their advanced monitoring cases 14 Total Visibility: Guaranteed New Tango/04 Professional Services benefits 16 News Brazilian Banks Also Choose Tango/04 · Professional Services Consolidate in Latin America · Caja Navarra Chooses Tango/04 Solutions to Monitor its Business Processes · Tango/04 Computing Group Strengthens its Presence on the Web · A New MSP Monitors its Datacenter with Tango/04 16 Dilbert A keen business observer 17 Tango/04: Close to You 2
  3. 3. Letter from the CEO All the People Moving In times of turbulence and changes, those who stand still are rapidly left behind. It’s time to move, to improve, to contribute. As Al Gore says: “Doing the right thing moves us forward.” So we keep moving to help you move forward. To push the limits of monitoring into new, exciting grounds. To allow you not just be in compliance with regulations, but really safe. To assist you not just in monitoring infrastructure, but to achieve breakthrough levels of service. To help you not just to create fancy dashboards, but to radically improve productivity in all the critical business processes. We are delivering on our promise to create a comprehensive “1-2-3” (Technology, Security, Business) monitoring solution and to serve you better, we are actually accelerating our efforts. Our company personnel grew by 15% in 2009, while most IT companies were executing massive layouts. To serve you better, we created a series of innovative Professional Services, crafted for every necessity. Services that will allow you to take advantage of every cent of your investment in Tango/04. We are really striving to be the Leader in Enterprise Monitoring, because we are convinced it is the way to empower you, your career, and your company. And we are getting noticed. Gartner, a well-known analyst company, recognized us as a player in their latest research, for the first time, In times of complimenting our vision and strategy. And we are winning more and more in competitive bids, turbulence and and even displacing the legacy frameworks for those looking for more agility and less cost. changes, those who stand still are We are also increasing our geographic reach in emerging markets. To add to our outstanding rapidly left behind. Latin American success, we opened a new office in Brazil recently, and we just added two big Doing the right regional Brazilian banks as clients (IBI, a Bradesco firm, and Votorantim, which together manage thing moves us more than 30 million customers), with thousands of servers and infrastructure components. forward. And we are also expanding in the size of projects, too, going beyond our traditional mid-size customer, winning in very large enterprises. And more and more customers are expanding their projects into Operational Business Intelligence, which means controlling, in real time, critical business processes such as logistics, Web-based services, financial systems, insurance bids, call centers, and more. We are glad to see how happy end users get when they see IT helping them so much, and we are glad to see CIOs being recognized and promoted for it. And all this is just the beginning. We have so many new capabilities in the pipeline today, which we can’t wait to show you soon! The upcoming years are going to be fantastic for everybody. For everybody who wants to move, at least, and be part of the Advancing People. We invite you to share this amazing journey with us. Raul Cristian Aguirre President and CEO Tango/04 Computing Group 3
  4. 4. Centralized management with international scope Zurich Financial Services monitoring the performance and quality of services From their Center of Excellence, the insurance company controls business activity in Switzerland, England, and Spain. performance and quality of services provided in different countries. Pierre Butin, Operations Architecture Manager of Zurich CoE, said: “We had quite a big problem Zurich Financial Services Group (Zurich) is an which was that we had no visibility of the behavior insurance-based financial services provider. of applications in production. That is, we didn’t Founded in 1872, the group is headquartered know when an application was running slower than in Zurich, Switzerland, and serves customers usual, or not working properly, we didn’t know in more than 170 countries. Its Center of how or if that could have an impact on something, Excellence analyzes, develops, and implements or why it was happening.“ business applications, and is responsible for its operation. This is why it monitors the So, after a Proof of Concept (PoC) in which performance and quality of services provided Tango/04 learnt about the needs of the company, by the company in Switzerland, England, and Zurich CoE decided to implement its monitoring Spain, and plans to continue adding new solution for displaying information graphed in a markets in the near future. simple and intuitive way regarding business activity (transactions, users, and response time, among others) in automated dashboards and in real time. The commitment of offering a service of “In Zurich we use tools from a lot of different companies: excellence CA, IBM… but in the CoE we knew Tango/04 from After more than 130 years of history, Zurich is present previous AS/400 and Security monitoring projects in over 50 countries, serves in 170 countries on the five for compliance and protection of sensitive continents and has more than 38 million customers data (such as LOPD in Spain). When the worldwide. Of course, such growth would not have idea of this project was born, Tango/04’s been possible had it not been for their sustained team made a PoC to demonstrate the commitment to the quality of their services. real capacity of the solution to recover information from the different layers of In order to continue guaranteeing quality service, our architecture and display everything the insurance company founded a Center of in dashboards. We didn’t have a lot of Excellence (CoE) from where they analyze, develop, time and we needed a solution which gave and implement several business applications. us the agility we didn’t have. We were really The CoE is responsible for the operation of these confident that Tango/04 would be able to meet applications and therefore constantly monitors their to our requirements,” explained Butin. 4
  5. 5. “The project took between three and four weeks, it was really fast” The project Benefits achieved: visibility and The Tango/04 monitoring solution implemented in proactivity Zurich CoE allows the company to be agile, since “Now we can see what is happening, and we it monitors the state of their business and their have visibility of the behavior of applications infrastructure availability in a centralized and in production. So, if there are incidents, we proactive way. can see at what level of the architecture they are happening, or what application module is The Architecture and Operations Department of experiencing the problem. This is very important. Zurich CoE, as well as users from business areas, Tango/04 gave us visibility and proactivity. Thus can access personalized (according to their profile) we are now able to go faster to where the mistake real-time dashboards via the Web, in order to is and fix it sooner,” described a satisfied Butin. examine business activities, transactions, or other critical processes. Since the implementation of the project, several departments of Zurich CoE can see the Butin explained the scope of the Project: “The architecture is quite complex and the volume of processed information is very large. This was not just about recovering data at the i Series level. There is data that we have to search within applications such as CA Wily, others within the Web server, within interfaces... globally, information is not homogeneous and it is not in one place, but in several. What we checked before beginning the project was the ability of Tango/04 to monitor different sources of information, and therefore obtain the parameters of our service quality. Once started, the project took between three and four weeks, it was really fast.” 5
  6. 6. “Tango/04 gave us visibility and proactivity” main monitored metrics on multiple Next steps screens: application response times, After the project’s success, Zurich CoE is transaction volume, anomalies, and much more. getting ready to continue expanding the scope of the Access to Dashboards is open, so it can be used by solution. The first objective is to create new dashboards a Program Manager, an Architect, staff from the to extend the scope of monitored processes. Operations Department, or other qualified employees to know the behavior of applications in real time. “We want to cover other applications that we use and that are not reached today. We are also defining the critical transactions, so that we can monitor and measure them along the layers of the architecture,” described Butin. Also, Zurich CoE is planning to amplify the monitoring solution to new countries. Butin explained: “Tango/04 must be considered as the applications monitoring platform in Production. Each time a new country uses CoE’s applications, the monitoring at the application level would be done with Tango/04.” When consulted about his satisfaction with Tango/04 solutions, Butin didn’t hesitate: “Would I recommend Metrics control in real time. The solution allows measuring how many estimates are made per hour and per day, which reflects the performance of the solution? Yes, yes, yes. My boss says that he used the service. It also permits monitoring SLAs, payment logs, memory usage, basic parameters, and much more. to end the day with two aspirins, and now he ends it with a beer!” “This is not just about seeing if something works or doesn’t work, the important thing is to see its performance,” explained Butin. He continued: “It is a little bit different from traditional organizations, because the monitoring of infrastructures is done by different Operations teams in Switzerland, England, and Spain. But that’s just in the level of infrastructure. As for the applications level, the knowledge is here in the CoE, and that’s why we need to have a different vision. The CoE develops and operates Tango/04 monitoring solutions in production because it needs to have this vision of the services provided by Zurich.” Screens at Zurich CoE’s offices. T he Advanced Assistance Services were chosen as the methodology for the implementation of the project. It’s a service provided by Tango/04 that has been designed for customers who, due to particular situations, require additional support to successfully implement the project and/or to administer the solution. This approach allowed flexibility in the implementation, as well as cost savings, as they were able to take advantage of the previously existing knowledge of Zurich’s staff about the functioning of Tango/04 solutions. 6
  7. 7. Another successful “1-2-3” case Pierre Fabre Ibérica Intelligent Business Management The Spanish subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Pierre Fabre continues to expand their use of Tango/04 solutions. In 2009, after opening its new, highly automated logistics warehouse, they decided to expand their infrastructure and security monitoring to all business processes. Pierre Fabre is the second largest independent French pharmaceutical company. Some of its main brands for the general public are Klorane, Galenic, and René Furterer, in addition to Ducray, A-Derma, Avène, and Pierre Fabre Dermatology for dermatology. Pierre Fabre Ibérica is the Group’s first foreign subsidiary, and it currently employs about 10,000 people with a turnover of more than €1.8 million. 7
  8. 8. “With this project we have improved our systems without increasing our resources. Tango/04 has really helped us” The Problem of the technological infrastructure in each of “We are a leading pharmaceutical company in Spain, their headquarters. Afterwards, they controlled the especially in certain brands related to cosmetics and order management process flow, from the receipt dermo-cosmetics. We basically do two activities that of the order in Pierre Fabre Ibérica’s EDI to ERP can not fail: sell and dispatch. Processes involved in management, and finally packing and delivery control, these activities have to be very well controlled, mainly through the store’s logistics process software. to give our customers and the market what they are asking us for, and to anticipate any eventuality that Implementing the monitoring of infrastructure may cause the strategy (to sell and serve well) to took approximately a month and consisted mainly deviate from what we need to do in order to achieve in the creation of an inventory, not just of the new our goals,” said Javier Begil, Computing Division logistics warehouse (where most of the technology Manager of Pierre Fabre Ibérica. is), but also of all the company’s agents. Xavier Ordeix, Project Manager of Pierre Fabre Ibérica, explains: “In a year and a half we have multiplied by 2.5 the number of monitored servers and now we have about 500 monitors that recognize everything from a printer located in the innermost corner of the dispatching center, to the largest host server in our offices. We learn of anything that might happen: lines, processes, or services that fail, pings that do not work, programs with errors... anything that is important and may affect the daily functioning of online business, we have it monitored.” Monitoring of Pierre Fabre Ibérica’s stockage process in their Security Monitoring logistics warehouse Pierre Fabre Ibérica’s security monitoring involved the control of entry attempts with invalid passwords Thus, driven by the desire to meet the rising needs of a and erroneous access to the company’s critical data continually growing company, and always with the main for internal audits. objective of providing efficient service, Pierre Fabre Ibérica’s Computer Division has extended the scope of Tango/04 This phase of the project was smaller, but no less monitoring solutions into new areas of the company. important: “With the help of Tango/04 we implemented a standard package of monitors that guarantees us In 2009, after opening a new, highly automated safety. We don’t often have trouble in this area, but logistics warehouse, they decided to carry out a it’s still interesting to have the solution, considering the project that was organized in three phases: the number of terminals that we have, the level of users, and first referred to the technological infrastructure, the communication lines to which everyone can have the second was security oriented, and the third for some access to,” explains Ordeix. monitoring business processes. Business Processes Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring The main business process The first phase of the project for Pierre Fabre Ibérica is implemented in Pierre Fabre order management. This Ibérica involved the monitoring “The project really works. This process consists of the gives visibility and credibility to the department”
  9. 9. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO Computing Infrastructure Monitoring. Pierre Fabre Ibérica controls the operations of its four centers: The Logistics Center, The Marine Center, The Research Center, and its offices in Madrid. bidirectional communication flow that involves both “All this information flow circulates through several Pierre Fabre Ibérica and its customers, which implies steps and in some of them we were blind. For that orders received at the end of the day should be example, sometimes an order wasn’t delivered and launched and shipped the following day, as well as could be stuck for days or weeks without anyone properly billed. knowing. There was nothing or nobody to warn us, until the head of administration or a customer called All that information circulates in Pierre Fabre asking what happened with the order and then we Ibérica among the major applications, such as ERP would investigate what had happened,” explains and the logistics warehouse software, using EDI. Ordeix. “It’s not like that anymore. Now we learn the The main objective in this phase of the project next day when we arrive in the morning if there’s was to control the interface between each of these been any order that has lost any lines or some lines elements. From this, information from all monitors that have lost their heads, or any similar problem, is presented in one main view, where the flow of and if there is something truly alarming we get to information can be observed. This view provides work on it immediately. And the best part is that we an accurate picture of the state of the components can act without the customer even becoming aware and the relationships between them. of the incident.” 9
  10. 10. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO From IT to the Rest of the Company: In the Present and in the Future Pierre Fabre Ibérica… Once the goal of controlling the information flow • Aligned IT and Business using tools that was achieved, Pierre Fabre Ibérica decided to go provided the company with great added one step further and offer the monitoring tools to value users from other areas, mainly from Logistics, and • Tripled its effectiveness without therefore provide visibility and added value to their increasing its staff investment. • Improved its response times by providing more proactivity “The decision to extend the usability of the solution to its management is mainly due to the complication per se of the logistics, which to me is one of the most important • Increased the IT Department’s prestige areas of the company. For example, it is so by providing visibility of important to have quick indicators that show what their work is happening, that if this tool didn’t exist, we’d have • Adapted the had to invent it,” says Begil. solution to all of the company new Another goal, related to the previous one, was to needs achieve alignment between IT and Business. One of the main measures taken to achieve it was to always take into account who would be the end user when planning the extension of the project; this brought great benefits for IT within the company. Begil explains: “These kinds of projects are binary: either they work or they don’t. Therefore, the fact that they work and indicators, whether they are KPIs or KRIs, that we will they are validated by the departments to which they launch this year.” are offering a range of services provides visibility and makes the department gain credibility and generates Pierre Fabre Ibérica is currently working with other synergies. In the company, departments that already departments of the company to define their online saw how this works are preparing a second batch of services KPIs and KRIs. T he initial plan of the monitoring project began with a week of training where the basic knowledge related to the monitoring solution was transferred to Pierre Fabre Ibérica’s team. Afterwards the different phases of the project were embarked upon using the 50-50 methodology. This means it was implemented jointly by Tango/04’s and Pierre Fabre Ibérica’s respective teams, with the objective of providing the client with the necessary knowledge to be as independent as possible at the end of the project, and capable of maintaining the solution and making it evolve. 10
  11. 11. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO Monitoring Symposium 2010 The only event entirely dedicated The seventh edition of the event was celebrated in to corporate monitoring Spain on May 7th and was attended by more than 100 CIOs and other professionals of the technology industry gathered leading companies from from leading European companies. all over the world once again This annual event has been organized by Tango/04 Computing Group for more than 3 years in Europe and Latin America, with the purpose of presenting the latest news about monitoring technologies for increasing process visibility. This time, the event took place in the luxurious Hotel W Barcelona and was about “News and Challenges for Total Visibility.” The attendees were able to listen to success stories of corporate monitoring from leading companies from different industries, presented by the users themselves. The main cases were: Nike, Pierre Fabre Ibérica, Sligro y CC&G (London Stock Exchange Group), who presented their success stories and described how Tango/04 solutions increased their visibility and improved both their daily jobs and their business results. 11
  12. 12. Tango/04 Monitor - Novedades en gestión de sistemas y seguridad para el CIO, el CEO y el CISO CC&G, the clearing and guarantee agency that is part of London Stock Exchange Group, commented on their experience using Tango/04 BSM solutions to assess operational risk autonomously in real time and ensure the accuracy of derivatives closing prices at the end of every day. Pierre Fabre Ibérica explained how they aligned IT and Business, tripled their effectiveness without increasing its staff, and improved response times by monitoring their infrastructure and security as well as their business processes. Sligro, the largest food wholesaler in the Netherlands, described how they implemented Tango/04 solutions to automatically and continuously control their most critical business processes, providing higher availability and significant time and resource savings, as well as increasing the company’s profits. Finally, Nike presented their latest news about the corporate monitoring project implemented to manage the most critical logistic business services for its regional warehouse in Belgium. This project has not only been improved, but is now managed autonomously and continues being implemented across the globe. More than 100 CIOs and other professionals from the technology industry from several European leading companies attended the event, including: Alcampo, Aspasiel, De Cecco, Grupo Mondial Assistance España, ITC (Caixa Catalunya), Lagardère Active, Liberty Insurance Group, Louprey International, MAPFRE, Nintendo Ibérica, Random House Mondadori, Reale Seguros Generales, Seur Geopost, TNT Express Worldwide Spain, Zurich Financial Services, and more. Raúl Cristian Aguirre, Tango/04 CEO presented the latest world trends for improving performance, control and service levels provided by IT and Security Departments to different areas of the company. 12
  13. 13. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO Regarding this, he said: “Companies need visibility of their business processes, as well as the state of their technology infrastructure and requirement compliance in order to be competitive. The success stories presented in the Symposium by the protagonists themselves correspond to some of the pioneering companies in implementing Tango/04 solutions for Total Visibility, and they confirm that our tools improve both their daily work and their business results.” To conclude the event, the attendees participated in a recreational activity that consisted of the Visit the Symposium’s microsite and production of amusing chocolate desserts. watch the presentations! www.tango04.com/symposium2010 Monitoring Symposium in Buenos Aires, Argentina As in previous years, Buenos Aires also hosted the traditional event. In its Latin American edition, the Luxury Hotel Sofitel La Reserva Cardales was the scene that brought together IT professionals from various industries. The event, known there as the Barcelona/04 Monitoring Symposium (due to the name of the Latin American subsidiary of Tango/04 Computing Group), was attended by Technology, Security and Systems Managers from more than 80 leading American companies, including: Arcor, Danone, Banco Itaú, Bayer, DIA%, MAPFRE, Swiss Medical, BBVA, Bancard, Visa, Cencosud, Metlife, AGD, Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Tarjeta Naranja, Banco Hipotecario and Prudential, among others. The attendees were able to listen to success stories of corporate monitoring in leading companies presented by their protagonists. The main cases were: Zurich Argentina: the national headquarters of one of the most solvent insurance companies in the world uses Barcelona/04 solutions to centralize the monitoring, auditing and control of computing security in real time, as well as their critical business applications in multiple platforms. Banco Votorantim: the Technology Manager of this bank which is part of one of the largest economic groups in Brazil, traveled from this country to present their success story. The company controls its entire technology infrastructure in real time and the monitoring of critical business services, such as Bank Payment System, and its 170 plus agencies. Banco Galicia: using Barcelona/04 solutions, the company implemented a wide range of controls to carry out the centralized monitoring of their security events and therefore comply with multiple regulations from the Central Bank of Argentina, SOX, External Audits, and other requirements. 13
  14. 14. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO Total Visibility Guaranteed The strengthening of the Tango/04 Professional Services offer produced a growth of the monitoring solutions and a conspicuous improvement in the visibility and the capability of control provided to companies By Carlos Pédéflous Global Chief Operating Officer and founder of Tango/04 Latin American subsidiary Given the current problems of companies, in terms of steadily. Companies found in it the possibility of complexity and limited resources to manage multiple outsourcing tasks that would require their time technological solutions and products, we adapted our for research and setup, but are performed more offer to provide flexible and effective options to help them efficiently when delegated to Tango/04. meet this need. In 2009, Tango/04 presented its renewed approach on Professional Services, aimed at responding An IT professional known as a Customer Consultant was to the growing need to maintain and evolve corporate assigned to each client to follow the evolution of the monitoring projects. solution in the particular context of their business, and meet their specific needs. And it was interesting to see After a thorough analysis and consultation with our how this provided greater peace of mind and agility customers worldwide, we concluded that companies for companies, as the service guaranteed personalized chose different strategies: some prefer to have greater support for a year without risk, and with a very flexible autonomy and resources to manage the solution, and and economical scheme. others with less internal resources, require a higher level of collaboration from us. In all cases, regardless the level Results of this new service were soon noticeable: of administration, they expected continuous and flexible companies from around the world used the Advanced support, which would allow them to optimize the use Assistance Service for maintaining and updating their of their own resources and take full advantage of this Tango/04 solutions and making them grow, primarily solution that could extend its benefits every day. to gain greater visibility in their management. The case of Pierre Fabre Ibérica, described in detail on Since then, the new Advanced Assistance Service, page 7 of this magazine, is perhaps one of the best part of our Permanent Coverage Services, grew examples of this. 14 14
  15. 15. Tango/04 Monitor - Latest news in System Management and Security for the CEO, CIO and CISO The Spanish subsidiary of the second largest times. We continue to believe that the initial project independent French pharmaceutical company is just the beginning. The goal is to become a strategic extended their infrastructure and security monitoring ally who helps professionals grow in their activities. to all business processes using this service, which led to a new model of working within the company: Tango/04 is working with its partners to expand the new the proactive and intelligent business management, Professional Services worldwide. Contact your supplier to thanks to the possibility of having real time visibility of verify availability in your zone. everything that happens in both IT and other areas of the organization. In the image you can see the screen that they use to monitor the order process in their logistics warehouse. To learn more about our Professional Services offer, contact We want to continue accompanying our clients in your Account Executive their growth and steadily improving the quality of our solutions, as well as the value obtained with them, to provide the appropriate response to their needs at all 15
  16. 16. News Brazilian Banks Also Choose Professional Services Tango/04 Consolidate in Latin America Two of the largest banks in Brazil have chosen Tango/04 The Tango/04 office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is for their corporate monitoring: Banco Votorantim and the group’s Latin American headquarters. Driven by Banco Multiplo IBI. the extraordinary success of recent years, the group continues to consolidate its presence in emerging Banco Votorantim is the third largest private financial markets in the region, where it also has sales offices in institution in Brazil and Banco Multiplo IBI is part of Brazil and Colombia. Bradesco, the largest private bank in the country. Both companies chose Tango/04 solutions to control and Recently, new executives have joined the Professional monitor their technological infrastructure and their Services team offices in Brazil and Colombia, with the business processes and services (BSM). goal to continue growing in these countries and ensure the quality of the service provided to customers in the Banco Multiplo IBI chose Tango/04 solutions primarily region. for their ease of use and extendibility, which will allow them to fully meet the ever rising needs for control of Tango/04 expects to continue strengthening its the entire bank. The implementation of the VISUAL professional services worldwide, with the clear Message Center solution, will take between three and objective of working with clients on the dual task four months to complete. of maintaining and evolving the solution to meet everyone’s monitoring needs. Banco Votorantim also began the project in October. One of its main objectives is to monitor their Banking Payment Services and branches. Dilbert 16
  17. 17. Caja Navarra Chooses Tango/04 Solutions to Monitor its Business Processes The most important savings are transparency and participation. Tango/04 bank in Navarra, Caja de Computing Group is proud to cooperate with their Ahorros y Monte de Piedad de magnificent work. Navarra, commercially known as Caja Navarra or CAN, chose Tango/04 solutions as a strategic tool to carry out its Business Service Management (BSM). The organization chose the Spanish company for several reasons: matching vision, strength, agility, and ease of implementation, market benchmarks, and, ultimately, their value for money. The project entailed the modeling of different Banking Business Services, such as: Methods of Payment, E-banking, Intranet, Email, etc. Also, several control panels were designed in order to represent business and technical indicators. Caja Navarra is a pioneering financial institution in civic banking and banking 2.0. Its main values Tango/04 Computing Group Strengthens its Presence on the Web While the company gets ready for the launch of its translates into an unmatched ability to maintain a new website, it is also strengthening its presence on fluid and permanent contact with active and potential social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. customers, understand their needs, and continually inform them with news about the company that may On LinkedIn, a network known for its use for be useful,” says Pedro Trejo, Tango/04 Marketing professional purposes, the company has two groups: Manager. Tango/04 Computing Group and Tango/04 Customers, directed exclusively to customers. The groups were Twitter profile: created to share articles, discuss issues, and make http://www.twitter.com/tango04cg/ news and events related to software, monitoring, IT, LinkedIn groups: and business public. Tango/04 Computing Group | Tango/04 Customers Twitter, which began as a tool for personal use only, due to its great power of communication, became a tool also used by companies. Tango/04 began to use this network to make their presence at events known, and virtually invite the world to participate. “Web 2.0 allows the interaction of people with similar interests from around the world. For businesses, this
  18. 18. News A New MSP Monitors its Datacenter with Tango/04 require any installation on the monitored components. Furthermore, the software’s ease of use generated benefits as of the implementation phase.” The project involved more than 200 systems (both real and virtual), disparate operating systems and databases, and multiple services and applications to be monitored in real time, including a number of controls for monitoring user experience on business-critical applications (SAP and Citrix in particular). In addition to systems, over 300 network devices are monitored, and altogether more than 2000 monitoring controls have been implemented, and distributed over thousands of Business Views and Aspasiel, an Italian subsidiary company of ThyssenKrupp hundreds of Enterprise Views by Tango/04 specialists in Acciai Speciali Terni (one of the main producers of collaboration with Aspasiel’s internal staff. stainless steel in the world), is an MSP (Managed Services Provider) that provides Information Technology The whole project was completed in only three months. infrastructure solutions and services to companies across the world. Despite the fact that the company already had a monitoring solution (CA’s Unicenter), the acquisition of new customers over the last few years generated a considerable growth of their datacenter, and the existing tool proved to be unable to provide what they needed. Its complexity for implementing new controls, and the level of flexibility that it offered were insufficient for adapting to the changing needs of Aspasiel, which made it necessary for the MSP to put out a bid to look for a monitoring solution which didn’t require such an excessive effort (both technical and financial) to maintain. After carefully studying the market, both Aspasiel’s management and the technical staff agreed on choosing Tango/04 solutions, and the results didn’t take long to arrive. The architecture of the solution, along with the organization’s structure, considerably simplified the management of outsourced monitoring services that they offer, and made it possible for the company to pursue new opportunities in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) sector. Massimo Forti, Systems Read these and more news at: Engineer of Aspasiel, said: “We’ve replaced the previous www.tango04.com/news solution completely. One of the great advantages was the agentless nature of the product, which doesn’t 18
  19. 19. close to you About Tango/04 Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading developers of monitoring software for Technology, Security/Compliance and Tango/04 offers you different communication channels so that Business Service Management (BSM) you are always up-to-date with the latest trends in monitoring and Tango/04 helps companies maintain the operating health of security. business processes, improve service levels, comply with security audits, increase productivity and reduce operating costs aligning their IT department with their business objectives. The group’s unparalleled “1-2-3” monitoring approach provides in only one single easy-to-use, real-time, multiplatform solution a powerful tool to: 1) Manage your critical infrastructure, applications, and We invite you to discover Tango/04 eChannel, our new online training and communication service, through which business services (BSM), 2) Comply with current and future we will keep you informed about the latest news in IT and audits, and control your security in real time, and 3) Manage introduce you to the latest technologies created by our R&D your business processes in a centralized and effective way. department in Barcelona. Through our Web seminars learn the views of experts and The group operates throughout the world through its vast network high profile people in the industry and let our team of of Business Partners and has more than 2,000 customers, including professionals answer all your questions. Every event is free companies such as: 3M, Alcampo, Arcelor, Banco Itaú, Bayer, BBVA, and available in English. Boehringer Ingelheim, Bridgestone, Citigroup, Capgemini, CC&G Visit www.tango04.com/events to find out about the (London Stock Exchange Group), Coca-Cola, Danone, DIA, Dolce & upcoming eChannels and our Learn How section. Gabbana, Dole Fresh Fruit, EDS, Euronet Worldwide, First Data Ibérica, Fortis, GE Money, Gucci, Helvetia, Inditex (Zara), ING Nationale- Nederlanden, Liberty, L’Oréal, Luxottica, MAPFRE, Manpower, Miele, www.tango04.com Nestlé, Nike, Nissan, Pierre Fabre Ibérica, Prada, Random House Mondadori, SEUR Geopost, Shell, Telmex, TNT, Tribunal Regional Do Trabalho, Yves Rocher and Zurich Financial Services, among others. On our Web site, www.tango04.com, you will find all the information you need about our solutions, including: brochures, case studies, white papers, business meetings, press releases, and a lot more. Alliances IBM • IBM Business Partner • Advanced Level PartnerWorld for Developers member 1996 Email and telephone • IBM “All Star” Partner for product innovation 1997 - 2002 • Tango/04 products are IBM Value Added Approved in Europe • Direct Technical Liaison with IBM iSeries labs in Rochester, MN, USA You can easily get in touch with Tango/04, to solve any doubt • OS/400 Early Code Release program member or question, by emailing us at info@tango04.net or calling • Automatic Computing Initiative technical and marketing alliance for +1 800 304 6872 (USA & Canada) or +34 932 740 051 (EMEA). self-managing systems We are more than happy to assist you. Microsoft • Member of Microsoft Developer Network • Access to early Windows releases Red Hat Linux • Red Hat Linux Partner Monitor Magazine Agile Alliance • Agile Alliance Corporate Member Read this edition, and previous editions, at www.tango04.com/monitor To find out more about our solutions/products, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 800 304 6872 (USA & Canada) © 2010 Tango/04 Computing Group, S.L. All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited without specific permission from Tango/04 Computing Group, L.L.C. Avenida Meridiana 358, 5º A-B, 08027 Barcelona, +34 932 740 051 (EMEA) Spain. Phone: +34 932 740 051. All trademarks mentioned may be registered by their owners.
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