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Zogathon Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Zogathon
  • 2.  This substance fuels our hovercrafts so it is very carefully looked after however before Zogathon was inhabited a volcano which is now a dormant lake once erupted and the fresh water mixed with the magma from the volcano and it turned into salt water that is fuelled from the extinct volcano. So this salt water base is forever refuelling itself.
  • 3. Crops. Obviously this is quite an important factor of anyplanet, and we make sure that all of our crops arein the right temperature and get enough water bya machine that took our scientists over 50 yearsto come up with. This device is a machine thatonce you type in the type of plant it sets the righttemperature and waters it when needed. Thismarvellous machine also gives a plant the rightamount of sunlight
  • 4. Pasture.Nature is a important element in zogothon life so ourgreen grass Is well looked after much like the crops.
  • 5. Animals1On Zogothan everyone is given a species ofanimal to look after, keep count of andgenerally keep the species in touch. Themost common animals on Zogothan arethe most rare animals on earth like theanimal you would see walking down theroad is the pinta island tortoise who onearth has only one individual.
  • 6. animals The list of animals are as follows: Pinta Island Tortoise The Yangtzee River Dolphin Vancouver island marmot Seychelles sheath tailed bat Javan rhino Hispid hare Northern hairy nosed wombat Tamaraw Iberian Lynx Red wolf Golden tabby tiger Snow Leopard
  • 7. The Pinta Island Tortoise• RIP George
  • 8. The Yangtzee River DolphinThe Vancouver island marmot
  • 9. The Seychelles sheath tailed bat.• The Javan rhino
  • 10. The Northern hairy nosed wombatTHE HISPID HARE
  • 11. The Tamaraw and the Iberian lynx
  • 12. The red wolf, golden tabby tiger and the snow leopard.
  • 13. Money The people of Zogathon are naturally crazy about nature, and their planet. This provoked them to use trees and leaves for the cover on their Zotes, and land animals and water animals for the cover of their Zollars. Zotes are only worth the following $5, $10, $20,$50,and $100. Whereas Zollars are worth $1, $2, zoins.
  • 14. • Oxygen is natural on Zogathon so there is no problem with breathing.
  • 15. Electricity• The people of Zogathon get electricity from a lake in the middle of Zogathon which has been converted into a hydro dam.
  • 16. TemperatureThe temperature on Zogathon is very similar to Earth. In the day it can reach 25 degrees and it drops to about 17 degrees at night.
  • 17. School• School in zogathon is very nature based with most lessons compromising of learning about the species of animal they are to be trusted with when they are adults. Every child is given charge of their own learning if they want to do maths one day and English another, it is encouraged.
  • 18. Transportation!• There is only one type of vehicle on Zogathon the salt water powered hovercraft the hovercraft is rather large and spacious it has a hood that can be deployed when necessary.
  • 19. Criminals• Criminals on Zogathon are dealt with pretty much the same way as on earth they are charged and given either community service or jail time but it is a rarity.
  • 20. Jobs• Environmental enthusiasts.• Zets ( instead of vet )• Zoctor ( doctor )• Animal species counter.• Teachers• Zoo keepers