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Andrew goodwins theory

Andrew goodwins theory



Media Research

Media Research



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    Andrew goodwins theory Andrew goodwins theory Presentation Transcript

    • Andrew Goodwins theory
    • There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the lyrics.
      • In our music video we have tried to create a story
      • We have used the lyrics to lead the narrative of the video and to link to the visual imagery throughout, we used the story line and lyrics to create the imagery in the video so that a strong link and sense of narrative is present.
      • Initially the lyrics fit in with the action on screen as the book opens and words fly out; as the lyric ‘fools’ and ‘hearts’ is said, the title with the lyrics appear on screen; this shows a clear link with the lyrics, as it highlights the words of the song.
      • Throughout the video we have made the lyrics correspond with the imagery chosen, mainly to emphasise certain points in the song and also to add impact on the nature of the video; ie.
      • ‘ they tear apart their ragged hearts’- here we used a heart made of fabric and through animation, made the heart tear in two.
    • There is a relationship between the music and the visuals, with the visuals illustrating, amplifying or contradicting the music.
      • Initially there is a link to the music and the visuals, as we have used the tempo and beat of the music to lead the animation in the video, this was key in the editing process, to make a smooth flowing video that mirrors the mood and atmosphere in the video.
    • Genres are complex and diverse in terms of music video style and iconography
      • With our music video we went against conventions for the genre of the band, usually with indie music live performance is utilised to convey the sense of ‘live’, or ‘real’ music, however here we wanted to present the artistic side of the band and create a more unique style that reflects them. The genre of The Crookes is almost quite a niche genre, as they are quite different to many other indie bands; this is why we chose to go against the stereotypical video for a band of this nature. We understood that The Crookes had quite a poetic sound and we felt that by using animation we could convey this mood and atmosphere better, by creating this ‘make-believe’ setting, rather than using the conventional style of music videos.
    • Record companies will demand a lot of close-ups of the main artist or vocalist
      • As we did not use the band physically in this video we cannot comment on this part of the theory; we chose to present the lyrical part of the song and to present the band as artists, rather than icons.
    • The artist may develop their own star iconography, in and out of their videos, which, over time, becomes part of their star image.
      • We have taken this idea of iconography to a different level our video; we have tried to create a distinct look and style for the band as a way to represent and market the brand; building up a sense of iconography, trying to relate to the niche subcultures that fit in with our band. We have used our music video to inform of the specific style of the band and cater to the correct target audience.
      • We will use visual elements to relate to the band and the genre of music, and focus on styling and appearance to create a unique look- this is all a huge part of branding, as well as artwork and making sure we focus on the ideas behind, sub-cultures and niche markets. It will be important that in our music video we take ideas from within the bands style, as to draw in the correct target audience. As they have such a distinct style, we will need to show their branding as independent and creative, appealing to their sub-culture. 
    • Voyeurism is present in many music videos, especially in the treatment of females, but also in terms of systems of looking. Some examples are screens within screens, cameras, mirrors, etc.
      • Examples of voyeurism.
      • Within our video we do not have too many aspects of voyeurism, we do not exploit women, however here the woman is seen as a stereotypical wife figure; however we do not use any images of which are demeaning. The other aspect of Voyeurism is a feature that we have considered too much; however the use of the photo frame, where you can see a variety of images, could be considered as a system of looking.
    • Intertextuality there are likely to be intertextual references, either to other music videos or to films and TV texts, these provide further gratification and pleasure for the viewers/fans.
      • The intertextual references relate to our typical storyline of which is prominent throughout a huge range of texts, from other music videos, to films and even reality. This is effective for us in terms of relation for our audience as people can relate to the plotline and find gratification or solace within our video as the story of a dysfunctional relationship is identifiable.
    • Todorov’s Theory.
      • This applies to my music video due to the use of Equilibrium. In our video it starts with a stable relationship, of which then breaks up where the conflict arises, then the plot is resolved when the couple get back together.
      • This theory applies to our video due to the Equilibrium- The normal state at the beginnning of the text. Any opposing forces are in balance. Dis-Equilibrium- an action or conflict. New equilibruim- A new balance.
    • Roland Barthes – The Symbolic
      • Due to his theory that music videos can be interpret in a range of different ways, I think our video fits into the realm of symbolism, due to the variety of imagery that we utilise in order to help communicate the narrative. We have used symbolism as a means of deeper reading into our video.
    • Claude Levi-Strauss
      • This theory argues that meaning in narrative is based upon binary oppositions. In our music video this would relate in regards to the opposing relationships within our video and the use of juxtaposing ideas of love and relationships.