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Why LinkedIn Is Going “All-In” with Content Marketing

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Why LinkedIn Is Going “All-In” with Content Marketing



Have you noticed the content marketing moves made lately by LinkedIn? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity. Find out why we're betting our future on content and how it will affect you.

Have you noticed the content marketing moves made lately by LinkedIn? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity. Find out why we're betting our future on content and how it will affect you.



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Why LinkedIn Is Going “All-In” with Content Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Marketing Solutions Why LinkedIn is going “all-in” with content marketing Jonathan Lister VP, North American Sales
  • 2. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg 60% through decision before they reach out to companies Discover Explore Select Advocate The challenge: buyers are
  • 3. Personal networks invest time spend time Professional networks
  • 4. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Marketers need to adopt a “members-first” approach to content
  • 5. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 6. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Influencers
  • 7. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 8. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 9. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 10. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktgPhoto credit: Min-Chieh Chang 75% of the neurons in our brains process visual information
  • 11. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg 328,000Views!
  • 12. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 13. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 14. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg The definitive professional publishing platform
  • 15. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Changing the mantra from always be closing, to always be helping
  • 16. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Marketers Audience Content
  • 17. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Marketers AudienceContent
  • 18. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Marketers AudienceRelationship
  • 19. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg 87% Use social media for content distribution
  • 20. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Effectiveness rating50%
  • 21. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg XX% An opportunity to deliver a much better content experience
  • 22. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg The key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance
  • 23. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Customers & Prospects Revenue 1 Customer A 2 Customer B 3 Customer C 4 Customer D 5 Customer E 6 Customer F 7 Customer G 8 Customer H Customers and Prospects are More Than Just Numbers in a Database
  • 24. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Customers & Prospects Personas mask the richness of your target
  • 25. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Customers & Prospects
  • 26. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg The Irrelevant Content Experience
  • 27. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Speak to the dog, in the language of the dog, about what’s in the heart of the dog. – Roy Williams
  • 28. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Groups Marketing Innovation with LinkedIn B2B Online CM Academy Standardized Job Titles Senior Manager Function Content Marketing Company LinkedIn Industry Technology Size 5000+ Connections 2k Name Jason Miller Demographics Male Geo San Francisco Endorsements Social Media Marketing Blogging Content Marketing Publications Big Marketing Coloring Book Awards Marketo Star on Fire Award
  • 29. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Moving from information to insight creates content relevance
  • 30. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg
  • 31. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg information
  • 32. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg insights connections commonalities engagements
  • 33. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Not more content. More relevant content
  • 34. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg 3 types of real time relevant content
  • 35. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Waiting for the moment
  • 36. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg In the moment
  • 37. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg Anticipating the moment Catching trending topics Defining content strategy Time period Popularity
  • 38. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Imagine being able to predict the next trend that matters to your customers and prospects
  • 39. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg How do you know if your content is more relevant? Increased referral traffic Social engagement Higher quality leads
  • 40. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg#CMworld @LinkedInMktg What is LinkedIn doing to advance relevance? Highlight types of content Quantify content influence Provide recommendations
  • 41. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg The future of Content marketing is in your hands
  • 42. #CMworld @LinkedInMktg Which path will you choose?