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Webinar - Getting It Done: How large organizations achieve social and content marketing success


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Does your company have what it takes to execute an effective content marketing strategy? …

Does your company have what it takes to execute an effective content marketing strategy?

Increasingly, brands are becoming publishers and communicating with their audiences directly through social media. What you don’t see in that sponsored update or blog post is all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes to bring it to life. Content calendars, legal approvals, social publishing tools, reporting, and more… Large organizations in particular are grappling with the best ways to structure their teams to allow them to be effective, always-on content marketers.

We heard firsthand from Visa, a leading global brand, regarding the path to success they have paved. Learn about the various elements needed for an effective social media operation at a large organization.

Watch the presentation:

Published in: Marketing

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  • 1. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Getting It Done: How large organizations align for social media & content marketing success
  • 2. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Speaker Details Jonathan Young LinkedIn Content Marketing Lead, Financial Services Twitter: @jonathanyoung29 Lucas Mast Visa Senior Director of Corporate Social Marketing Twitter: @sneakrz
  • 3. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Agenda 1. The Trends of Top Performing Content Marketers on LinkedIn 2. 8 Keys To Success for Social @ Large Organizations 3. Case Study: Visa’s Path to Success 4. Q & A
  • 4. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg House Keeping  Questions? – WebEx: Send them in via the Q&A feature – Twitter: Tweet them using #LinkedInContent  Recorded? – You bet. Distributed afterwards.
  • 5. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Why Content Marketing is Different… Convergence of Disciplines Technology CreativeMedia Social Networks Web Social Media Management Solutions Analytics and Reporting Social Listening Strategy Designers Agencies & Content Partners Editors Writers Paid Media Earned Media Influencer Outreach Sponsored Editorial People Advertising API Solutions
  • 6. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Trends Behind The Top 10 Performing Content Marketers on LinkedIn
  • 7. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg What is Content Marketing Score? CMS Groups Company Updates Sponsored Updates Employee Posts Influencer Posts A Score that quantifies and benchmarks the influence companies have on LinkedIn
  • 8. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg How Does Content Marketing Score Work? 12,000,000 Members 95,000 Members Target Audience Members you would like to reach (monthly active users) Content Marketing Engagement Members who engage with your content (for example, all C-Suite) Like, share, comment, follow, click Content Marketing Score Unique Members Engaged = =x Multiplier 126Active Target Audience
  • 9. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Some of the Leading Industries and Brands by CMS Source: February 2014
  • 10. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Approach We Took • Goal: • Analyze underlying data from top performing brands to infer traits of their organizational structure and publishing practices • Sample: • Top 10 Brands (Fortune 500) with the highest CMS Score in July 2014 • The sample is represented pre-dominantly by Tech and Financial Services companies • Note: • Because the Content Marketing Score looks at a variety of factors beyond the company page and content; these results should be looked at as directional indicators.
  • 11. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Top 10 Performing Big Brands: Their Results Factor Average # Posts Per Month 112 Targeted Status Updates All Using SMMS Tools All Sponsoring Content All & Frequently Engagement Rate of Content 1.5X Higher vs. Benchmark
  • 12. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Top 10 Performing Big Brands: Company Info Factor Average # Year Founded 1919 Number of Employees on LinkedIn 150,924 Number of Marketers on LinkedIn 2,607 Number of Followers 880,000 Number of Showcase Pages 6.5
  • 13. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Top 10 Performing Big Brands: Their Team Factor Average # Unique Admins 26 Admins Who Publish 9 Non-Employee Admins 9 Countries Represented 7
  • 14. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Top 10 Performing Big Brands: Their Department / Function
  • 15. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Top 10 Performing Big Brands: Their Seniority
  • 16. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg 8 Keys To Success for Social @ Large Organizations
  • 17. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #1: Have A Documented Strategy “Failure to plan, is planning to fail”
  • 18. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #2: Success Is A Team Sport Have Clearly Defined Roles & Responsibilities
  • 19. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #3: Map Out The Process Step-By-Step Include turn around times & names Idea Draft of Post Review from PR Review from Legal Approved Added to Content Calendar Scheduled in SMM Tool Published Live Promote & Amplified Community Engagement Measurement Win
  • 20. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktgPromoted Post #4: Live by the Content Calendar At least 2+ weeks ahead planned; map out tent-pole events M T W T F S S World Cup Launch Event Labor Day
  • 21. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #5: Make Your SMMS Technology Work For You Harness Automatic Scheduling, Rule based Actions, Alerts
  • 22. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #6: Adaptable Teams Wear Multiple Hats Create a culture of continual learning; Rounded vs. Specialized
  • 23. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #7: Distribution Driven Content Marketing Strategy Proactively planning to ensure great content reaches great people
  • 24. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg #8: Measure Twice, Improve Continuously Leverage Actionable Insights To Optimize Strategy and Quality Plan Create Publish & Distribute Analyze
  • 25. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg To Recap: 8 Keys To Success for Social @ Large Organizations 1. Document Your Strategy 2. Have Clear Roles & Responsibilities 3. Establish & Follow A Process 4. Your Content Calendar = The Holy Grail 5. Use Technology To Simplify & Save Time 6. Cross-Train Staff To Create All-Stars 7. Be Highly Aware of How Content is Distributed 8. Achieve Content Mastery Through Measurement & Iteration
  • 26. Visa Confidential26 LinkedIn: Best Practices, Lessons Learned & Plans for the Future July 30, 2014 Lucas Mast, Senior Director, Corporate Social Marketing
  • 27. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Countdown to kickoff…  Team overview  Content strategy  Our approach  What we’ve learned  What’s ahead
  • 28. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The team: Corporate Social Marketing Jennifer Bazante: VP Executive Leadership Lucas Mast, Sr. Director Manage Corporate Social Media Channels Stacy Short, Director Narratives, Operations Katie McCarthy, Program Manager Narratives Jessica Williams, Marketing Research Metrics & Analytics
  • 29. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Creating a game plan  Focusing on key narratives  Identifying target audiences and sponsoring content to reach them  Driving employee/executive engagement  Reaching prospective employees
  • 30. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Building support from our fans  Internal educational sessions about the value of LinkedIn  Increased leadership appetite for social—especially LinkedIn  Organizational cultural change— getting more social across Visa  Focus on metrics and ROI for marketing/communications activities  Comments and feedback on posts help other teams take action
  • 31. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Practicing and preparing  Daily corporate social marketing editorial meetings  Constant sourcing of content  Weekly meetings with employee communications and content team  Securing budget  Establishing benchmark metrics/KPIs  Testing and learning (content, audiences, timing, frequency)
  • 32. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Preparing a post to score  Identify content that supports a corporate narrative  Decide whether to use owned content or curated content  Source curated content from Percolate “brew” or other source  Create LinkedIn post [headline, subhead, link to article]  Obtain legal approval where needed  Post organically on LinkedIn  Identify audience(s) to target for LinkedIn sponsored update [all LI posts are sponsored]  Decide on budget and duration for sponsored update  Monitor LinkedIn post for performance  Syndicate content to other social channels, where appropriate
  • 33. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Using all our players
  • 34. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Students of the game  Constant contact with our representatives from LinkedIn  Best practices from other members of  Attending conferences like ANA Social and Digital Media  Working with executives and employees on profile, content  Using LinkedIn personally
  • 35. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Gooooaaaaallll! (Scoreboard)  November 2013: ~70K (only organic publishing)  March 2014: ~85K (started sponsored updates/organic)  July 2014: ~110K (including growth in target audiences)  Organic posts: 2x category average  Sponsored updates: ~2-6X category average
  • 36. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg A deep bench  Corporate relations  Employment branding  Employee communications  Product  Executives  Legal  Local markets  Research team  Talent acquisition
  • 37. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Vendor Timeout:  Daily content curation through multiple “brews”  Image rights through Getty Images and Shutterstock  Marketplace partnerships with  Publishing and metrics/analytics capabilities
  • 38. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Missed Shots  Marketing-heavy content has not performed well  Niche content (eg financial inclusion) performs well—but not at the level of engagement of more “general” content  Company news performs well only if delivered in a timely manner
  • 39. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Developing star players
  • 40. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Victories along the way Organic engagement: 1.3% 222 new influencers added
  • 41. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg A few more wins +900 clicks on the article 745 interactions, 1.2% engagement
  • 42. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg The Trophy
  • 43. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Extended play (what’s next)  Brand study  Increased employee/executive training & participation  LinkedIn SU partners/API integrations  Additional narratives  Revamping our pages  Local market targeted content  Develop comprehensive editorial calendar
  • 44. #LinkedInContent | @LinkedInMktg Thank you + questions Lucas Mast
  • 45. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.