Reach Consumer Electronics Buyers with LinkedIn


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The consumer electronics market remains a bright spot in a lackluster economy – global spending is expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2012, up 5% from 2011 spending of $993 billion. LinkedIn members are at the
cutting edge of consumer electronics trends, and for consumer electronics
marketers, they represent a lucrative target audience.

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Reach Consumer Electronics Buyers with LinkedIn

  1. 1. Marketing Solutions Reach Consumer ElectronicsLINKEDIN MEMBERS ARE Buyers with LinkedIn LinkedIn Consumer Electronics Audience Study, Q4 2011AFFLUENT41% will spend more than $1,000 The consumer electronics market remains a bright spot in a lacklusteron consumer electronics products economy – global spending is expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2012, upin 2012 5% from 2011 spending of $993 billion.1 LinkedIn members are at the cutting edge of consumer electronics trends, and for consumer electronicsINFLUENTIALTwo-thirds say that other people marketers, they represent a lucrative target audience. We surveyed moresolicit their advice about electronics than 1,600 in the U.S. to discover if: • Affluent LinkedIn members are willing to spend on quality productsQUALITY-DRIVEN • They are sophisticated users of CE products43% more likely than the averageadult to cite quality as a purchase • They influence others’ CE purchasing decisionsdriver • They change CE buying habits when they change jobs • They care more about productivity and efficiency, and less aboutGADGET-SAVVY entertainment value85% more likely to own or use atablet PC than the average adult Affluent LinkedIn members are willing to spend more for quality To determine if LinkedIn members are likely to spend more on consumer electronics and pay more for high quality, we compared their buying habits to those of the U.S. general online population. Forty-one percent of LinkedIn members plan to spend $1,000 or more on CE purchases in 2012, compared to 29% of the general population. For every device respondents were asked about – including digital cameras, smartphones, and MP3 players – LinkedIn members ranked higher in ownership and usage than the average online adult. For example, 77% of LinkedIn members own or use a smartphone, compared to 51% of the general online population. Forty percent own or use tablet PCs, compared to 22% of the general online population. LINKEDIN MEMBERS ARE WILLING TO SPEND ESTIMATED SPEND ON CE IN 2012 LESS THAN 24% $500 39% $500 TO 35% $999 33% LINKEDIN MEMBERS ARE 25% MORE $1000 OR 41% LIKELY TO SPEND MORE 29% $500 OR MORE LinkedIn Members General U.S. Online Population 1
  2. 2. LINKEDIN MEMBERS LinkedIn members also show that quality matters more than price when they make CE purchases. Compared to the U.S. general online population,ARE SOPHISTICATED LinkedIn members are 18% less likely to cite price as a factor when buyingABOUT CE smartphones, and 66% more likely to say that rich product features are important to them.21%MORE LIKELY TO BE APPROACHED BY LINKEDIN MEMBERS USE MULTIPLE DEVICESOTHERS FOR ADVICE AND INFORMATIONABOUT CONSUMER ELECTRONICS REGULARLY DEVICES OWNED OR USED MONTHLY80%MORE LIKELY TO SHOP ON THEIR 84% 68% 79% 72% 79% 65% 77% LinkedIn Members General U.S. Online PopulationSMARTPHONE THAN THE AVERAGE 51%ONLINE ADULT 42% 40% 40%53% 36% 34% 34% 32% 34% 29% 22% 21% 19%MORE LIKELY THAN THE AVERAGEONLINE ADULT TO HAVE BLUETOOTHIN THEIR CAR DIGITAL HDTV MULTI SMART- BLU-RAY TABLET DIGITAL COLOR DIGITAL EREADER CAMERA FUNCTION PHONE PC CAM- LASER SLR PRINTER CORDER PRINTER CAMERA Members own more devices and are sophisticated users of CE LinkedIn members are eager to use their CE devices in new ways, and have enthusiastically adopted mobile products such as smartphones and tablets. They are more likely to use these devices for shopping, social networking, and research – both at home and at the office. Tablets have become a popular purchase for LinkedIn members: They are 85% more likely to own or use a tablet PC than the average online adult. More than two-thirds of LinkedIn members who own tablets use their tablets for both business and personal activities, and nearly half take their tablets to business meetings. LinkedIn members are also significantly more active on their smartphones than the average online adult; for instance, they are almost twice as likely to have made a purchase with their phone, 209% more likely to have scanned a QR code using their phone, and 208% more likely to have accessed a document or file from their smartphones. 2
  3. 3. Members influence others’ CE purchasing decisions LINKEDIN MEMBERSLinkedIn members actively discuss consumer electronics preferences and CHOOSE EFFICIENCYpurchases with colleagues – and they themselves are strong influencers ofothers’ CE buying decisions. Two-thirds of LinkedIn members say that other OVER ENTERTAINMENT COMPARED TO THE GENERAL POPULATION,people solicit their advice about electronics, compared to slightly more MEMBERS ARE:than half of the general online population. They also seek out advice: 65%Ninety-two percent of LinkedIn members said they would listen to acolleague’s recommendations for CE purchases, compared to 83% of thegeneral online population. MORE LIKELY TO VALUE PRODUCTIVITYPersonal recommendations matter more to LinkedIn members considering 39%a CE purchase than traditional marketing messages from TV, newspapers,or magazines: They are 43% less likely than the general online populationto rely on television as an influential source of buying information. MORE LIKELY TO VALUE EFFICIENCY 34%When jobs change, CE product preferences changeWhen LinkedIn members change jobs – as did 27% of members surveyed –they rethink their technology purchases and preferences, which means they LESS LIKELY TO VALUE ENTERTAINMENTmay be open to new marketing messages about CE products. Of theLinkedIn members who changed jobs in the past 12 months, 67% changedtheir use of technology to support their career growth and businessresponsibilities, and 52% changed their criteria for purchasing technologyand electronics. Almost a third of members who changed jobs alsochanged the CE brands they would consider purchasing.Productivity and efficiency are key drivers for CE purchasesWhen it comes to the impact of technology on their daily lives, LinkedInmembers place high value on their CE devices. Ninety-three percent ofLinkedIn members agree that technology helps them keep up with theirbusy lives, compared with 81% of the general online population. LinkedInmembers are more likely to cite efficiency and productivity as key benefitsof their consumer electronics products – and conversely, they are much lesslikely that the general online population to name entertainment as a keybenefit. LinkedIn members are also more than twice as likely as the averageonline adult to say a smartphone that enhances productivity would get theirattention when shopping for a new device.Advertise on LinkedInLinkedIn is a powerful vehicle for consumer electronics marketers to reachtheir target audience. Our marketing solutions provide advertisers withthe ability to target members based on their profile information, includingjob title, job function, seniority, company name, company size, industryand geography.
  4. 4. Methodology LINKEDIN MEMBER’SLinkedIn’s 2012 Consumer Electronics Report was an online survey fielded CE WISH LIST FOR 2012in December 2011. The 2012 Consumer Electronics Report is based on asurvey of 1,602 U.S. adults, including 801 active U.S. LinkedIn membersand 801 members of the U.S. general online population, recruited via 1. TABLET PCsample partner Survey Sampling International (SSI). Results were weightedto reflect the online U.S. population. All survey respondents own or use atleast one consumer electronics device or plan to purchase at least one suchdevice in the next year. For the purposes of this survey, “active” is definedas a LinkedIn member who has visited LinkedIn at least once in the last 30 2. IPHONEdays. The demographics of the survey were representative of the broaderLinkedIn audience at the time the survey was conducted. A total of 801LinkedIn members completed the survey, however, a number of analysesfocused on subsets of participants (n ~1,000). The margin of error onreported percentages is +/- 2% for the entire sample and +/- 3% for 3. HDTVsubgroup analyses, assuming a 95% confidence level.For more informationTo learn more about the 2012 LinkedIn Consumer Electronics Report andhow you can tap into LinkedIn’s audience of affluent, influential,hard-to-reach professionals, contact your LinkedIn Account Executive. “Global Consumer Tech Device Spending to Surpass $1 Trillion in 2012,” Consumer Electronics Association press release, January 8, 2012.Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation, Inc. LinkedIn and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the UnitedStates and/or other countries. All other brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 4