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At our BrandConnect:12 event in NYC, David Hahn VP of Product Management shares information on the recently released Influencers product on LinkedIn. He talks about the rich, relevant content on LinkedIn that brings insights to professionals to help them be productive and successful.

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  • Groups40M users, 210M memberships in 1.3M groups
  • Redesigned home page100% increase in “social gestures”
  • Our research shows that your ability to adopt these best practices will ultimately play a big role in your success on LinkedIn. And our team at LinkedIn is committed to helping you win by continuing to educate our clients on the best ways to drive meaningful relationships on LinkedIn. In fact, we’ve worked together on a best practices guide that we’ve printed and packaged up in binders for each of you to take home. They are available at the back of the room for you to take.
  • Influencers and Content on LinkedIn

    1. 1. Relationship Building onthe LinkedIn Platform
    2. 2. David HahnVice President, Product ManagementLinkedIn #inBC12
    3. 3. IntroducingInfluencers
    4. 4. Create long form content from the share box
    5. 5. Why You Should Consider Sleeping on the Job
    6. 6. The Six Lessons I Live By
    7. 7. Managing without Managers, and What This Might Mean
    8. 8. How A Behemoth Like Nordstrom Learned to Act Like a Startup
    9. 9. Our Mission.Connect the world’s professionalsto make them more productive and successful
    10. 10. Jobs
    11. 11. ContentJobs
    12. 12. Content Groups Slideshare News Influencers
    13. 13. Groups40M users 210M memberships 1.3M groups
    14. 14. Diverse professional communities A Truckload, Trucking, Logistics, Supply Chain group The CIO Network group The CPG Supergroup The Rotary Kiln Refractory Problems and Solutions group
    15. 15. High quality discussions MEMBERS HBR 262,226 Coa Saroff Vice President, Global OperationsWhat are the key differentiators that separateleaders from managers?Posted 17 days ago See all 291 comments >>
    16. 16. MEMBERS The Boxes and Arrows 9,256 Mike Scarpiello, M.S. Lead Interaction Designer at DigitasWho should write the functional specs? The ProjectManager? The Developer? Or someone from theUX team?Posted 1 month ago See all 29 comments >>
    17. 17. Slideshare 9M + Content Upload
    18. 18. 76K Views
    19. 19. 43K Views
    20. 20. LinkedIn Today 1M + Publishers
    21. 21. People like you are sharing
    22. 22. People like you are sharing
    23. 23. Relevance driven by your professional profile Early start-up exec VS. Public relations exec
    24. 24. What’s behind theexplosion of content on LinkedIn?
    25. 25. 2B+ Network Updates 108M + Comscore Viewed Weekly Uniques
    26. 26. Incredible data drives relevance
    27. 27. Have you noticed? The LinkedIn“Endorsement” feature is taking off like a brush fire. Jeremiah Owyang Partner at Altimeter Group
    28. 28. Working everywhere our members work >23% LinkedIn Member Visits Need current footnote/date
    29. 29. 12am1am2am3am4am5am6am7am8am9am10am11am From coffee to couch. Everyday.12pm1pm2pm3pm5pm6pm7pm9pm10pm iPad11pm Desktop
    30. 30. What does LinkedInscontent ecosystem mean for marketers?
    31. 31. Content and connections attract buyers anddecision makers LinkedIn 214 Pinterest 149 Facebook 112 Twitter 104Source:
    32. 32. Spend time vs. Invest time
    33. 33. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved